Top 5 Hairstyles From The 2015 Toronto International Film Festival

The 2015 Toronto International Film Festival has been the best experience ever. It's always such fun- and so humbling- to be a part of all the red carpet action at the major events but every now and then you have an event that’s just full to the brim with exciting fashions and very interesting style choices and to be at the frontlines of it all and watch the trends begin is exhilarating.

We did see a lot of the usual hairdos and some of the favorite classics make their way down the red carpet, but I’m really pleased to note that the 2015 TIFF events were marked by tons of really funky looks that hit just the right note between wacky and wearable. I’ve picked five of my favorites from the festival. Enjoy!

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain was at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival for the premier of the Ridley Scott film The Martian. Her look here may be the simplest one of the lot, but that doesn't make it any less fabulous. What you have here is essentially a medium-length bob that skims just past her shoulders, but the way the cut has been styled is what makes all the difference.

The side part is making an appearance but it’s been drawn somewhat higher than usual. If you want to recreate the look just trace a straight line up from the highest point of your eyebrow to your hairline: that’s where you want the part to begin. Normally with a side part what most people do is flip the hair over to the side favored by the part. We’re doing the same thing here, but at an angle. Instead of all the hair ‘landing’ squarely on the other side we’re drawing it slightly to the front to create a sharp angle on the face and create the illusion of an asymmetrical bob.

The thing that makes Jessica’s look so striking here is the hair color and the texture. You can easily achieve a sleek, shiny base at home using my tips on how to get a bombshell blowout at home. As for the color, it’s the perfect hue if you want to warm things up for autumn-winter 2015.

Kate Mara

Kate Mara Tiff 2015

Kate Mara’s short crop was one of my two favorite looks of the night (the second one’s coming up soon!). This is a hairstyle that a lot of women are afraid to try out because they worry it might be too severe or mannish, but if you’re looking to go short, here’s a great example of what to ask your stylist for. The crop is short, no doubt, but by adding wispy layers and keeping some volume at the crown and a slight length in the form of a fringe at the front, the overall effect is feminine and pixie-like. With the right outfit and makeup, the hairstyle is just what you need to bring out your inner goddess. Kate wore it especially well, pairing it off with a strong lip and making a statement that complimented the gown instead of clashing with it.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Steward Tiff 2015

Kristen Stewart’s always had a very distinct style and even if the edgy, almost-punk vibe isn’t your cuppa, it is refreshing. So many of celebrities end up reflecting the style sensibilities of their stylists and in some cases you see a marriage between stylist and celeb that may not be the most natural pairing but it ‘sort of works’, while in other cases the union results in something discordant. Kristen Stewart always looks like she’s representing herself, albeit in an haute couture, styled-to-the-skies way, of course.

You’ve probably guessed that Kristen’s look was my other favorite from the night. The slicked back, super-sculpted bob is the kind of hairstyle that’s undeniably funky but it’s also very wearable if you like to add an extra kick of glam to your look every now and then.

Slicked-down sides, a swept back crown with volume at the roots and sleek, straight texture make for a strong, structural statement. Perfect for a night of clubbing or a glam event.

Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams Tiff 2015

Another strong showing at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival from Rachel McAdams. Rachel’s wearing her hair short these days and if you check out her appearances at TIFF 2015 you’ll get some great insight into all the fantastic effects you can achieve with a short bob.

For this particular look, Rachel’s stylist has emphasized her natural texture. The hairstyle is all about a tousled, wavy surface that’s still polished. Volume at the roots helps add some lift while the piece-y effect allows you to frame the face and create that slightly rakish impact. The side part- this season’s hottest hair trend- makes an appearance here as well.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock Tiff 2015

Sandra Bullock really killed it with her appearance for the Our Brand Is Crisis premiere. Just like Jessica Chastain’s style, this hairdo might not be reinventing the proverbial wheel; instead, it shows us why there is every reason to keep it going.

From a stylist’s perspective there are two extremes that always make for an interesting study: the totally outré hairdo and the timeless one. And Sandra’s heavy fringe and the long, straight locks are as timeless as it gets. A lot of you may already have experimented with the haircut but not gotten the same results: the secret is in the hair color and making sure your hair is healthy.

To make a simple hairstyle really pop you should consider adding highlights and lowlights to your hair. Always stick to the ‘rule of threes’: only go up to three shades darker and lighter than your base color. Multi-tonality can add a lot of dimension to the hair and can make even the most basic haircuts look frisky and fun. You may notice that Sandra’s fringe also sports a couple of different hues and while that’s a bold move, it really helps warm up her face and play up the natural gradient of her eyes.

If you’re looking to switch styles without going too far, this hair trend gets my vote.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival hair trends as much as I have. We’re going to be moving to the Fashion Weeks soon, so keep your eyes out for more on the hottest hair trends.