Top Hair Trends From London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017


With the London Spring Summer 2017 Fashion Week behind us, it’s time to take a look at the major hair trends to come out of the LFW SS17 shows. It’s been such a great month for hair –for styling all around, really– what with the Fashion Weeks and the Emmys and TIFF 2017. Not only have we seen the return of some old favorites, but we’ve also been witness to some very exciting new hair trends as well, which I can’t wait to share with you.

Here’s my pick of the best hairstyles from London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017.

Bora Aksu

Need some inspiration for a kickass formal updo? How about this braided updo from the Bora Aksu show at London Fashion Week SS17? Most people are usually surprised to learn that the most complicated looking updos are usually an assembly of several simpler parts. Take, for instance, this braided bun: it isn’t a singular, intricately braided piece but, in fact, several skinny braids artfully arranged and pinned to resemble a bun. There’s still a lot of work involved, but what matters is that it’s easier than you expect it to be. Dividing the crown into 3 segments (two sides and one center) as seen in the photo makes styling easier.

Emilia Wickstead

I can never resist a good braid, especially a style that’s visible from the front. Front-to-back Dutch braids are a great way to look fashionable, keep hair away from the face and glam up any number of classic hairstyles: ponytails, buns, chignons etc.

The models from the Emilia Wickstead London SS17 show, however, wore their braids in loose hair, and it makes for a pretty, elfin look. Moving the hair away from the face is a great way to make your features pop, while still keeping things interesting with braids. Leaving it loose at the back adds a touch of softness and balances out the starkness of the braids.

If you’re worried about the braids coming undone, take a clear elastic and secure the braid in place, then continue braiding below the elastic band to add a few more loops and keep up the impression of free-flowing braid. This way, even if the last few loops open up, they won’t travel up beyond the elastic bands. You can also take a small strand of hair and weave it in and out of the elastic band to cover all traces of it.

Emilio de la Morena

Short bangs are one of 2016’s biggest hair trends, and they featured prominently in the London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017 shows. Clearly, short bangs are going to be a major 2017 hair trend as well. The short choppy fringe was seen on models at the Emilio de la Morena show as well as the runway for Mary Katrantzou.

Ask your stylist to pick a length and shape that flatters your face type, since there’s really no way to disguise ultra short bangs and you will have to wait for them to grow out if you don’t like the look. Ask your stylists to balance out the super short front with tapered longer sides as these can help frame the face and soften the impact.

Very short bangs work best with small, heart-shaped faces and also somewhat longer, inverted-triangle shapes. You might want to avoid the style if you’ve got a round face because the blunt edges may clash with the soft curves of your face. Short bangs aren’t easy to work, but they are incredibly modish by virtue of the fact that they’re a pretty unusual styling choice. And if you’re feeling brave, what better way to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn than to wear this flirty, feminine look.

Molly Goddard

The models from the Molly Goddard show at London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017 caught my eye immediately when they walked out. The bubble braid is such a cute look for a variety of casual events, and can be dressed up for a dressier look. And they’re SO easy to create.

Bubble braids are typically worn at the back, as an alternative to the standard ponytail. The inspiration, of course, is Princess Jasmine from Aladdin. You can wear the bubble braid at the back, or at the front as seen on the runway.

Begin by creating a ponytail wherever you want your braid to start. Then add an elastic band or hair tie at a small distance from the base. Gently tug on the section ensconced between the two bands to fluff it up and create the ‘bubble’. Repeat these steps all the way down the length of the ponytail, leaving a few inches free at the bottom. You can choose the length of each section on the basis of your overall length and the number of ‘bubbles’ you want to create. Just remember to secure the elastic bands tightly so that they stay put.

The best way to play up the bubble braid is to keep texture really smooth and sleek. You want a glass-like surface so that the ‘bubbles’ look like beautiful orbs just dangling there merrily. If you do want the look to feel slightly grittier, pairing a small quiff or pompadour and a bubble braid at the back is an excellent choice. For a more formal look, weave a pretty ribbon or a string of craft crystals around the braid or use decorative hair ties.

Sharon Wauchob

Short, boyish crops are all the rage in women’s hair trends right now and I love this look we saw at the Sharon Wauchob show in London. A short crop works beautifully in light hair and a long, full fringe is a great accent to add to the feathery, airy mood of the look. Parting the hair slightly to a side mimics the feel of side-swept bangs, even when you do have a full fringe as is seen here. I love how the ends have been flipped out slightly and the little extra outward-wave close to the ear really adds to the impression of fluidity and motion. A thin round-barrel brush and a hairdryer are all you need to create these ‘flips’.

Super short crops such as this one can actually play up your femininity, contrary to what common notion dictates. In fact, a full luscious fringe and the right accessories can balance the gamine appeal of the crop with a more glamorous aesthetic.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these hair trends from the London Spring Summer 2017 Fashion Week as much as I have. For your curly hair fix from the London Fashion Week, check out the hair trends from the Ashley Williams show as well as the Topshop Unique event. We’ll be coming back for more from Milan in a few!