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Kristen Wiig At Met Ball 2015

Kristen Wiig looked spectacular last night at the Met Ball 2015. #kristenwiig #metgala #hairbysaschabreuer 2   #kristenwiig #metgala #hairbysaschabreuer 1 Her angular, one-sided bob is a very edgy style but you can still keep the overall look delicate by playing up your natural features and keeping most of your makeup simple. You can easily recreate this look at home. Just follow these steps:

1.     Apply some volumizing or surf spray  to the root area of your towel-dried hair, then blow-dry using a fish bone / skeleton brush to create the perfect foundation and loose volume that this style needs.

2.     Once your hair is completely dry, divide it into smaller sub sections and and create soft wave on each section individually, starting from the back.  Feed each strand through the straightener, gently bending the hair in ward & out wards  using the rounded edge of the straightener to create  “ S - Waves “ whilst working from the roots to the tips of each strand  working each section in a different direction to create a natural looking resultI would recommend using a straightening Iron that lets you adjust the temperature to the needs of your hair and work on a low / medium heat setting.

3.     Work your way in horizontal sections until all hair is waved.

4.     Apply a small drop of a light hair oil or shine serum into your hands and run your fingers gently through your hair to break up the waves, leaving a few loose strands around the face to create a slightly messy texture so it has a “lived in,” unforced  feeling.

5.     Once you are happy with your shape & texture, mist with a flexible hairspray to ensure that your style will last.

What Hair Texture Are You? (How To Get The Right Texture For Your Hair III)

  Texturising Series Part III: Tips

This is my third and final instalment in the texturising series. We’ve covered the texturising products and tools you need in the previous posts. Today we are going to look at some great tips and advice on how to get hair texture right. Once you have all the right gear it’s important to know how to use it and get the most out of it. At the end of the day hair styling and texturising is all about practice and finding rhythms and techniques that work best for your hair and your lifestyle. However, I do have some styling secrets and texturising tips that I’d love to share to help you get

#1 Know Your Texture Type

Did you know that hair textures are divided into distinct categories? Yep, there are a bunch of elements that go into defining hair texture. Now, you can change your texture while you’re styling but it’s important to recognise your natural hair texture too. This way you can choose products and tools based on your texture type and you’ll have a better understanding of how different textures will wear and hold in your hair and the kinds of styles that suit your natural texture best.

Texture profiles are defined primarily by natural curl pattern. We have:

Type 1: Straight, smooth hair that has no curl pattern at all. Such hair is usually shinier because the natural oils and sebum from the scalp transfer all the way down the hair shaft. Type 1 hair is generally flat and when you’re texturising you’ll need a stronghold spray because this texture type doesn’t hold curls too well.

Type 2: Naturally wavy hair, where the strands form a soft, large “S” shape. Think natural, beachy waves. The tightness of the wave can vary from person to person, but such hair is usually not very frizzy and falls somewhere in the middle of the oiliness-dryness spectrum.

Type 3: Curly hair, where the strands form a tighter, smaller “S” shape. This is springier, more coiled hair but there’s still a lot of definition and noticeable difference between the ringlets. This kind of hair texture is prone to dryness since the natural oils don’t transfer down the hair shaft all that well.

Type 4: Extremely coiled, tight ringlets. This kind of hair usually forms a “mass” or “cloud” and lacks the individual characteristic of curls displayed by Type 3 hair. This texture type tends to be very dry and you need to moisturize thoroughly and often to take care of this hair.

Other factors like density, length, width and porosity also determine your texture profile. Take some time to study your hair or get professional typing done if you’re really into understanding how textures work and can be manipulated.

#2 Tricky Texture Transitions

I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge that hair texture changes. There’s always going to be a section of your hair that is smoother or healthier than others. Or conversely, there might be a part that is more damaged than the rest. Similarly, as the weather changes your hair is going to respond in bits and pieces. When you’re texture typing, don’t freak out if your hair isn’t a singular, homogenous type or you don’t know what to do with all the different things that are happening to your hair.

Transitions in texture are normal, and all you need to do is switch up your hair care routine and give your hair a little more TLC! In a few short days you’ll notice that you’re having an easier time with styling and your hair and the effects last longer, and that your hair looks and feels much better than before.

#3 Savvy Straightening

When you’re using a straightening iron do you tend to run the iron over your hair a couple of times? Most people like to do so to ensure that they get a really good finish and a really sleek, straight texture. However, this is a really common mistake because this why hair gets damaged as a result of heat styling. You can actually keep your hair healthy and use a straightening iron fairly often but if repeatedly apply intense heat to the same area without recovery time it’s only going to end up frying your hair.

A pro tip of mine is to make sure that you don’t go over a section more than once: you can get the same finish and texture if you work slowly and meticulously. Running over your hair with a flat iron again and again may seem satisfying but it also does it more damage. Just being careful and holding the flat iron over each section a moment longer will give you flawless results but will reduce the amount of heat and pressure applied to each segment.

#4 Sleep In Style

Spent a lot of time texturising your hair only to find that it’s all gone by the next day? One of the biggest enemies of hair texture is friction. Most people lose texture (natural or styled) when they’re sleeping: when your hair rubs against the pillowcase and bedspread through the night it’s vulnerable to friction. That’s why it’s usually one giant frizzy, fuzzy mess when you wake up. Silk pillowcases and bed sheets are really soft on the hair and won’t chaff the cuticle. You’ll be surprised to find that your texture will last well much longer with just this simple change in routine. And if silk linens aren’t your thing, just wrap a soft silken scarf around your hair when you sleep and you’ll have the same great results.

#5 Make Friends With Foam Rollers

One of the most popular and requested textures is curls: from the loosely wavy variety to the tightly coiled ringlets. A lot of people that I talk to use hot rollers and curling irons and it’s always surprising to me that more folks haven’t zeroed in on the awesome results you can get with foam rollers. Foam rollers are easy to use, they’re really comfortable to sleep with, you can reduce the amount of heat styling you indulge in and they give you really long-lasting curls. If you like to curl your hair often I seriously advise investing in foam rollers.

Just be sure to dampen your hair before you put in the rollers and tie a scarf around your head for comfort once you’re done. This will help you sleep better and you can wake up to gorgeous, springy curls.

#6 Terrycloth And Troubles

As I’ve already mentioned, one of the easiest ways of ruining natural texture or losing styled texture is to let friction and static electricity make your hair frizzy. Whether you want to enhance your natural texture or you’ve got a semi-permanent/ permanent treatment done (like perming, straightening, rebonding etc.) a key tip is to dry your hair with paper or microfiber towels. You could even use a soft, old T-shirt. The sooner you ditch the habit of drying your hair with terrycloth towels the better your hair texture will get.  

#7 Boost, Don’t Reuse Products

If you’ve read the previous posts in the series you know how important the right texturising products are. When you’re styling your hair and you want the texture to last over a day it can be tempting to add more products every day. However, there is an easier- and healthier- way to maintain texture without weighing down your hair. Simply flip your hair upside down and run your fingers through it, concentrating on the roots. This will add some lift at the roots and will redistribute some of the accumulated product. Then, take some water in a spray bottle and spritz it all over your hair. You could also use a light-hold hairspray. Doing so will revive the products in your hair and will strengthen the texture.

I hope you enjoyed reading these tips. There’s no end to the things you can do with your hair: this advice will help you get healthier, happier textures. And remember, if you’re confused about your natural texture type or preferences there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It’s possible- and normal- to have a variety of natural hair textures. Identifying certain patterns does help in creating routines and choosing products and coming up with techniques that work well more often than not, but in no means should any of this limit the fun you have with your hair. Don’t label yourself: love yourself!


Hair Trends From Paris Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2015

Paris. A city that’s synonymous with luxury and elegance. Paris Fashion Week is always a lesson in the most chic fashions and daring styling, and I’m happy to say that the Paris Fall 2015 experience was no different.  Here are my favourite looks from the Paris 2015 Autumn Winter Fashion Week. Enjoy. Haider Ackermann

#HaiderAckermann #PFW #AW15

‘Super spiky’ is the best way to describe the styling at the Haider Ackermann show. You can wear the spiky faux-hawk in both short and long hair, but I think shorter hair does more justice to the sharp lines of this particular styling technique. I love the long spiky locks pulled forward over the forehead and over the back: they create such a subtle curve to an otherwise jagged style. The models’ hair was braided with strands of thread that tied in nicely with the thread work on the clothes on the runway. Once you’re done moulding your hair into the spiky ‘do, you can braid along the sides with thread moving upwards. The overall effect is both punk and pretty, and it’s a great party look.

Jean Paul Lespagnard

#JeanPaulLespagnard #PFW #AW15

I love hair trends that are so arresting you actually have to pause a moment to take it all in. The severe middle part, the voluminous top knot and a sleek rope braid down either side: styling elements you’d never expect to see thrown in together and yet that’s exactly what we have from the Jean Paul Lespagnard Fall 2015 show.

Blow-dry your hair to start. Using a pintail comb create a severe middle part that runs about three inches in. Take the two sections created by the part and pull them forward and pin them out of the way so you can style the rest. Doing so will create an arc running from ear-to-ear, dividing the hair in front of and behind the part. Use this arc to guide the next step.

Divide the hair that falls behind the part/ arc into two horizontal sections and pin the one at the bottom out of the way. Take the section on top and gather it into a high ponytail and arrange into a voluminous, messy bun. Secure with bobby pins and use a hairspray for hold.

Once you’re happy with how the bun looks, undo the two pinned-away sections (from the very front and the back) and gently blend them together. You want the hair from the front to merge with the hair at the nap of your neck. Make sure you don’t mess up the part at this stage.

Run a flat iron over this hair because we want it to be really sleek and smooth. Use a serum for that glasslike finish. If you’re wondering why we didn’t straighten all the hair right away at the beginning, it’s because want that slightly teased, gritty texture for the bun to create a striking contrast with the front and the braids.

Once you’re done straightening, just divide all the blended hair into two parts and bring one over each shoulder to style into rope braids. Spritz on some more hairspray and you’re done.

Julien David

#JulienDavid #PFW #AW15

Happy to see the retro hair trend still going strong in 2015. The faux bob, side swoop and pin curls are all so gorgeous. Creating the very pronounced structure that vintage hairstyles are known for can take a bit of practice, but the end results are worth it. A lovely little aesthetic is to use colourful bobby pins to secure the hair in place. It’s a nifty trick that’s both fabulous and functional. If you’d like to go really authentic and ditch the pins once you’re done styling just be sure to use a really strong hairspray for hold. Retro hairstyles are a really good look for formal occasions when you want to look ultra glamorous.

Olympia Le Tan

#OlympiaLeTan #PFW #AW15

Major volume, texture and bushiness. Hermione would be proud. And to offset all the drama you’ve got a sleek, slick brushed-back crown.

Once you’ve combed all the hair at the front back you can secure it into a high ponytail or a half-up-half-down hairstyle or even just leave the voluminous back open for a truly retro look.

To create the kinks in the hair you can either use a perm machine or braid your hair into tonnes of really skinny braids after washing it (wait until it’s about 70% dry) and leave the braids in overnight. When you open them the next day you’ll be greeted by the most amazing texture.

To get loads of extra volume take thin sections of hair and while holding one piece straight, push the rest of the section back up against the shaft. What this does is it creates a lot of volume and sort of teases the hair without spoiling the curls.

You’ll notice that even though the hair at the crown is sleek and slicked back you can still see some waviness in the texture. You can just use a styling product at the front to get the hair to lay flat but still retain some of the wavy shape.

If you want a completely straight front section and you want to go in for some major dichotomy all you need to do is begin braiding a few inches away from the roots (you’ll have to use elastics to create a “mouth” for the braids). If you’re using a crimping tool just repeat the same trick: start pressing a couple of inches down.

Like we’ve discussed, you can style the crimped hair any way you like. A small ponytail with the rest of the hair loose, a high ponytail, a small bun accent: just remember to have fun with it!

Tsumori Chisato

#TsumoriChisato #PFW #AW15

I can’t decide what I like best about this look: the retro rolled bangs, the sleek back or the crazy high, gravity-defying rolled-in ponytail-bun or the interplay of sharp lines with sexy curves. Let’s just say ‘all of it’, shall we?

We also saw the same bangs complementing very foxy high ponytails at the Tsumori Chisato Fall 2015 Paris show but I loved this particular creation, so it’s made its way into my list of the trends to watch out for.

For those of you with reasonable styling skills, this hairstyle is a must-try this season. Interestingly enough, even though the overall look is somewhat advanced and will need some considerable styling experience and patience to pull off, the individual elements are fairly straightforward as of themselves. So, even if you’re new to styling hair, don’t be shy. Get practicing. A head-turner like this one is totally worth the effort.

Vivienne Westwood

#VivienneWestwood #PFW #AW15

Love the edgy braids from the Vivienne Westwood Autumn Winter 2015 Paris Fashion Week. It’s a super sexy, edgy hairstyle. To create the texture you can use a small-barrelled curling iron, perming rods or just braid your hair and leave it in overnight. If you’re using one of the first two methods, you’ll have to create a bunch of skinny braids in your hair after you’re done curling it. If you’re braiding your hair to create the texture, just leave a couple of the braids in. Then take all the hair, gather it into a super high ponytail and secure it in place. You can even pull some of the hair through the hair elastic into a half-bun and just let the rest drop loose. The best thing with intentionally messy hair trends is that you never have to worry about getting it wrong.

Yohji Yamamoto

#YohjiYamamoto #PFW #AW15

The “inverted umbrella skeleton” from the Yohji Yamamoto made waves the moment it made its debut on the Paris Fall 2015 runway. If strongly architectural hairstyles are your thing, this is a hair trend you just don’t want to miss. Hairstyles that incorporate strong structural lines and require ‘crafting’ are such fun to style and wear. I’m really hoping to see a lot of off-runway takers for this one.

So, that’s it for the Autumn Winter 2015 Fashion Week updates folks. With all these gorgeous hair trends for 2015 you can look forward to lots of styling inspiration for the coming months. Let me know which ones you decide to try and send/ tweet me a picture when you do!



Hair Trends From Milan Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2015

Milan Autumn Winter 2015 turned up some of the hottest, edgiest and most amazing hair trends for the coming year. Honestly, I had such a hard time picking my top looks from Milan because every single runway looked like it was going to be dictating 2015 hair trends for months to come. If there is one thing that Milan 2015 taught us, it’s this: 2015 is going to be all about hair that’s short, textured and pulled up. From updos to high ponytails to faux bobs, this year is all about short sassy hair. We’re taking all traditional ideals of beauty back this season, and spinning them around; so, hairstyles that leave you feeling exposed are the it thing this season: your style strength’s in your vulnerability ladies. Own it today!


#Blugirl #MFW #AW15

I am in love with the gorgeous springy curls from the Blugirl show. If you have naturally wavy or straight hair, proper tight curls can instantly transform your entire look.

If heat styling is not your thing or you just want to give your mane a rest, voluminous curls are the way to go. All you need is a big enough set of bendy foam rollers. Simply wash your hair in the evening and allow it to dry naturally. When it’s about 70% dry, add the rollers to your hair. Roll your hair in one-to-two inch wide sections. Make sure you divide your hair into numerous horizontal layers around the head and start rolling from the bottommost layer and make your way upwards, to the layer right at the crown. This will give you all-over curls, instead of the half-sleek-half-curly style. To curl your hair from the roots, and not just the mid-lengths, take the rollers all the way up to the scalp or as close as you can get. Once the foam rollers are in place, simply tie a scarf around your head and go to sleep. Keeping the rollers in overnight will give you the most long-lasting, bouncy curls ever.

When you remove the rollers the next day just gently run your fingers through your hair to break the curls up a bit and give them more body and shape. Create a side part with your fingers and flip the curls over slightly towards one side. You can add hairspray for some extra hold; though they should last till the next wash easily, so as long as you avoid humidity.

Emporio Armani

#EmporioArmani #MFW #AW15

Super short and super chic. That’s what comes to mind when you take a look at the very funky pageboy cuts from the Emporio Armani Milan Fall 2015 runway. The thick fringes and the ear-skimming length are further complimented by the natural messy, wavy texture. We’re so used to seeing ultra-sleek textures in short hairdos that this one made for such a refreshing change. If you’re worried that the boyish cut won’t do you any favours, just take a look at the photos: the style is startlingly feminine. You know why? Because it really emphasises the eyes and the natural planes of the face and the neck. It takes a lot of daring, yeah, to pull off something like this but if you’ve got a desire to let your natural strengths do the talking for you, the trend makes for some serious style inspiration.


#Fendi #MFW #AW15

The models at the Fendi Milan Fall 2015 show had their hair styled into loose, low knots twisted around a headband. The ruched leather headbands made for a very mod hair accessory, and the messy styling is just the thing you need when putting together an elaborate look seems like a herculean task.

You can wear the trend in your natural hair texture, though it helps if you dry your hair straight. That said: you don’t need your hair to be sleek or poker straight, just free of curls and wave so you can achieve the ‘naturally structured’ effect.

Simply pull on a headband that you like and then take all the hair in the back, flip it around and twist it to one side and then pull it over and around the headband to create a knot. Pin the ends of your hair under the headband, allowing the tips to ‘poke out’ messily as they may. Created by Sam McKnight, think of this hair trend as the busy girl’s everyday French twist.


#MaxMara #MFW #AW15

The faux bob trend continues to burn bright with the MaxMara Autumn Winter 2015 show, and this particular take on the season’s hottest hair trend been inspired by none other than Marilyn Monroe. We’ve got ourselves a piecy, wavy faux bob with a heavy side part, loads of volume at the crown and some truly fabulous texture. Get set to make nice with your bobby pins because you’ve got a lot of twisting and pinning and tucking to do.

It’s easy, it’s edgy and it’s effortless elegance.


#Prada #MFW #AW15

In what is being hailed as one of this season’s biggest hair trends, Prada has given us a ponytail like no other. Created by Guido Palau, this sizzling new hair trend takes the always-lovable high ponytail and gives it a major upgrade. It’s one of those rare hair trends that are undeniably fashion-forward but oh-so-easy to style. Here’s what you need to do to get this quirky, kicky look at home:

Wash and blow-dry your hair smooth, then use a straightening iron to get it really sleek. Carefully comb your hair and secure it in a really tight high ponytail. Make sure all your hair lies flat and smooth against the crown, and arrange the base of the ponytail on the highest part of your head. Then, simply hold the ponytail and bring it forward to one side and pin it against the crown, a few inches over one ear. You’re creating an inverted cupped structure against the head, and it’s almost like a half-bun or an updo. To finish the look, take your favourite bejewelled hair accessories and use them to cover the pins.

If oversize statement necklaces have been a favourite fashion trend, think of how much you’re going to love the oversize statement hairpins! You can add some to the other end, near the base of the ponytail as well for some extra bling.

The off-kilter ponytail is, as Palau himself termed it, “the new updo”.

I personally think all the various takes on the ‘pulled up/ away/ back’ hair trend from Milan Autumn Winter 2015 Fashion Week are absolutely breathtaking. I love short hair because it gives you such a boost of style and confidence. It’s a great way to play up your natural beauty, emphasize your features and experiment with style. You can draw attention to and elongate the neck, you can bring out all your necklaces and earrings to play this season and you finally get to show off all the amazing collars and necklines that end up hidden away by the long hair.

As noted actress, writer and one-time editor of French Vogue Joan Juliet Buck once said, “Short hair removes obvious femininity and replaces it with style”.




Hair Trends From London Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2015

Bette Midler famously said, “When it's three o'clock in New York, it's still 1938 in London”. Anyone who has been lucky enough to have spent time in both cities will at once know this to be true. Where New York is almost futuristic and every minute calls out to tomorrow, walking past iconic London spots will make you feel like you’ve fallen back in time. However, there’s nothing old-timey about the fashion in London: it is as fresh, edgy and innovative as fashion gets. I’ve really enjoyed the collections and styling at the London Autumn Winter 2015 Fashion Week. It’s been a blast, and as always I’ve shortlisted my pick of the best looks and trends from the London 2015 Autumn Winter Fashion Week for my readers to try out.


#Ashish #LFW #AW2015

Playing around with colour is always fun, and if you’re looking for a new take on the trend, you might find some inspiration from this particular show. The models had sections of hair dyed in all sorts of pastel hues and bright sunny colours. We’ve seen similar takes on the colour trend before, but what made this iteration noteworthy is the surprising mash up between the base colour and the highlights/ pops of colour.

We’re all so used to seeing pastels in light hair and jewel tones in dark hair that this particular trend is an absolute delight. Even though coloured streaks as of themselves are supposed to be a daring fashion trend, you can’t deny that there are all these unsaid ‘rules’ of sorts about even the more adventurous fads; but with this colour trend from the Ashish show at the London 2015 Fashion Week we’re celebrating one of my favourite fashion mottos: follow or break the rules at your own pace.

So, whether you’ve got light hair or dark hair or the fashion magazines say a pop of pastel is an absolute no-no in your overall colour, just follow your heart and let your head reflect the same!

Bora Aksu

#BoraAksu #LFW #AW2015

Ponytails make for some of the best hairstyles for a range of reasons: they’re casual yet cute, they’re easy to put together, they wear well over long hours and they’re a happy medium between unstyled hair and formal hairdos. If you’re looking for some new ponytail ideas, this photo from the Bora Aksu show at the London 2015 Autumn Winter Fashion Week should give you some great ideas.

The deep side part, the hair sweeping over the forehead and the low ponytail are all classics, but the way these elements have been tweaked and balanced together in this particular look is what makes the look unique. The side ponytail is usually worn rather low on the head, below the ear so it’s nice to see all the height. You’ve probably also noticed the lack of a visible hair tie: so, it might not be your conventional ponytail but it’s a great trend isn’t it?

To achieve the look at home, begin by creating a deep side part. If you have bangs, sweep them over the forehead; if you don’t you can create the illusion of bangs by combing some hair forward and to the side. The next step is to brush all your hair back over from one side and bring it over the shoulder. You can always use long clamp/ banana clips to create the ponytail-like structure or just a regular hair tie (only securing your hair higher than usual on the side). For a more authentic take on the trend, hold all your hair at the height you’d like and very gently backcomb it from the back to give it some stiffness and support. Begin by teasing the hair in layers from the back to the front, and only two inches or so at the roots. You just want to create the “base” for the side ponytail. Smooth down the front carefully, without disturbing the volume or the stiffness. Add a stronghold hairspray. You can then slip in bobby pins at the back to keep the ‘ponytail’ in place on your head. You can also use a hair comb and slide that into place vertically behind your ear to secure the style.

If you’re not sure about the style staying in place but you don’t want the hair tie to show up either, you could just sweep the bangs over it to cover it. Or you can take a section of hair out of the tie and let it fall over the tie to hide it.

Burberry Prorsum

#BurberryProrsum #LFW #AW2015

If you’re keen on going red, this particular blazing shade of copper is enough to make everyone stop in their tracks, but that’s not the trend that caught my eye at the Burberry Prorsum Autumn Winter 2015 show: it’s the quiff.

Quiffs were traditionally a rather masculine take on hair styling but they’re such an absolutely delicious hair statement that I’m glad to see them become more mainstream and popular in the last couple of years. A quiff is a fantastic accent to all kinds of hairstyles: you can wear it with your hair open in a whole lot of textures or you could wear it with a ponytail or even to counterbalance a topknot.

The quiff from the Burberry Prorsum show is styled to one side and used to offset a side part, and it’s got a bit of a wave-like feel to it. If you’ve got bangs you can even turn them in on themselves so that the tips lay them against your crown to create a pouf and a slight curl that swoops in on itself. Leave a few tendrils loose to soften the look if you’re worried about it being too strong a statement for you.


#Erdem #LFW #AW2015

Everyone knows I love volume, so it probably comes as no surprise that the big bouffant accents at the Erdem show caught my eye. The side-swept bangs and the sleek low ponytail are perfectly accentuated by the fabulous volume at the crown. You can go beehive-big or just style the crown into a nice, medium-sized bump. It’s a great way to dress up a ponytail and you can have the entire look ready in a matter of minutes. Since it does involve some teasing, I recommend using a great hairspray to keep the volume in place. If you’re not a fan of backcombing your hair or you don’t have the time you can use one of those styling bump-it tools to create some instant volume! Just pin it into place using bobby pins and cover it with your own hair and it’ll be as natural-looking as a teased bouffant.

Holly Fulton

#HollyFulton #LFW #AW2015

The hairstyle from the Holly Fulton Autumn Winter 2015 show combines an interesting mix of individual trends: short bangs, loose feminine waves, and a bouffant for some volume at the crown. The great thing about this hairdo is that it’s super intriguing but easily achievable at home if you’ve got a little bit of experience with teasing your hair and styling it. You can pick and choose between the various individual elements that make up the trend for an overall look that’s both feminine and formal but also a little mod and unusual thanks to the interplay of the bangs and the messy volume.

If you’re looking for a change in hairstyle, I really recommend the short bangs. We’ve seen a lot of long layers and side-swept bangs in recent times but short fringes are making a comeback. They’re chic and rather versatile: you could style the rest of your hair for an old-world, ladylike effect and the bangs would look dainty or you could rock some punk ‘do for a sassier style statement.

Jasper Conran

#JasperConran #LFW #AW2015

We’ve seen some fabulous faux bobs in recent times: Emma Stone’s hairdo from the 2015 Academy Awards comes to mind. The look from the Jasper Conran show makes for a rather dainty hair trend. Something about the ends curled inwards, the soft waves in the hair and the wispy locks framing the face the makes for quintessential ‘English Rose’ vibe. If cutting your hair into a short bob calls for way more courage than you have at the moment, the faux bob is your friend. This is a lovely vintage-y hairstyle that would be perfect with day dresses, bridesmaid dresses and really, any outfit or occasion when you want something formal but also charming.

Sass & Bide

#Sass&Bide #LFW #AW2015

I picked the hair look from the Sass & Bide Autumn Winter 2015 London show because I think, just like chignons and volume, straight layered haircuts never really go out of style. The choppy layers and the strong fringe immediately create a bold, rocker chick impression. Those of you who enjoy your style statements a little cheeky will absolutely love this trend. It’s a sleeker, straighter version of the wavier lobs that we’ve seen in fashion shows and off the runways in the past year.

If you do get your hair cut to this trend you can wear it both straight and sleek or voluminous and wavy: and just that little switch in texture will leave you with two completely different looking hairstyles. In fact, you could even keep the roots voluminous and straighten the ends, or do the opposite. The sheer number of possibilities with the shag haircut is a stylist’s dream. So, this particular hair trend really gets my vote.

The London 2015 Autumn Winter show threw up some really neat trends to try out in the coming year. Let me know which one you’ll be sporting!


Hair Trends From New York Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2015

One of the best parts about the Fashion Weeks- apart from an opportunity for some serious wardrobe planning- is that you get to predict trends for the coming season. Yes, fashion and beauty are all about your own individual personality and sense of style, but it helps to take a look at what other people are loving, doesn’t it? After all, we all need a little bit of inspiration every now and then. That’s why I love mapping trends from the Fashion Weeks. They give you a sense of old styles that are still as fabulous as ever and new ones that you might not have thought of yourself. Whether you choose to recreate these looks strand-for-strand or you put together your own take on a trend, here are my picks of the best hairstyles from the New York Autumn Winter 2015 Fashion Week.

Anna Sui

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Models at the Anna Sui Autumn Winter 2015 show had their hair styled naturally. In other words, models sported their own normal hair texture, cut and style- just amped up to look good on the runway. I rather love the boho, beachy waves from this particular look but there were a lot of other great-looking textures to be seen as well.

The best part about going with your regular hair cut/ texture is that you don’t have to learn a whole new style or spend lots of time putting it together. Instead, you can focus on something many hair stylists and fashion lovers fail to pay attention to: healthy, happy hair. Let your natural beauty do the talking just this once, and you’ll be glad you did.

One of the best ways to play up your own hair texture is to let your hair air dry after you wash it. If you must use a towel, simply press sections of your hair between the fabric and don’t rub it together. Use a texture-boosting product like a sea-salt spray and not a texture-altering product.

Good dietary, sleeping and exercise habits go a long way towards guaranteeing naturally fabulous hair but if you’ve got an important event coming up and you want to go the natural route and are worried about limp, straggly or brittle hair here’s what you need to do: use a shampoo and an intensive conditioner to wash your hair, let it air dry, use a sea-salt spray or a similar product and brush out your hair. Then just dab on the tiniest smidgen of a hair serum onto your palms and ever so gently pat your hair to give it a natural, healthy-looking sheen.


#Marchesa #NYFW #AW15

I quite liked a couple of the hairdos seen on the Marchesa Autumn Winter 2015 runway. They had a retro flavour but also looked rather satisfactorily contemporary. The curls you can see on this particular model are a lot more defined and piece-y than how most people wear their hair when they curl it, which is why I thought it would make for a fun addition to this post. Most people tend to let their curls cool and set and then either brush them out or run their fingers through them to loosen them up and blend them together. Which is great for when you want a softer, more romantic and more everyday iteration of curly/ wavy hair. However, if you want something a lot more noticeable, this trend is just the thing to try.

You’ll notice how the hair has been parted to one side: creating a deep part and flipping some hair over to one side when you’ve got curls going immediately lends a distinctly vintage aura to the look. These strong, defined curls are a great option if you’re bored of your everyday look or even if you’re headed out someplace and you don’t want to walk the predictable updo route.

You might notice that there’s quite a bit of frizz to be observed at the roots with this particular style. You can leave it like so if you don’t mind. However, if your hair is dry or weak, it might frizz out pretty bad and detract from the look. a fairly easy way of dealing with this is to simply hold your palm open flat under sections of curled hair, gently scrunch it up and make an upward-downward spring-like motion a few times. Repeat all over the head. This will help set the curls and combat frizz.

Naeem Khan

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#NaeemKhan2 #NYFW #AW15

The models at the Naeem Khan Fall 2015 show had some of the most interesting hairstyles from the Autumn Winter 2015 New York Fashion Week. The hair was parted deep and flipped over and then arranged into a conical French twist-like structure that ran from the front to the back. Now, I understand that this exact hair trend itself might be a little OTT for regular life when you’re not strutting down the runway or posing for the paparazzi ,but it really is eye-catching. And, for those of you at home who’re looking for a more wearable iteration of the trend, you could just use the inspiration to add some Rockabilly 40s-inspired curl accents to your hair. The pin-up look is a timeless trend and you could easily use it to add some extra oomph to your everyday ponytail or open curls.

If you do want to recreate the look at home, first decide the side you’d like to create the twist on. You’re going to have to part your hair over to this side from the other. Since we want the hair to make a smooth transition from one side to the other, and you can’t just pull all of it over to one side, I recommend making a part about four to five inches down and flipping this section over to the other side. This will create two layered sections on the side away from the twist: the one you’re flipping over and merging and the remaining hair towards the nape of your neck. Just gently brush this remaining hair over behind your neck, following the natural contours of your head and comb it in to blend with the rest of your hair. Once this is done, all your hair should be on one side.

You’ll have to start at the tips and start rolling your hair in on itself to create a twist. Once the twist is at the roots (or the height you prefer, ideally around the highest points of your ear) start arranging it in place along your head using bobby pins. You can give the rolled twist more shape and structure as you secure it in place. I recommend criss-crossing the bobby pins in Xs for extra support. Once you’re happy with the look just add some hairspray for hold.

Since this is probably the trickiest of the looks in this post, I do advise perfecting the classic French twist first. It’s much easier to pull together when you’re creating a vertical twist at the back of your head. Once you’ve got the hang of that you’ll find this look a lot easier to style.

Proenza Schouler

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Sometimes the best hair trends aren’t so much haircuts and hairstyles as hair accessories. Let’s face it: everyone loves a good hair accessory. It’s the easiest, quickest route to a glamorous look without having to spend ages styling your hair or prepping it with the right product. Even the best of us need a cheat day every now and then. If you’re heading out but you just can’t be bothered to tame, tease and texturise those tresses of yours, take a cue from the Proenza Schouler Autumn Winter 2015 show.

The leather headbands are such a fabulous accessory.

Chic. Glam. Edgy.

You could wear them at a regular height with a ponytail or a chignon for a slightly sassier interpretation of preppy hairstyles. Or you could wear it close to the hairline for a rather bold statement.

All these years in the business and it never fails to surprise how such a simple accessory or styling trick can completely revolutionize one’s entire look!

Victoria Beckham

#VictoriaBeckham #NYFW #AW15

Victoria Beckham is one of those women who just know fashion. You may or may not agree with her personal fashion choices but you cannot deny, the lady’s got style. The hair trend I’ve picked from the Victoria Beckham Autumn Winter 2015 New York show combines some of my favourite elements: slicked-down crown, straight sleek ponytails and fun accents.

You will obviously need very slick, very glossy hair to work this look. Allow your hair to dry naturally until it’s about 70% dry and then blow-dry it straight. To get it really smooth, use a straightening iron. With a styling product like mousse or a paste and a fine-toothed comb lay your hair down flat and brush it towards the back. Make sure your hair is really slick against your head. Now, as you can clearly see, what makes this hairstyle different from other slicked-back sleek ponytails is the accent at the base of the ponytail.

There are a number of different ways you can go about achieving this. You can secure all your hair into a high ponytail and then lift a section from the ponytail to style around the base. Or you could create two ponytails, one on top of the other, such that the upper ponytail would contain lesser hair and would be used to create the accent around the ‘main’ ponytail. Since I really do believe that fashion is equal parts inspiration and customization, go ahead and create your own accent. You could simply loop the hair around the base or you could create a little bun/ knot on top of the ponytail. You could create a figure 8 structure or even a cylindrical bun pinned flat against your head. Get styling!

One thing that really stood out when I was reviewing the New York Autumn Winter 2015 shows was just how many designers chose to go with the ‘natural-looking hair’ trend. I particularly loved the beachy waves and texture on the model from Anna Sui’s show but there were also a whole lot of other designers who kept the models’ natural hairstyles and textures and just emphasized the same. If you don’t have enough time to put together an intricate hairdo it’s important to know how to optimise your own natural look. And it’s so important to appreciate it. Often, you’ll find that your natural hair texture and volume and a great haircut make for the best style statement of them all.

Learning to boost your hair health and play up your strengths is one of the essential commandments of good hair! I love new, previously unseen hairdos and styles just as much as the next person but I also think this is a great development both on and off the runway.

Shailene Woodley For The Hollywood Film Awards 2014

I had the pleasure of working with the super talented Shailene Woodley for the Hollywood Film Awards 2014. Shailene is such a delight to be around and I’m sure everyone is always saying this about Hollywood stars and celebrities but boy, that girl is one cool person. I styled Shailene’s hair using natural beeswax, slicking it back and away from the face with the subtlest hint of volume on top and a glossy & shiny texture. I wanted to really open up her face and let her features do all the talking, whilst complimenting her casual, effortless style.

Personally, I love it when women rock short hair with glam outfits and I think the starfish-patterned Valentino gown with its nude palette and subtle shimmers was a stroke of genius with her short low key hair. I hope this will help to inspire you to take a cue from Shailene’s look and have some fun with your short to mid length hair!

Watching her win the Breakout Actress Award for her role in this year’s hit The Fault In Our Stars was an absolute thrill. It’s a truly well deserved honour and if Shailene’s portrayal of Hazel Grace Lancaster, a teenager living with cancer, isn’t enough to make you tear up and immediately revaluate your life, I don’t know what will. What took my breath away is that Shailene seems to embody the same deep appreciation for life and all its little moments off-screen as well.

I’m sure you’ve read and heard all about how she likes to keep things simple and natural and is very low-key about style and glamour and makeup but you really only appreciate the full effect of it in her presence. The young actress is all about minimal goodness and emphasising natural beauty. Shailene really believes that we all have something intrinsically beautiful - naturally. She embraces this and is grateful for it. What an inspiration!

Shailene turned 23 yesterday, and what a fabulous way to start the celebration of her day. I’m sure we’re going to be seeing so many great things from this unbelievably gifted young lady. Happy birthday to a real phenomenon!

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Best Hair Seen At Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015

Hi! Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 has been an exhilarating experience- and I can’t believe we are done with it all. It’s been such a whirlwind of activity and trend mapping and styles and even though I am going to miss all the excitement, I think everyone in the industry will agree that we all need a little R&R! I cannot wait for the next round of fashion weeks but before we start looking forward, here is my pick of the best looks from the Paris Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Week. Balmain

#Balmain #PFW #SS2015


I love a simple hairstyle- so many women I talk to just give up on styling simply because it involves too much time and effort and since most of us are running against the clock it just does not seem worth the hassle. This is one of the primary reasons why I like to keep an eye out for wearable, easy-to-achieve looks and styles at the Fashion Weeks: unless you have a stylist at your disposal or you are planning for a special event, chances are you probably want something you can manage on your own at home. The look from the Balmain Spring Summer 2015 show- sported here by the gorgeous Rosie Huntington Whitely- meets the criteria perfectly.

What we have here is essentially a brushed back ponytail. You can wear your hair in a ponytail, in a low bun or chignon or even in a pigtail or a half-in half-out looped twist. The major styling here is concentrated across two dimensions: texture and accessorising.

Everyone knows how to throw together a ponytail or a bun: you probably have your own favourite version for daily wear. Keep the style, but borrow the texture from Balmain: we have here a slightly piecy, slicked back texture on the crown. You want to look like you just stepped out of the shower. You can use a styling mousse or hair gel with a wet-look finish and then brush your hair back and run your fingers through it to create some of the ridges you can see in the photo. Use a wide toothed comb to comb your hair back without making it too smooth. Secure your hair the way you prefer it and add some hairspray to keep the texture in place.

The next part is accessorising. The models at the Balmain show sported scarves/ wraps in their hair. You can use ribbons as well. Just pick something you like and wrap it around the base of the ponytail/ bun and knot it into place. You can make it into a bow or let the ends hang loose after a simple knot or twist it around a couple of times for a unique pattern. As you can see from the photo the combination of two contrasting elements- the edgy, slicked back hair and the feminine, delicate scarf- makes for a really interesting interplay of style statements.

Barbara Bui

#BarbaraBui #PFW #SS15

This one is for those of you who have chin-length to shoulder-length hair. You can easily wear the style in longer hair too, it’s just that it would be more convenient if your hair is shorter and more manageable and you don’t mind leaving it loose all day. There isn’t a tremendous amount of styling involved in this look- all you need is one of those ridged, wavy metallic headbands that create little parts in the hair. You can probably pick it up at any accessories store in town. However, there is a trick or two to make your hair look more runway-styled than home-styled, even if it is a look you are putting together in under five minutes.

For a more amped up version of a fairly regular style, all you need to do is texturise your hair for the look. Use a quality conditioner when you wash your hair, allow your hair to air dry so that the natural grain is enhanced and use styling product to give your hair a more finished appearance. A wet-look gel applied just before you put in the headband can give you a slicked back, rocker chick appearance. You can also dab some Argan oil on your hands and pat your hair. Whichever product you decide to use, add it to your crown and the front of the head because that is the region we want emphasised. If you don’t want to weigh your hair down with product you can leave the rest of the hair (behind the crown) natural. If your hair is limp and it’s falling flat just flip your hair upside down and dust some dry shampoo or baby powder into your roots and tousle your hair with your fingers. This will instantly create some volume at the roots so when you push the headband in you’ll also get some lift at the crown. With slicked back hair at the front and some barely noticeable volume behind the band you’ve got yourself a hairstyle that looks super modish and takes all of five minutes to get right!

Elie Saab

#ElieSaab #PFW #SS15

You can never go wrong with a classic, voluminous blowout and the pictures from the Elie Saab Spring Summer 2015 show are testimony to that. It might be the simplest style on this list- after all, the only thing you have to do is visit your nearest salon (or just do it yourself at home). Don’t underestimate the power of a perfect wash-and-dry look though: nothing is quite as sexy and appealing as glossy, healthy hair. I love how the model’s hair has been parted ever so slightly off centre and how it has been allowed to fall over both shoulders to frame the face so delicately. If you are used to having your hair blow-dried straight, ask for a wavy, natural finish the next time. Big, loose waves are super glamorous and look great with all kinds of outfits and for all sorts of occasions. Can you see the hints of volume at the roots? Adding a little bit of lift to the roots at the crown is a great trick to keep blowouts from looking too perfect and too slick.


#Givenchy #PFW #SS15

If you’ve browsed photos or footage from the Givenchy Spring Summer 2015 Paris Fashion Week you will know there were a couple of different hairstyles and haircuts seen on the runway. I’ve chosen this particular one to add to my list because I really like the bangs. You can wear them in any length- short and angular like the model here or long and soft. We haven’t seen a lot of bangs/ fringes of late and most people usually transition to more classic styles for the winter but I’m betting they are going to be big again come summer. I love the thick, eye skimming bangs from the Givenchy show and if you want to change up your look the next year you might consider the same. There’s something almost child-like about the shorter, thicker fringes and they can add a lot of drama and charm to your look. The best thing about shorter fringes is they don’t need as much maintenance as longer bangs: you can allow them to dry naturally for the most part and if you really want a nice, polished finished a single run-over with a straightening iron is enough to do the trick.

Jean Paul Gaultier

#JeanPaulGaultier #PFW #SS15


Like a lot of other shows at the Paris Spring Summer 2015 Fashion when it came to the Jean Paul Gaultier catwalk there were a number of different hairstyles to be seen. This one is my favourite of the lot because it’s got a bunch of my favourite styling elements: major volume, drama, big curls and glossy colour. I love how classic curls have been combined with a modern twist on the 40s, rockabilly curls at the hairline.

Most of the look is fairly straightforward. You need to work with freshly washed and conditioned hair. If your hair dries well naturally you can probably skip blow-drying. However if you are dealing with a lot of frizz or poor texture you might want to blow-dry your hair first to make it smooth and better styled. As far as adding big curls to your hair is concerned there are a number of options you can work with. You could use a large-barrelled curling wand and then run your fingers through your hair after the curls have cooled a little. You can use bendable foam rollers that you can leave in your hair overnight. You could also use heated curlers. Brush your hair through before you begin curling it and once you’re done, give it a few minutes to cool down and allow the curls to set.

What sets this look apart from your everyday curled hair is the volume and styling at the crown. At the hairline, flip the majority of your hair over to one side and draw the rest of your hair over the favoured shoulder. Don’t create a parting at the hairline but rather, layer your hair over on one side. To create the volume you can backcomb the front few inches of hair and then carefully arrange the hair into a quiff-like pouf, but one that curls and falls forward instead of being affixed on the crown. A lot of multipurpose styling tools also have an attachment for adding “lift” to the crown: these usually look like wide toothed combs and the air and the heat from the base machine along with the twines of the attachment will help you raise and hold the hair at the hairline for extra height and drama.

Once you’ve got the front styled the way you like it remember to use some hairspray. You want the volume and the height to stay in place. I recommend using a hairspray with shine-boosting properties because that way you get some hold and your hair looks glossy and you don’t have to run the risk of spoiling the curls by directly touching them.

John Galliano

#JohnGalliano #PFW #SS15


We saw some more of the heavy full fringe at the John Galliano Spring Summer 2015 show at the Paris Fashion Week. This time, however, the fringes were cut slightly asymmetrical, with ends falling over the brows. I love the messy, 70s rocker chick vibe here and the balance between the wild, unruly curls and the straight, smooth bangs. This is a fantastic way to style shoulder length hair. If you want to get your hair cut shorter for the coming summer and you want a style that is fun and vibrant and a little messy (which means you won’t have to spend forever in front of the mirror with a blow-dryer and a straightening iron) then this is a great option. Get your stylist to cut your hair into layers, the longest of which should graze your shoulders. You want to request them to cut your hair into shaggy layers that will enhance the natural texture and body of your hair. Ask for a brow-skimming full fringe. If you don’t want a randomly-asymmetrical fringe you can ask for a more even, uniform fringe across the front with longer ends (think of a soft curve) to really play up your eyes.

This is a great hairstyle for naturally curly/ wavy hair because you won’t really have to style your hair but it will still look great. If your hair is naturally curly or wavy you can just use a curl-boosting shampoo and conditioner whenever you wash it and then allow your hair to dry naturally. Scrunch up almost-dry hair in your fingers to build up the curls. Towel drying and finger drying will also create natural lift and volume. If you’ve got pin-straight hair wait till it’s about 70% dry and then braid it. Leave the braids in overnight and open them up the next day and run your fingers through the curls to break them up. You can also use foam rollers for long-lasting curls. Depending upon the natural texture of your hair you might need to use a flat iron or a blow dryer to get the bangs right.

Manish Arora

#ManishArora #PFW #SS2015


Designer Manish Arora’s runway was marked by funky face-art, candy colours and braids-in-braids hairstyles. The basic breakdown of the look is this: a middle parting and straight hair at the crown, finished with A LOT of braids at the back and down the length of the hair. How do you get the braids right? Read on to find out.

Begin in freshly washed and conditioned hair. Wait for your hair to dry naturally. Brush your hair until it’s completely free of any knots and tangles. Part your hair down the middle and comb it properly, gathering it towards the back. Secure into a low ponytail.

Now the key is to create a lot of different braids in the ponytail. And the braids should all be of varying girth and width. We’re looking at a bunch of skinny braids and some thicker ones. You can create a number of braids in different sizes and then even braid a couple of them together to create bigger braids out of smaller braids. Make a couple of skinny and regular sized braids. For the larger ones, braid loosely and then tug on the loops for added volume.

Take one of the braids and wrap it around the base of the ponytail to cover it up. Tuck the ends into the loop and use pins to secure it.

To make a single structure out of all the braids you can just gather up all the different braids and then secure them together. You can do this at any height: at the very end or down the middle and let a bit of the braids hang loose. You can secure them with a clear elastic band or a ribbon/ string. If you’re using an elastic band you can repeat the same step as above by wrapping a smaller braid around the elastic to cover it up.

There are two important things to note here. Firstly, don’t worry about loose ends and flyaways. We’re going for a very relaxed, boho hippie vibe here. A little bit of a mess is a good thing! And secondly, you might want to use some clip-in hair extensions for this style. There are two reasons for this. To begin with, a lot of you might find that you just don’t have the kind of volume that is needed for so many braids and hair extensions are a great way to take care of that. Another thing- if you are planning to recreate the look exactly as it was on the runway you will notice that the models’ braids had a couple of different colours/ tones merged together. From lighter versions of the base colour to unique pops of candy tones, the different hues work well to give more life and depth to braids. If you have coloured or highlighted hair then this is a great way to make the most of it. If not, hair extensions are always a quick and affordable (and temporary) solution!

That’s it folks. We’re done with the fashion weeks for this year. It’s been a thrilling ride and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Hope you picked up tonnes of tricks and inspiration for the coming months. Let me know what you loved, loathed and learned from the Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Weeks!


Best Hair Seen At Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015

Did you follow the Milan Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Week? Did you enjoy all the glitz and the glamour? I sure did! I might go as far as to say I enjoyed the Milan shows more than all the others- the drama and the styling were through the roof in Milan. Here is my pick of the best hairstyles from the Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015. Enjoy! Dolce & Gabbana

#Dolce&Gabbana #MFW #SS2015


I’m loathe to pick favourites, especially before reviewing all the looks from the remaining few shows but I have to admit, the Dolce & Gabbana was a hard act to follow. The strong Spanish influence, the use of bold colours and the stunning hair and makeup all combined to pack one helluva punch. I really loved the hairstyling because it’s a combination of some very simple and very classic, fundamental elements and accessorising techniques but the overall effect is really breathtaking. The model in this shot from the Dolce & Gabbana Spring Summer 2015 backstage is none other than Kendall Jenner of the Kardashian clan. Whether you’re a fan of the reality TV series or not, you can’t deny that the makeup and hairstyling are really spectacular.

The models’ hair was styled into low chignons, some smooth and sleek while others were twisted and yet others had a more piecy definition. The chignons were also dressed up differently; some accentuated with large flowers while others with veils and bejewelled hair accessories. If you are heading out to a party or a wedding and you want to make an impact upon arrival, this hairstyle should do the trick. This one is all about high visibility drama and intrigue and nothing says it better than bold, blood red flowers in your hair.

Emilio Pucci

#EmilioPucci #MFW #SS2015


At the Emilio Pucci Spring Summer 2015 show the models’ hair was styled into relaxed, loose waves. With a little bit of styling mousse and curling tongs you should easily be able to recreate this look at home in under ten minutes. Remember to use a large-barrelled curling iron and break up the curls: this look is all about big, sweeping waves and natural-looking texture. For a more retro, Seventies-style effect part your hair slightly off centre and let the waves frame your face for a softer, more feminine effect.


#Fendi #MFW #SS2015

It is always great to see hairstyles that incorporate hair accessories and embellishments because it just opens up so many more possibilities. You have your everyday tousled ponytail, and then you have your Fendi tousled ponytail wrapped up prettily with a scarf. This is one of those hairstyles you can easily wear while you’re doing your grocery and then carry it forward to a lunch date with friends. It’s quick, easy, versatile and pretty.

There really is very little to getting the look right. If you have very frizzy or wavy hair you might want to straighten it to smoothen it out and make it more manageable. Once you are happy with the texture, brush your hair and part it slightly off centre. Pull an inch-and-a-half of hair out in front over the ears on either side. Style these sections into loose waves using curling tongs. Secure the rest of your hair into a ponytail or a low chignon at the back. You don’t have to be particularly neat because we are aiming for that fabulous-without-trying effect here and you want loose, soft waves to frame your face. Once you have your ponytail fastened take a patterned scarf and knot it into a bow around the base of the ponytail. You can work with ribbons as well. This is a great strategy for dressing up an otherwise plain outfit: you can keep your clothes simple and let the hair do the talking.

Giorgio Armani

#GiorgioArmani #MFW #SS2015


Here is the funky one of the lot from the Spring Summer 2015 Milan Fashion Week: Giorgio Armani. If flowers, soft waves and flirty ponytails are not your thing, take a gander at the edgy, braided hairdos from this show. This one is a daring, take-no-prisoners look and it’s great for those of you who are looking for a change of pace. The braids have an almost cornrow-like effect and you need to be quite comfortable with braiding to be able to pull this one off on your own.

The basic principle is rather simple: brush your hair back over the crown and using a rattail comb create rows in the hair the way you’d create a part. You can use two-inch sections for thick braids or take lesser hair if you have practice braiding with thin strands. Braid each of these sections front to back. You can use the Dutch braiding or reverse French braiding technique to get the 3D effect where the braids pop out on your head. I recommend creating three such sections for the best impact, though you can add more and create sections on the sides as well if you like. You can braid these till the nape of your neck and then secure all the hair into a low ponytail or a chignon. If you want to continue with the look you can braid these sections to their very ends, secure with an elastic tie and then carefully hold up the ends and arrange them on the back of your head (you can make twists or coils or arrange them in parallel rows) and fix them in place using hairpins. Don’t fret if you have a bit of an unkempt texture, some frizz or flyaways won’t detract from the look.

You may notice the models’ braids have a lot of depth and dimension: you can achieve the same by using hair extensions of a shade that are lighter or darker than your base colour. Braiding in multiple tones helps make the braids pop so if you’re keen on trying this look for a special occasion, it might well be worth the effort to go that extra mile.

Les Copains

#Les Copains #MFW #SS2015


You asked for sophisticated volume, you got it. I love updos: they look so chic and polished and they are usually much easier to achieve than most people realise. We saw a nice sleek front complimented by volume at the crown and a twist at the back at the Les Copains show at the Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015. If you want to learn how to create this updo, keep reading.

The beauty of this look is in a very soft, ethereal essence and you need the hair texture to reflect that. This is one of those rare updo styles that will work really well in fine hair, provided you have the right length for it. If you have thick, frizzy or heavy hair the first step will be to wash and condition it, and follow that up by straightening the hair. The hair needs to be absolutely smooth and tangle free before you can start styling it. Once your hair is as smooth as it can be, get ready to start styling.

Begin by tracing an arc from the top of one ear to the other with a rattail comb. This will separate about two to three inches of hair around the front and top of your head. Divide this hair into two sections with a middle parting and comb them down on your head and take them behind each ear. We want these sections to merge and blend with the hair at the back, so use precise, careful movements and get the hair right before moving onto the next step. Once it’s neat, comb it in with the other hair and pin it into place, letting it fall under the hair at the crown.

Now separate the rest of your hair into two more sections: the crown and the bottom. For the crown take hair from above the sections we brushed back in the previous step. The styling at the crown should sit above and fall over the two sections coming in from the front. Twist and secure the bottom out of the way. We’re first going to work with the crown.

Starting at the top tease small sections in layers. Once you have the desired volume, create a small (or large!) pouf and gather the crown section into a bouffant. Arrange it at a height you like and smooth away any flyaways and work with the shape until your satisfied. Then, keeping the bump in place add some hairpins in an X shape to hold the bouffant in place. You can loosen the bottom section of your hair at this point and blend all the hair together. Now you can style all the remaining hair any way you like. You can braid it and then coil the braid around the back of your head or you can twist it into a sleek chignon and pin it into place. Add some hairspray and you’re all set.


#Moschino #MFW #SS2015

More volume coming your way from the Moschino Spring Summer 2015 runways. If you’ve managed to take a look at some of the runway photos from this show you’ve probably already seen the very vintage, very voluminous hairstyles from the fashion show. From the bubblegum pink outfits to the model on roller skates, the Moschino show was all about retro, girly fashion and personality. Now, if Barbie beauty is not your thing you might want to skip the buttery yellow wigs but there’s still a lot to be said for this voluminous, curly half-up half-down hairstyle. For starters, it makes for a lot of drama and it can be quite on-the-nose if you are attending a theme party any time soon. If not and you’re just a lover of all things old and bold (and props to you if you are!), this vintage hairdo can be a striking statement to make. We saw models wear it in dark hair too and it looked just as good.

We’re talking face-framing bangs or curves at the front, major volume at the crown (hello, Brigitte Bardot!) and foxy curls sweeping over the shoulders. It’s not the easiest look to pull together at home if you are new to hairstyling but like I always say, with a little bit of practice you should be on your way in no time.

To get the front and the top ready you can follow the steps outlined for the Les Copains look. The only difference is you don’t need to straighten your hair and you need a lot more teasing for a lot more volume at the crown. Once the bouffant is ready and all the loose hair is blended together, instead of twisting it into a chignon you are going to let it hang loose. Use a small-barrelled curling iron and add curls to about a third (from the ends) of the loose hair. You can add a lot of tight curls. For a lot of volume, take each curl and hold a thin section of hair straight and then pull up the rest of the curl along the tautened strand. This will create a tremendous amount of volume and will help the curls fan out in that characteristically 60s way. The curls will also hold for a much longer time. With some hairspray you should be able to wear the look throughout the day without any trouble.



#Versace #MFW #SS2015

The models at the Versace Spring Summer 2015 show wore their hair swept back and away from the face; in a slightly more casual and sportier version of the slicked back style we saw at the London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015. This time the focus is on getting the right amount of volume and grain at the roots, so I advise using a little bit of dry shampoo when you backcomb the roots for that extra volume and gold. You don’t need to tease and arrange a lot of hair: just the front few inches will be enough to create the illusion of a swept back, slightly raised style. You can just brush back the hair on the sides and use a hairspray to hold it into place. For an edgier, grittier version of the look (as is often seen on singer Gwen Stefani who really loves her swept back, rocker chic hairdos) you can slick down the sides using styling gel or mousse. This can be a bold statement for a night out or even an unusual (but mostly appropriate- especially if you’re the boss lady!) look for business meetings and luncheons. It’s all about hard glamour, bold styling and a slightly masculine, raw appeal.

That is it for my favourites from the Milan Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Week. Do let me know which were your favourites. I’ll be covering the Paris Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Week hair trends and styles next, so be sure to check back in for the latest from the hottest runways in the world!

Best Hair Seen At London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? Enjoying the Fashion Weeks? So, the London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 just wrapped up and while the jury is still out about the clothes and fashions themselves, we did see quite a few interesting hairstyles. I did note that this year we did not see any particularly unique or striking hairstyles- who knows, we’ve still got Milan and Paris to look forward to- so if you were hoping to be surprised then the London fashion shows probably did not live up to that expectation. However, we did see some nice haircuts, wearable styles and a couple of looks I am sure you can’t wait to try. I am really looking forward to see what Milan has in store for us in terms of styling and fashion trends for the coming year. But before we turn to the Milan shows, here are my picks of the best hair looks from the London Spring Summer 2015 shows.

Burberry Prorsum

#BurberryProrsum #LFW #SS2015


Texture was the central styling element at the Burberry Prorsum show. The models’ hair was all about wavy, tousled texture and natural parting. The ends were tucked into the collars, but you can just wear it loose as well. This is a very easy, very natural style to sport and it might look like you’ve made no effort at all but that is the secret to the whole look: it’s about beauty and fashion that doesn’t try too hard, that just is. You would be surprised to learn that most of these natural, seemingly un-styled bed-head looks often use just as many styling tools and products, and just as much time and effort, as the more obviously styled ones. The one relaxation is that you don’t have to worry about getting the look perfect because the imperfect, almost unkempt vibe is the USP of the whole thing.

To get this look at home you should start with freshly washed hair. When it’s about 70% dry take a styling product like hair mousse and gently work it into your hair. Scrunch your hair as you go along to boost its natural grain and add some waves to it. If you have very straight hair you might need to use a curling iron or foam rollers to add waves to the look. If you do use a styling tool remember to run your fingers through the curls to break them up and make them look more organic. If you have naturally wavy hair you just need to play up the natural texture of your hair. You can spritz a sea salt spray for some graininess as well. Once you have achieved the desired texture and shape just run your fingers through your hair and let it fall naturally. You can create a parting if you like or just let one take shape of its own accord.

You can wear this style loose or keep the fronts open over the shoulders and tuck the back into a low messy bun or a ponytail. If you’re expecting high humidity or moisture and you want the look to hold just use a smidgen of hairspray before you step out.

Holly Fulton

#HollyFulton #LFW #SS2015

I love a dressed up ponytail: it is easy to achieve and nobody’s really expecting it, so it’s a fun way to play around with simple styles. The ponytails at the Holly Fulton London Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Week made for one of those hair trends that just about anyone can master in minutes, whether you have been styling for years or are just starting out. It’s a nice, neat ponytail with some accents.

Here’s how you style it: like a regular ponytail but before you begin, leave an inch-wide section loose at the front on either side. You can make this work with a middle part or by brushing your hair back and covering the part up, as you like. I recommend working with straight, smooth hair to be able to really emphasize the ponytail accent. It can work in curly or wavy hair but you’re more likely to lose the effect that way. Leave the two sections at the front lose and secure your hair into a regular ponytail. Work slowly because this look is about an understated, minimalistic style and we need it to be really smooth and perfect so that nothing detracts from it. When you’re happy with the way your hair looks get ready to arrange the two sections from the front. Pick each section and gently take it towards the back, keeping with the natural lines of your head. You should carefully wind each section around the base of the ponytail. Once you’re done wrapping each section, tuck the ends away into the ponytail and secure with bobby pins. The two sections will create a looped V around the ponytail and instantly glam up an everyday hairstyle. Smooth away any flyaways and use a little shine boosting serum to make your hair look glossy.

Jean Pierre Braganza

#JeanPierreBraganza #LFW #SS2015

For most people who are new to styling one of the most difficult parts about getting a look right is getting the texture right. Combing, arranging and securing hair isn’t always as complicated as getting the grain and body and shape of the hair perfect for the look. Which is why it is always a delight to work with textures that are easy and can be achieved by just about anybody. When you have the base right, it is only a matter of sectioning and placing hair properly. That’s why this particular look is going to be one that even beginners can attempt without fear. All you need to do is work with smooth, straight hair.

You can get your hair ready with a flat iron or by blow-drying it. The next step is to create a deep side part and pull your hair low across the front on one side, creating the impression of side bangs. Tuck away hair on both sides behind the ears, leaving an inch-wide section out in front of the ears. This creates nice geometric lines in the hair and is a great trick for lazy days when you don’t want to spend a tonne of time styling your hair. You can either wear all the hair pulled over the shoulders to the front or leave some of it to hang loose at the back. The really neat thing about this hairstyle is that it draws attention to the face and emphasizes the eyes and cheekbones, so you can get ready for all the compliments coming your way.


#Osman #LFW #SS2015

There were a couple of different hairstyles and cuts at the Osman show but it was this particular haircut that caught my eye. If you want to cut your hair short for the warmer months, this will make for a wonderful statement. It’s short enough to be cool, comfortable and breezy but delicate enough to be feminine. I love the wispy bangs at the front and the soft layers. Another point in favour of this particular hairstyle is that it is one of those few short haircuts that have a truly universal appeal and will look good on most shapes and features and on people across a spectrum of age groups.

Pringle Of Scotland

#PringleofScotland #LFW #SS2015


No Fashion Week is complete without at least one designer or brand opting for the wet-look, slicked back style. It’s become almost ritualistic but thankfully it is a style that never really gets boring. Since it is not one of those styles that a lot of people wear, or often, it always makes for an interesting addition to any look. Before we begin on styling steps, a word to the wise: you can wear this style in medium length or longer hair but it really does work best with hair that’s around shoulder length or a little shorter. I’ve mentioned this before, it’s a sharp, edgy look and it is easier to achiever with shorter lengths. You can get the same effect around the crown with a longer length but you will have to work extra to make sure that the rest of your hair keeps with the slick, severe structure and that gets tougher if you have more length and volume to work with. You’ve probably seen a variation of this style on the Kardashians; they’re known to wear their hair slicked back and long so you might want to try it with a little more volume on the top and some really strong holding spray.

Achieving the look itself is pretty straightforward. You want really smooth hair so blow-dry your washed hair and use a flat iron to get that really perfectly straight texture. With a dollop of styling mousse or gel begin combing back your hair. Make sure you don’t leave anything loose at the front. Use a fine-toothed comb to get your hair to lay really flat on the head. You can slick your hair back as far as you’d like: to the middle of your head where you usually knot your bun or right down to the nape, depending on how structured you want the style to look. For the wet-look sheen rub a few drops of oil or shine serum on your palms and carefully pat your hair. Add some hairspray and you’re done.

Tom Ford

#TomFord #LFW #SS2015

The styling at the Tom Ford Spring Summer 2015 show is without a doubt the most talked about from the London Fashion Week. In an industry of extraordinarily gifted and creative people, Tom Ford is perhaps the most so of the lot. Few other designers and brands can claim the instant recognisability that Tom Ford’s creations always hold. Tom Ford is in a league of his own, and when he shows a collection it’s usually so different it shocks first, and then inevitably awes later.

His shows are always inspiring, and this year was no different. The makeup was spot-on, with very heavy, grunge-y smokey eyes and nude lips and the hair was styled to compliment the look. The look is all about sexy, edgy glamour- it’s almost a bit messy and a bit dirty but in a way that just amps up the oomph. The layered, tousled shaggy cuts are all about effortless sex appeal and rock chic glamour. There’s something so quintessentially 70s about the hairstyles you can’t help but be reminded of the golden days of Rock n’ Roll.  This haircut is in your face, it is audacious and it is unapologetic and in my opinion, it is a stroke of genius. If you’re looking to vamp up your style quotient you cannot go bigger or bolder than this.

Vivienne Westwood

#VivienneWestwood #LFW #SS2015


Vivienne Westwood has always been something of a fashion rebel- a fact you could not have missed even if you were determined to do so! We’re talking about mud-splattered faces and graphic moustaches drawn on the models faces. And as far as the hairstyles go, there was an equally unique set of looks: some cute and quickly and others downright crazy. But it was all fun and I really enjoyed the show. I’ve picked my favourite hairstyle from the Vivienne Westwood Spring Summer 2015 show and it’s a ponytail that’s unique enough to be really eye-catching but regular enough to be wearable.

The two main elements of this style are volume and waves. You can style this into two ponytails (like pigtails, only without the plaits) or wear it as a single voluminous ponytail for a more sophisticated effect. The ponytail section was all about shiny, big waves that you can easily achieve at home with a large-barrelled curling wand or leave-in rollers. The top half is defined by messy volume, and set off by an almost pompadour-like pouf at the front. With a volumising product or some dry shampoo at the roots and some backcombing you can decide just how big you want to go. Since the look is again supposed to be quirky and effortless, don’t worry about trying to get the crown smooth and sleek. Embrace the flyaways and if you want to add some interest to the look, focus on getting the wavy bottom half sleek and smooth. The dichotomy between the two sections will add some more drama to a very wearable style.

That is it for my favourites from the London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015. Let me know which styles you liked the most and which ones you plan to try out in the coming months. Watch this space for trends and tips from the Milan Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Week.

Paris Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2014

Here’s the piece you’ve all been waiting for: the Paris 2014 Fall Fashion Week. We saw a whole bunch of very interesting, and some very unusual, hairstyles at the Paris shows. Given that the Paris Fashion Week A/W 2014 began right after the Oscars, we saw a bunch of celebrities heading over the very next day to attend the last leg of this year’s Fall shows. Here’s my list of the best looks from the Paris Fall 2014 Fashion Week. While some of the styles are great for everyday wear, others are better suited for when you want to make a splash! Take your pick: Alexander McQueen

The models at the Alexander McQueen show wore their hair in circular cornrows all around the head, with the first braid on either side hanging loose and straight beneath the ears. Now, I understand that this clearly isn’t an everyday look, and it might be a little difficult to work even on the best of days, but I couldn’t help but admire the style. The thing with the Fashion Weeks is that after a while, you start to see patterns and trends repeating, and while that might act as a great forecast for the coming year, it’s just so exciting to see something different on the runway. I’m loving this “beehive braid” effect simply because it’s unusual, it’s bold and it’s braided! What’s not to love? If you ever feel like doing something jaw-droppingly different with your look, take a cue out of the Alexander McQueen Fall 2014 show!

Alexis Mabille


The gently curling, loose waves at the Alexis Mabille show were nothing new but it’s a classic look for all ages and features and one that I can’t recommend enough. There’s nothing as attractive as sleek, shiny, healthy hair that’s been styled simply. The best part about the look is that it’s more about playing up your natural hairdo than actually styling your hair to look different. If you’ve got naturally wavy hair all you need to do is make sure it’s healthy and that you use quality hair products. If you’ve got pin-straight hair, you might have to use a curling wand or even large foam rollers to add a few waves to your hair. A straight middle part is equal parts subtle and striking and makes for a great everyday look.

Elie Saab

The hairstyle at the Elie Saab show was a straightened version of the previous look: shiny, sleek hair parted down the middle and allowed to fall as naturally as possible. The best part about hairstyles like this is that they are not only effortless (for the most part) but they also help to play up your natural features. With such hairstyles, your facial features and any makeup, jewellery, fashion trend you might be sporting is the centre of the look and not the hairstyle itself. So, if you’re looking for a subtle hairdo that allows you to emphasise other parts of your look, this might be just the thing for you.


The models at the Givenchy Paris Fall 2014 show wore their hair parted slightly off the middle and styled into small, tight braids at the back. The good old plait can be quite attractive if it’s done right. My tip for this classic style? Make sure you use a transparent elastic to fasten the plait: the plain black or coloured ties end up distracting from the clean, natural lines of the style.

Iris Van Herpen

The hairstyles at the Iris Van Herpen are definitely not an everyday look. With pulled back and twisted rolls, layered sections and looped braids at the back, this is a daring and edgy look best reserved for a themed event or a day when you want a look that’s slightly tougher than your everyday hairstyle. I’ve included it here in this list because it was really striking, and looked rather interesting especially at the front, with the twists creating slight cat ear-like raises going all the way back.

Issey Miyake


At first, when you take a look at the models from the Issey Miyake Fall 2014 Fashion Week, you’re going to be struck by the slick, separated sculpting of the hair at the front. There are many ways of achieving this style, right from using a styling gel and creating tiny “walls” or rows of hair using the tailend of a rattail comb to the much easier option of just pulling on a metal hairband with grooves to give you that cornrow effect. However, whether or not you want to style your crown this way is up to you, because the actual appeal of the hairstyle is in the bun at the back!

The thick, coiled and roped buns are absolutely gorgeous. Just take a look at the photo of the style from the back and tell me if it isn’t to die for! And the best part is, it’s quite easy to pull off, provided your hair is clean and brushed free of any tangles. You only need to gather all your hair at the nape of your neck and start twisting it in on yourself to give it the rope-like look. Then start placing the hair on your head in coils, twisting as you go along in an outer-to-inner circular motion. Keep adding bobby pins to make sure that the coils stay in place and add some hairspray once you’re done.

John Galliano

John Galliano’s models wore their hair straight, loose and down the back. The fairly simple look was dressed up by parting the hair to one side, pulling it low over the forehead and tucking it in behind one ear. It’s an easy look and it’s especially great for those of you with fine hair that won’t get frizzy or voluminous through the course of the day.

I hope all my readers have enjoyed the Fashion Weeks every bit as much as I have. I’ll be back soon with more great pieces on hair styling and care. See you soon!

Milan Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2014

Milan is undoubtedly one of the sexiest, most sophisticated cities in the world and the Milan Autumn Winter 2014 Fashion Week has most certainly lived up to all my expectations. I’ve picked out five of my favourite hairstyles from the Milan Fall 2014 Fashion Week and I’m looking forward to hearing your views on the same. Enjoy! 1. Fendi

The hair at the Fendi Autumn/ Winter 2014 Fashion Week was hands down the clear winner for me here. Normally when I’m combing through (pun totally intended!) the Fashion Weeks, I like to browse through the best looks and emerging trends and I’m not really looking to pick an absolute favourite. However, the gorgeous, overlapped, multilayered ponytail at the Fendi Milan 2014 Fashion Week is one of the coolest things I’ve seen on the runways in recent times.

This is a very sharp, modern hairstyle and the key is to play up the severe lines of the style. You’re essentially arranging the hair on the crown in a basket-weave pattern before pulling it into a low ponytail at the back.

Work with freshly washed, blow-dried and then straightened hair. Remember to make sure your hair is completely dry before you use a straightening iron on it. Once your hair is smooth, comb it through properly and then create two deep side parts on either side at the front. Take these sections of hair to the back and then fold them over one another to create the overlapped effect you see in the pictures. Then pull the hair back to the nape of your neck and use a hair elastic to secure it in place. Fashion maestro Karl Lagerfeld’s inspiration behind this look is a very minimalistic, sharp play on linear structures so make sure your hair is as smooth and as slick as it can be. Spray on some holding spray (preferably one with shine-boosting properties) and you’re good to go.

2. Giorgio Armani

The look from the Giorgio Armani show is a great style not only because waves are a great choice for spring-summer, but also because it’s so easy to pull this style off at home. The beachy, boho waves have been really popular over the last few summers and this slightly deeper, more crimped take on the trend is every bit as interesting.

The best part is that there are a bunch of different ways in which you could get your hair to look like this. You could braid damp hair and leave the braids in overnight and undo them the next day and just run your fingers through the waves to loosen them up a bit. You could use perm rods for tighter, more pronounced twists if you like. If you’re short on time you could use one of the “wave maker” or “crimper” styling tools. And then, of course, there’s always the trusty curling iron to fall back on.

For a more natural look, I suggest curling the hair about an inch from the roots. This way you won’t have to worry about any stress to the roots and the style will look less “styled”.

3. Gucci

Gucci’s straight, sleek hair isn’t something you probably haven’t tried a million times on your own, but I do love the way they’ve parted the models’ hair. A deep side part with the hair pulled low over the forehead to the other side and tucked behind the ear has such an elegant, softly feminine appeal. To get the same kind of dimension to the look, pick a small strand of hair to tuck behind the ear while letting the rest of the pulled-to-the-side hair hang out from underneath the tucked part. This will add the tiniest bit of drama to the look and will frame your face beautifully.

It’s really quite something to notice how even the tiniest adjustments and tricks can make a fairly straightforward style look so pretty.

4. MaxMara

The short pixie cuts at the MaxMara Milan Autumn Winter 2014 Fashion Week were absolutely gorgeous. The deep berry lip colour and matching nail paint really helped add a strong, sensual touch to an otherwise edgy haircut. My favourite thing about this look is how the hair at the front is kept noticeably longer than the rest to make for very sexy, forehead sweeping bangs. The look is equal parts edgy and elfin and I definitely think the stylists at the MaxMara show got this one down pat.

5. Missoni

Missoni’s high, messy buns with the loose strands and small, forehead framing bangs are such a great, everyday look. Anyone with shoulder-length (and longer) hair can pull this off with ease. The look will obviously work better in straight hair if you want to leave some sections hanging loose but the best part about the style is that even if your natural hair is wavy or unruly, a high bun is the easiest way to be stylish and fuss-free. The short, angular bangs add a touch of girlishness to the style.

Hope you’ve all enjoyed my take on the Milan Fashion Week for Autumn Winter 2014. The Paris Fashion Week is shaping up to be great fun and I can’t wait to share my picks with all of you.

London Fashion Week Fall 2014

It’s been a crazy few weeks with all the awards shows, the fashion shows and dazzling Red Carpet appearances. We’ve seen some of the most memorable style statements of all time in these last few weeks and even though it’s early in the year, it is easy to see that 2014 is going to be quite the year in fashion and beauty. The London Fashion Week Fall 2014 was no different, and here I’ve picked out some of my favourite looks to share with all of you. 1. Burberry Prorsum

I’ve come to realise that every year, during the Fashion Weeks, there are some designers/ brands whose shows I particularly look forward to. You just know that you’re going to be treated to some great clothes, fantastic makeup and incredible hairstyling. The Burberry Prorsum show is, without fail, always on the list. This year’s hairstyles might not be entirely unique or thrilling but they stress a fact that us industry professionals know and live by: trends may come and go but the classics will always remain so.

The open, heavy, unfussy hair at the Burberry Prorsum show might not be the most ingenious or most artful we see this year but open hair is always beautiful and stylish and the models at the show prove just that. The thing to take away from the Burberry show is that if you want open, mildly styled hair to look runway ready you’ve got to make sure it’s healthy, shiny and well cared for. The trick here isn’t in one time styling but in long-term effort and proper hair care. Heavy, thick, shiny open hair is always occasion-appropriate and always stylish, so get started on your hair care regimen right away.

2. Holly Fulton

Sleek is stylish: and the ponytails at the Holly Fulton show at the London Fall 2014 Fashion Week were nothing short of showstoppers. With deep side parts, perfectly flattened hair and looped low ponytails, the models at the Holly Fulton Fall 2014 show were a vision in preppy style. It’s a great way to wear your hair to work or to the university because it’s low-key enough to be appropriate yet dressy enough should you want to step out for some fun later. I love hairstyles like this because they’re so versatile and rather easy to pull off at home.

3. Vivienne Westwood

The entire fashion and beauty theme at the Vivienne Westwood Fall 2014 show was based in classic, Old Hollywood glamour with pearl necklaces, arresting red lips, rosy cheeks and retro curly updos. This hairdo is perfect for an evening event or a special occasion because it’s glamorous, sophisticated and very feminine. While the look might be a tad bit too tousled to be a bridal style for some, I personally think it’s got a great vintage vibe to it and would look absolutely lovely with formal gowns and dresses.

There are tonnes of way of achieving such a look. The easiest would be to apply some texture spray to your freshly washed hair and finger dry it, scrunching it up as you go along. This will add some lovely curls to your hair. If your hair is naturally very poker-straight, you could always use a curling wand or perm rods to do the needful. Take random sections of hair, twist them and pin them artfully all over your head. Leave some tendrils loose and let a flyaway here and there add some drama to the look. This might be time-consuming, but it’s the best way to get an even look. You can also fix a major chunk of your hair in a French twist and then just pin tendrils from the front towards the side. This way you’ll get the messy, curly effect only towards the sides but it’ll be less strenuous.

4. Todd Lynn

The super straight, super sleek hair at the Todd Lynn Fall 2014 Fashion Week wasn’t a new style so much so as a new twist on an old favourite. It’s your good old straightened hair, albeit it’s parted and arranged differently. Here, the straightened hair was parted slightly off the middle, to one side. One side was allowed to fall sideways and down from the part. The other side was arranged more creatively. A few inches down the part draw an arc using a rattail comb from the part down sideways to behind your ear. This separated section should be slicked back on the head to give an almost buzz-cut appearance. You can fix it in place using strong styling gel and a pin at the back. Allow the hair ‘behind’ the arc to fall naturally, and tuck it behind the ear and allow it to hang loose over the shoulder. This look really is all about laying and fixing your hair differently.

5. Temperley London

Braids are always a great way to style hair and the thick, single braids we saw at the Temperley London show were a real hit. There was nothing fussy about the style: we’re talking regular, thick long braids pulled over one shoulder. A simple off-the-centre part, face framing bangs and soft, loose volume defined the look. This is an ideal hairstyle for when you are running against the clock and you just do not have the time to play around with a more complicated style.

Hope you liked the super wearable, super easy styles from the London Fashion Week Fall 2014. Keep your eyes out for the piece on the Milan Fashion Week Fall 2014.

New York Fashion Week Fall 2014

The Fashion Weeks for Fall 2014 are well underway and we’ve been treated to a bunch of gorgeous hairstyles and fantabulous fashion statements. I’m very excited to be doing this piece on the best looks from New York Fashion Week Fall 2014. The Fashion Weeks are always such a wonderful experience but when you’ve got a great selection of wearable, easy hairstyles to choose from it’s all the more fun. I’ve picked my favourite looks from the New York Fall 2014 Fashion Week. Let me know which ones you liked best! 1. Alexander Wang

The ‘helmet look’ we saw at the Alexander Wang show is a great way to do up your hair for a casual or semi-formal style, when you don’t want to be bothered too much but don’t want to be completely un-styled either. The great thing about styling your bangs/ the front of your hair this way is that you can wear the rest of your hair any way you like! From braids to ponytails and low buns to ballerina buns, you can style your hair any way you want and some add pizzazz to the look with the ‘helmet wave’ at the front. Add an interesting clip or a single clip to keep the hair in place and make the look even funkier.

2. Anna Sui

Bangs are going to be very big this year, and the forehead-framing, slightly angled fringes we saw at the Anna Sui show make for a great style statement. We saw the models rock these bangs with chic, chin-length bobs but you can bet they’d look just as great with a high ponytail or a bun. I personally advise clients to opt in for bangs when they want to change their current look but don’t want to invest too much time styling and setting their hair on a daily basis. A smart fringe can work wonders for your look and won’t need a lot of effort either!

3. Carolina Herrera

Oversized buns never go out of style- and the Carolina Herrera show at the New York Fashion Week Fall 2014 was a testament to that. The high, voluminous buns were undoubtedly one of the best hair-looks we saw at the New York Fall 2014 Fashion Week. To set off the look make sure you work with straight, shiny hair. Slick down the rest of your hair flat on the scalp and make sure everything is very neat and in place- this style is all about making the bun the focal point of the look. This is an uber-glamorous look for an evening out and you could take a cue from the models at the show and pair the hairstyle up with some statement earrings for a special event.

4. Marchesa

The cornrows and braids at the Marchesa New York 2014 show were one of the most talked-about beauty statements of the event. Cornrows at the front trailing into thick braids towards the back- a super edgy, super fun look that I loved. It’s always great to see something fresh and inspired at the Fashion Weeks: after all, the entire point is to watch out for trends and tricks for the coming year! If you’re not adept at braiding cornrows just yet, practice with tiny regular braids moving from the front to back or try the reverse braiding technique- braiding under and across instead of over and across- the effect will be very similar and it’ll give you enough practice to get really good at braiding before you try a tougher technique. This is a great look for when you’re in the mood to try something a little bit more adventurous or you’re going to an event with a spunky theme.

5. Badgley Mischka

We’ve all got those days when we just couldn’t be bothered less about getting dressed up nicely or styling our hair well. And yet, you know that if you indulge your laziness you’re probably going to regret it later! You might be feeling sleepy or running late but what if you run into an old flame or end up agreeing to last-minute plans with friends and your hair’s all scruffy and messy? For days like that, the hairdo from the Badgley Mischka show is the perfection solution!

This is a great look for clean, newly washed hair. Rub a little shine serum into your hair and brush it out. For smoother, faster results I recommend blow-drying your hair instead of waiting for it to dry out naturally. Then, take a slim section of hair at the front, right at the temples, from each side and pull it towards the back. You can tie the two sections together using a clear elastic or you can twist them around each other and then fix them into place using a hairpin. You can add a bejewelled pin or hair spiral to dress the look up. Let the rest of your hair hang loose. You can also use curling tongs to add some loose waves to the open hair. This is a lovely day look- you can wear it to the university or around the office and it’s cute enough to wear outside for a casual event/ lunch etc. as well. You’ll be ready in a pinch and you’re sure to feel great about it all day long.

I hope all of you liked these looks from the New York Fall 2014 Fashion Week. Do write in and let me know about your favourites. Until then, watch this space for more Fashion Week Fall 2014 coverage.

Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014

  Paris. The city of love. Berets. The Little Black Dress. Coco Chanel. Croissants. Cafés. And of course, fashion. Parisians are known the world over for their innate sense of style: beauty, luxury and fashion is something that seems to come naturally to these fair folk. Whether it’s on the runways at the fashion week or at the roadside bistros, you can’t quite separate France and fashion from one another.

Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014 was an absolute delight. It was no easy task tearing my eyes away from all the fabulous creations and designs to pick my favourite hairstyles. Nevertheless, here are a bunch of hairdos that caught my eye at the Paris Fashion Week. I hope you guys like them and feel inspired to try something new the coming season!


One of the first things to strike me about the Chanel show at the Paris Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Week was that they’re continuing to incorporate the “pearl trend”. The classic Chanel pearl finds its place of honour, with a twist, this season as well. Those of you who remember the pearl hairpins we saw on the Spring 2012 runways will be pleasantly surprised to notice the large pearl-embellished neckpieces featured this time round. And once you’ve had your fill of the stunning clothes, there’s a very fun hairdo to take inspiration from.

Ok, so this one isn’t a style that you can really try on your own hair, but for those of you who are looking to chop your hair off and try something different, this old school pageboy-inspired look could make for a really neat statement. Talk about trying something new and old at one go! Now, this style would make for quite a striking change, and if you are not ready to do something this drastic, I recommend keeping the length at your chin, or shoulder-level. That way you can enjoy a new look without it being completely new territory.

The blunt, straight bangs across the forehead are a rather popular trend this year and it looks like they are going to be pretty big next spring as well.

Fatima Lopes

The models at the Fatima Lopes fashion show wore their hair in very pretty crown braids. What set the style apart from all the other crown braids we’ve seen this season was that the rest of the hair was styled up at the crown as well, with the braid acting as a sort of border.

There are two ways of achieving this look, depending upon the length of your hair.

Pull a section of your hair aside to form the crown braid. There are several different ways of creating a braid along the hairline, depending on what you’re comfortable with. You could just twist two strands over one another for a rope braid- this would be the easiest option for someone who doesn’t have a lot of practice with braiding. For a more sinuous style, you could try the waterfall braiding technique. French braiding or Dutch braiding is usually the most preferred method for creating the ever-popular Grecian braided halos. Pick the style that works best for you!

Follow the following steps for the rest of your hair. For medium to long hair, you can actually braid all your hair in concentric circles around the head, pinning it onto the scalp. This can be difficult for shorter hair, so another great option would be to take sections of hair, twist it around your finger and then pin the twisted bits onto the scalp, forming little curl-like loops as you go along.

Once you’re done, it’s really up to you whether you want to add some hairspray or not. The good thing about this do is that you don’t have to be particularly neat as you go along. There are many different ways of achieving the overall look, and you might end up with something a wee bit different, but it will have your own unique stamp on it and that’s what style is all about! Add a hairpin like the models for some added festivity if you’d like to dress the look up even further.

Elie Saab

The models at the Elie Saab show wore their hair open. The key element in the entire look is to make your hair lie absolutely flat on the head and maintain a very sleek, very straight and extremely perfect appearance on the whole. This look’s not so much so about the styling as it is about getting the hair texture right. Once you’ve taken care of every last flyaway you can easily add a barrette or a headband and push your hair back to get the same look. The trick, of course, is to first get your hair right.

Invest in quality hair shampoos, conditioners, styling mousse and shine-boosting serum for a look like this. When you want your hair to resemble the clear surface of a lake or a sheet of glass, you can’t quite afford to skimp on the right products. And because you’ll have to straighten your hair for the look, I recommend using professional-grade, salon-quality styling tools and products only.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this year’s Fashion Week trends and inspirations as much as I have. Spring/ Summer 2014 promises to be an interesting year in terms of style and fashion and we have tonnes of new ideas as well as some classic favourites to look back to!

London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014

Hi everyone! Hope you’re enjoying this year’s Fashion Weeks as much as I am. After the New York Fashion Week we’ve got some fantastic looks and trend inspirations from the London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014. London’s one of the most stylish and put-together cities in the world and a quick look around is enough to see why it’s one of the fashion capitals of the world: from waiting around at the London Underground to lazing on a sunny day at Hyde Park, the Londoners have an instinct for fashion like no other. Here is my pick of the top five looks from the London Fashion week.

Side Swept Curls At Holly Fulton

The models at the Holly Fulton shown wore their hair in very glamorous, very voluminous retro curls pulled to a side. It’s a great look for any special occasion, especially when your inner diva’s feeling a bit frisky and wants some time in the limelight! From weddings and proms to homecomings and society galas, this is one hairdo that packs some serious punches.

Be warned though, it’s not the kind of hairstyle that you can perfect in one attempt. I recommend practicing as many times as you can before a big event. Doing so will help you get the hang of it.

Begin on freshly washed hair. Use a high quality conditioner to make your hair soft and pliable but make sure you wash it all out. Leftover product can weigh your hair down and make it limp. Blow dry your hair to make it smooth and make sure you’ve brushed out any knots and tangles before you begin styling.

Take a few drops of styling serum and rub it through your hair. Part your hair on one side and pull your hair over to the other side. Now here’s the tricky part: you have to pull all your hair- both the sections on either side of the part- to the side, while distinctly maintaining the part. The lower section will have to be slicked flat on your head while being brushed around the back, over to the other side. For the section of hair favoured by the part, add some volume at the crown for some lift. You can backcomb this section with a little bit of hairspray.

Once all your hair is brought round to the other side we’re going to begin curling it. Decide the height you want the curls to begin at: preferably somewhere around the ear. Use curling tongs to create tight curls all over the hair. Remember not to add any curls above the ear or in the section slicked around at the back: we want to maintain two very distinct textures in the look. After your curls are done give them some time to cool down and then loosen them up a bit with your fingers. Take small sections, hold a piece of hair straight and push the rest of the curl up back on the straight strand: this will help add a lot of volume to the curls without breaking them up. It’s going to give the same effect as backcombing, except it’ll let you retain the curls.

Once you’re happy with the look add some stronghold hairspray. Tie a polka-dotted scarf around your neck, add some oversized glasses and get ready for the paparazzi!

Slicked Back Sleek At House Of Holland

Slicked back hair is always a great trend for when you’re feeling a bit adventurous and you want to try something new with your hair. Most women tend to avoid the slicked back trend because it’s not your typically feminine look.  If the phrase “slicked back” reminds you of some scary Mafioso types from Coppola’s rendition of The Godfather, here’s your chance to look so good that it’s almost criminal!

This is a look that would work best in shoulder-length hair, though you could try it on shorter hair as well. For longer lengths, you leaving your hair open might take away from the stark look, but you can always slick back the crown and sides and tie the rest of your into a low ponytail. That could be a pretty neat look for university or a casual lunch date.

Begin by blow-drying your hair after a wash. Make sure your hair is really smooth before you start styling. For very wavy or curly hair I recommend following the blow-drying up with a flat iron from the roots till halfway down. This will help prep the crown for a really sleek look.

Add some styling mouse to a fine-toothed comb and begin combing your hair back over your head. Make sure your hair lies really flat on your head: we’re almost creating the illusion of an undercut on the sides. Make sure you slick back only till the middle of your head. Imagine an arc from ear-to-ear. The portion under the arc doesn’t have to be slicked back. After you’re happy with the look add some shine serum to get that coveted wet-look effect.

For shoulder-length hair you can leave the rest of your hair loose. You can blow-dry it to curl inward or outward if you’d like. Add some hairspray and you’re done!

Laidback And Loose At Mulberry

I picked the Mulberry hairdo because I think it’s so important to borrow from runway trends that can actually translate into real style. Outlandish colours and bizarre trends are certainly more fun, and if you’ve got the guts I say go for it! However, if you’re looking for something more wearable, here’s a hairstyle that’s pretty, classic and great for all shapes and ages.

The models in the Mulberry show wore their hair loose, parted to one side and pulled over one shoulder. There really isn’t much styling involved: all you have to do is wash your hair, blow dry it and brush through it. If you’d like the slightly messier texture as seen in the photos, you can avoid blow-drying or even backcomb your hair a bit for some added drama. Frame your face by sweeping some of the hair over one side and letting a few strands fly loose.

This is a very casual and very wearable style and the trick to making it look good is in having healthy, shiny and bouncy hair. There are no secret styling tips for this one: just good old-fashioned hair care advice. Take care of your health, eat well, get lots of sleep and keep your body hydrated. And remember to use only the best hair care products to maintain your locks. If you do all this, even simple styles like this will make you look styled enough to rule the roost in London-town!

Cropped Pixies At Temperley London

The cropped pixies at the Temperley London show were absolutely fantastic! If you like the look, I’d recommend locating a well-known stylist in the city and booking an appointment. This isn’t an easy look to pull off and it certainly requires quite a bit of commitment because going this short isn’t something you can do on a whim. The models at the Temperley London show didn’t just wear their hair in cropped pixies: the cuts were also styled with asymmetrical layers and choppy edges to add some interesting dimensions to the look. The model in the picture here sports a close buzz-cut on one side of the head, set off by longer hair framing the face on the other side. It’s wild, it’s daring and it’s absolutely adorable!

Textured And Messy At Topshop Unique

While this might not be the most unique style out there, or even very runway-worthy I personally liked this one a lot because of how wearable and adaptable it is. It is basically a messy, textured look that’s supposed to play up your natural hair texture and body. It is the kind of look that you can wear in any length or type of hair, though I personally think it would look best on shoulder-length hair with a few layers.

Begin by finger-drying your freshly washed hair. Flip your damp hair upside down and run your hands through it, scrunching it up in bunches as you go along. This will add some body and texture to the hair. For very-straight hair you can add braids to your damp hair to make it wavy.

Avoid using a blow dryer because this look’s all about playing up a natural texture and steering clear of anything that’s too slick or smooth. When your hair is around 70% dry add a dollop of styling mousse and run your fingers through your hair, shaping it as you like. You can add some volume at the front for an edgy quiff-like wave.

Allow your hair to set naturally. Brushing your hair out will loosen up the texture, so work through any tangles with your fingers only.

Once the style has taken hold rub a few drops of Argan oil onto your fingertips and run them through your hair: this will add a wet-look sheen to your hair to make it look more fashionable.  Using hairspray is entirely up to you: this isn’t the kind of style that really needs to be held together because the entire beauty of it is in its casual, messy, fashionable-by-chance appeal. However, if you’re worried your hair might fall flat during the day add a few spritzes of a medium-hold spray.

What makes this look so wearable is just how easy it is to style. It’ll probably take you all of five minutes to put together once your hair’s washed. It’s also the perfect balance between casual and styled: the texture and volume suggest a sort of effortlessness but the sheen hints at an element of glamour.

I hope you all liked the selection from the London Fashion Week. Let me know which styles you’d love to try. Next up, we have the looks from the Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014.

Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014

I’ve been waiting to see what the Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014 would have in store for us this year and I’m happy to say I’m not disappointed. We saw a healthy mix of edgy, classic, feminine and unusual hairdos. My favourite part of following the Fashion Weeks is picking out trends and looks that can be easily adapted for everyday wear. The five looks that I picked from the Milan Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Week encompass a range of style statements. From flirty looks to sophisticated styles, here’s a bunch of trends that are going to be really big next season. Take your pick and try them on today! The Cool Classic Ponytail At Trussardi 1911

Did you ever think a simple ponytail could be this stylish? Does the picture make you wonder why is it that models and film stars look so glamorous in ponytails but when you pull one together at home it looks like a bird’s nest hanging off your head? The trick to making everyday hairstyles look this good is in knowing how to put together a flawless yet relaxed style. In fact, the most attractive styles are usually not the kinds you’d notice first in a crowd but they have a subtle magic about them that’s far more striking than an elaborate hairdo. The ponytails at the Trussardi 1911 show are a prime example of the same!

To get this cool, classic ponytail you need to begin on freshly washed hair. Use a smoothening hair conditioner to prep your hair for styling. Unless your hair is very soft and straight naturally, use a blow dryer to smoothen it out. Do remember to use a heat protectant, preferably one that also has some shine-boosting properties.

What makes this ponytail slightly different from your everyday ponytail is the subtle volume at the crown: it’s almost too subtle to notice- you’re more likely to subconsciously register that there’s something different about the style without actually being able to put a finger on it.

One way to achieve this volume is to very gently backcomb your hair in small sections and then gently layering them over each other, moving towards the back. You can then use a soft-bristle brush to smoothen out the surface before you tie your hair into a low ponytail. Allow a few strands to fly loose and frame your face for that added bit of stunning-by-default vibe!

Futuristic Wavy Crops At Giorgio Armani

Now I’m not entirely sure how many of my readers will be willing to try this hairstyle, but it sure is a fun one! If you think that the hairstyle is a wee bit too different or too outlandish from the back, give that a skip and just style your hair the same way in the front. The best part about drawing inspiration from the runways is that you can pick and choose what you like and what you want to discard.

The models at the Giorgio Armani show at the Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014 had their hair styled into wavy crops. The unique thing about this hairstyle was the way it was done up at the back: the hair was styled vertically upwards- in a sense it was literally standing up against the scalp and then styled into the cutest little wavy curls at the top and side.

It’s nothing you can’t do with a bit of hairspray and styling gel but for a more wearable take on the trend, I suggest adapting it to your own cropped pixie by parting the hair on one side and adding curls at the front. Pixies can be quite androgynous and interesting and by adding curls or pin curls you can kick it up notch. You can also add finger waves and volume at the front and the side favoured by the part for a more futuristic look. Have fun with it!

The Edgy Undercut At Gucci

The models at the Gucci show wore their hair slicked back with a faux-undercut at the sides. It’s always been a favourite on the runways because it marks such a departure from traditionally glamorous looks.  If you’re feeling particularly daring and you want to sport a completely new trend come spring, the undercut might be something you want to consider. If, however, you don’t feel like making that kind of a commitment just yet, try the faux-undercut.

This is a style that you can only create on straight hair. Begin by blow-drying your hair straight if it isn’t so naturally. Add a styling mousse to your hair and divide it into three sections: one each at the sides and one at the top. For the section at the front just imagine an invisible line going up from the highest points of both your brows: the portion of hair that falls between these two lines is going to form the top. Everything else will be absorbed into the undercut sides. Tie the top section off at the front so that you can style it later.

Using a styling mousse, slick the sections at the side such that they lay really flat against the scalp. Keep slicking and brushing your hair back until it’s completely flat so that the sides resemble a faux-buzz cut. Once both the sides are done, loosen the section at the front and start backcombing strands and piling them back on top of each other, to fall back over your head.

The focus of this look is entirely on the faux-undercuts and the volume at the top. The hair below the ears and the nape of your neck can be styled any which way you like. You could leave it to hang loose or you could tie it into a ponytail.

Make sure you add some hairspray to hold the volume. Add some shine-boosting serum if you also want to sport the wet-look like the models at the Gucci show.

Braided Buns And Flower Crowns At Dolce & Gabbana

The Dolce & Gabbana show saw some beautiful braided buns that were embellished with rhinestone clips and floral stings. You can use strings of natural flowers as well as fake flowers for this kind of hair accessory: the choice is entirely yours. Here’s how you can get the look:

Since your hair doesn’t particularly have to be straight for this one, you can allow it to dry out naturally. Make sure your brush your hair free of any knots and tangles before you begin.

Make a small, two-inch long part down the middle, at the front. Gather all your hair at the back into a low ponytail. We’re parting the hair at the front to create a slight horizontal dimension at the front so that we’ve got some hair around the face to frame it. You don’t have to be particularly neat at this stage: let a few tendrils hang loose and the wispier the entire look is, the better.

Braid your ponytail into a regular three-strand braid and fix it with an elastic band. Then pick the braid up and lay it flat against your head, near the base of the ponytail. Push a bobby pin in sideways to fix the braid onto your scalp. Begin coiling and placing the rest of your braid around the base of the ponytail and use bobby pins to fix it into place. This will slowly create a bun around the base of the ponytail while the loops of the braid will add more dimension than a regular bun. Add some hairspray and your hairstyle is ready.

The next step is to embellish the bun. You can use bejewelled clips and barrettes to add some sparkle to your hair. You can easily purchase a floral crown at any accessories store. If you’d like to replicate the look from the show use strands of flowers and wrap one around your head like a halo-crown. Take another strand and wrap it all the way around the bun. You can fix these into place with a few bobby pins.

This look would be perfect for a laidback, vintage-inspired wedding. If you want to wear it on a less formal occasion you could use a single strand of flowers and skip the rhinestones.

Boho Bedhead At Versace

The slightly messed-up, textured open locks at the Versace show are a reminder of just how sexy everyday hair can look. It’s really all about the way you carry yourself. Now that might be a cliché, but hey, clichés stick around for a reason! If you’ve never tried the just-out-of-bed look, here’s your chance to do so. The creative gurus over at Versace obviously know the potential of a devil-may-care sense of style and we’re already hearing a lot of buzz about how fashion in Spring Summer 2014 is going to be all about a natural, back-to-the-roots take on fashion. We’re seeing a lot of laidback, slightly messy styles on the runways these days so all of you who’re tired of upswept hairdos and large bouffants, there’s a lot to look forward to.

If you’d like to rock the boho bedhead trend from Versace all you have to do is wash your hair, allow it to dry out naturally and maybe add a bit of shine serum or volume-boosting spray to it. If you want some added volume just spray on some dry shampoo and scrunch your fingers through your hair to give it more texture. This is a great everyday look that’s perfect for school or college.

Keep your eyes open for my next piece! Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014 is going to be memorable!

New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014

There’s a maxim about New York which says that if you were to stand at Times Square long enough, you’d eventually see people from every nook and cranny of the world. Affectionately dubbed “the crossroads of the world”, New York in general, and Times Square in particular, is without a doubt, one of the most important hubs of the world, as we know it. And when it comes to fashion and style, New York is the pulse of the industry. New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014 was a delight, as always. One of the best things about the Fashion Weeks is that you can always count on them for some drama, some exquisite style and fantastic hair and makeup trends. Regardless of how discerning or unique your personal sense of style is the Fashion Weeks are bound to turn up something for everyone! New York S/S-2014 was no different, and here’s my pick of the best hairdos we saw on the ramp.

Flower Embellishments At Zac Posen

The updos at Zac Posen were simply breath taking.

Ethereal. Dainty. Glamorous.

These are just some of the words that come to mind. Just about everything about this hairstyle was perfect: intricate loops, wispy flyaways, delicate embellishments and the perfect balance of flawlessness and careless style. In my opinion, this style would make for an enchanting bridal look. It’s that perfect.

It’s not a single-form updo, that means you don’t have a singular French twist or a braid or bun to use as your base style. Begin on freshly washed and dried hair. For naturally straight hair, use braids to add a bit of a wave while your hair is drying. Backcomb the dried hair for some texture, if needed.

Then begin by taking random sections of hair and twisting them into loops and artfully pinning them into place on your head. Do this with all the hair. You could raise a pouf at the front for some added glamour, if you’d like. Once your curby grips are securely holding down the twists, use some hairspray to fix your style into place.

Finally, use hair embellishments at random spots to add some bling to the style. Hair spinners are a really neat way of jazzing up any hairdo.

Super Slick At Donna Karan


The models at the Donna Karan show wore their hair in very slick, straight cuts. It’s a really fashionable look for all ages, and very flattering on all face structures. My favourite form was the shoulder-length sharp-bobs. This is a universally flattering look and the great thing is its edgy enough to be chic yet classic enough to not be too trendy, if you’re worried about that.

Unless you have naturally straight hair, this look calls for some time with your straightening iron or a blow dryer if you’ve got fine hair. Once you’re done smoothening the hair out, take a wide section from the front and comb it backwards, slicking it down on your hair. Add a wide clip towards the back of the crown to secure your hair in place. This is a great look for when you’re out and want to look stylish but don’t want to keep brushing hair away from your eyes or worrying about a high-maintenance hairdo.

Messy Front Crown Braids At Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller’s models wore their hair in lovely crown braids at the front, right at the hairline instead of at the top and centre. The best part? The braids were thick, loose and messily done up, which made for a very interesting look. Crown braids usually tend to be very neat and very proper so a rough twist, with sharp ends pulled out is a very funky take on the regular crown braid and Nicole Miller showed us just how gorgeous the style could look on coloured hair. Take a cue from the models and experiment with colour, styles and textures!

Choppy Layers At Marc Jacobs

Shaggy, choppy layers ruled the roost at Marc Jacobs’ show in New York. While this isn’t a styling option so much so as a new haircut altogether, it definitely gets an enthusiastic nod from me. My favourite was the short, shaggy crop with the inverted-U fringe. It’s sassy and daring, and definitely not for the faint-hearted. However, if you’re looking to shake things up a little, this look is certainly worth a shot. The best part about a style like this is that it’s a statement in itself, you don’t need to dress this one up!

Prim Milkmaid Braids At Naeem Khan

Now, we’ve seen the unkempt crown braids so let’s take a look at the prim and proper milkmaid braids from Naeem Khan’s show. It is a classic hairdo, and a trend that’s been particularly favoured on the runways all of this past year. Naeem Khan’s models had their hair styled very slick, flat on the head with a straight middle part with a milkmaid braid accent.

Straighten freshly washed hair to make it very, very slick. Brush it till it is perfectly smooth and tangle-free and then comb it to lie flat on your head. Think of it as almost plastering your hair down flat on the scalp. Then secure it very tightly behind the ears into a ponytail on each side and continue by braiding each ponytail into a thick plait. Then take each plait, turn it up on itself and arrange it to lie flat on the head. Secure the plait into place with bobby pins. You want to form a crown-like halo around the head, from ear to ear. The models at Naeem Khan’s show had the “crown” far back on their heads: you can position it according to your own comfort. Fix the braids parallel to each other for a thick halo and tuck the ends away under the braided portions.

This look is about extreme perfection, so remember: no flyaways! We’re going for a contrast against the braids at Nicole Miller’s show, even though the basic style is the same. Add a little hairspray and you’re done!


I hope you guys loved the looks as much as I did. I can’t wait to see what the other three Fashion Weeks have in store for us. I’m certain it’ll be an electrifying experience, as always!