Best Hair Trends From New York Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2018-2019

It’s that time of the year again: Fashion Week! Time to start studying the runaways to map out the biggest hair trends for 2018 and get started on this year’s style inspiration boards. Here’s my pick of some of the best hairstyles and hair trends from the New York Autumn Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Week.

Anna Sui

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One of the flirtier, more wearable hair trends from the New York Autumn-Winter 2018 Fashion Week came by way of the Anna Sui runaway. The models’ hair was styled to one side, over one shoulder. Skipping the usual side parting that accompanies such hairstyles, the hair was simply brushed over, creating a flatter surface on the starting side and tons of volume up top. Soft curls combined with the forehead-skimming hairline added a distinctly girlish vibe to the whole look, while the contrast between the two sides keeps things funky. This one’s easily recreated at home with minimal effort. 

Brandon Maxwell

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The wavy, deconstructed bob continues its reign and is all set to be one of 2018’s hottest hair trends. As seen on Jourdan Dunn here at the Brandon Maxwell Autumn-Winter 2018 show, the wavy bob is sassy, spirited and easy to maintain. Parted down the center, you’ve got a strong style that’s both sexy and professional. You can opt for tighter curls around the ends for a more vintage vibe or even part to a side with hair brushed over to the other side to create an asymmetrical angular bob.

Jeremy Scott

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Jeremy Scott’s candy-colored wigs have everyone wondering if 2018 is going to see the return of the bubblegum/ pastel hair color trend. We’ve gravitated towards deeper, more natural hair color trends over the past few seasons so these shocking pinks and purples do feel new all over again. The short full bangs and blunt bob are in keeping with the whole 80s revivalism we’re experiencing in fashion right now. The crazy colors add a modern feel to a retro hairstyle but you can always skip that bit for a more wearable look.

Marc Jacobs

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The Marc Jacobs show had everyone talking about the use/ return of wild hair color trends. From chunks of dark teal placed against black bases to the mulled cranberry shown here, we were treated to a bunch of striking hair colors. One of my absolute favorites from the show was this mix of glossy greens; while we see a lot of pinks, blues and purples, green doesn’t seem to get quite as much love in the hair color space which is why this medley of parrot green, grass green, ivy and moss has me so excited. Love the dark-to-light gradient and the whole punchy effect. 

Naeem Khan

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The New York Autumn Winter 2018 runaway didn’t have as many braids as I would have liked, which is why Naeem Khan’s braided updos caught my eye. The exaggerated wavy pouf/ pompadour up front can be toned down for regular wear but it’s the braided back that I particularly enjoy. You can braid your hair into two plaits down the back and then pin each up on the head, placing and curving it along the natural contours of the head. Lay one on top of the other and pin well for a firm grip. If you’re adept at braiding, you can also try a more complicated hairstyle such as the milkmaid braids or a crown braid.

Self Portrait

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The combination of long, luxuriously soft and flowy bangs with shorter lengths down the sides and back make for an interesting contrast. It’s been a while since I’ve seen much of the androgynous beauty trend in hair styling and this is a particularly lovely take that I think will work well for most faces and textures.

Tom Ford

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Tom Ford continues to be all kinds of edgy perfection and this year’s no different. If you’re looking to combine the big hair trend, updos, funky hair accessories and some rock-and-roll chic, this is just the thing. Large black leather headbands are a lot of look and if you’re tired of the usual preppy hairband hairstyles, take this piled-on curly updo for a spin. Keep a few tendrils loose down the back or pull a few strands over the band to the front for a spiky, fringe-like effect.

Which were your favorite hairstyles from the New York Autumn Winter 2018-2019 Fashion Week? I’ll be following this up with a look at the best hair trends to come out of the London Autumn Winter 2018 Fashion Week so be sure to check back soon for more.