Morena Baccarin At The 2015 Emmy Awards

I had the great opportunity of working with the absolutely gorgeous Morena Baccarin for her red carpet appearance at the 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards. This is the first time I’ve worked with Ms. Baccarin but I’ve been a longtime admirer of her work and her compelling performance in Homeland.

#morenabaccarin #emmys #2015  #hairbysaschabreuer
#morenabaccarin #emmys #2015  #hairbysaschabreuer
#morenabaccarin #emmys #2015  #hairbysaschabreuer


Morena experiments with styling a lot, and I’ve seen her sport a lot of very funky short haircuts and daring styles. She always manages to look graceful and edgy and so I wanted to choose a style that complimented her fun personality and the occasion.

The side-swept quiff is a hair accent that you can wear in any number of hairstyles but we kept Morena’s hair slicked down on the sides to really emphasize the volume up top.

The side-swept quiff is a unique iteration of your standard pouf. If that’s a look that you’ve done or seen too many times and the classic quiff feels a little too severe for your liking, pinning it over to one side is a really neat way of creating angles and motion while softening up the overall effect.

Much as I love face-framing hairstyles and bangs, the occasional pull-away look is great too because it really allows you to draw attention to the face and it works especially well with outfits that have striking necklines, such as Morena’s fuchsia-red gown.

Morena was an absolute delight to work with and I’m so happy with the results we achieved. I hope you like the look; send me photos if you decide to try it out yourself!