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Curly Desert Hair

#hairbysaschabreuer #saschabreuer @sascha_breuer #hair # hairstylist
#hairbysaschabreuer #saschabreuer @sascha_breuer #hair # hairstylist
#hairbysaschabreuer #saschabreuer @sascha_breuer #hair # hairstylist
#hairbysaschabreuer #saschabreuer @sascha_breuer #hair # hairstylist

Recently had the opportunity to work on this fashion shoot in the desert. The whole vibe was very sexy, very earthy and as real as could be. For the hair, we went with wild, wild curls that mimic the windblown, sun-kissed beauty of the desert. It’s all natural and all fabulous. Think of it as a more modern, relaxed take on Sandy’s hair from Grease.

I love curly hair- both as a base for more advanced looks and as a hairstyle in itself. Whether you use curly hair to play up an updo or a braid, or you wear it loose on its own, there’s something about the texture that’s instantly sexy and playful. We went with loose, springy curls with a lot of volume, body and movement. Larger curls usually tend to open up and veer more towards the wavy end of the style spectrum, but we kept these curls big but well defined. The secret to making curly hair look good is in maintaining bounciness- your hair should always look ‘alive’ and not like it’s being weighed down by its own weight or the weight of a styling product or hair accessory. A lot of little tricks and techniques go into making even the simplest hairstyles look fabulous, and I’m glad to have had a chance to work on this desert story concept and to revisit one of my favorite looks.

Many thanks to the fabulous team and everyone who worked to make this shoot possible. One of the best parts of my job is working at these spectacular locales: no matter how far and wide I travel and the interesting, innovative creations the industry comes up with, I never fail to be impressed by all the raw beauty to be found in nature. So much of my work is inspired by the things I see in daily life and the world around me and this most recent fashion spread is an example of how there is room for a marriage between the editorial and the earthy.

The Team :

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Kristen Wiig At Met Ball 2015

Kristen Wiig looked spectacular last night at the Met Ball 2015. #kristenwiig #metgala #hairbysaschabreuer 2   #kristenwiig #metgala #hairbysaschabreuer 1 Her angular, one-sided bob is a very edgy style but you can still keep the overall look delicate by playing up your natural features and keeping most of your makeup simple. You can easily recreate this look at home. Just follow these steps:

1.     Apply some volumizing or surf spray  to the root area of your towel-dried hair, then blow-dry using a fish bone / skeleton brush to create the perfect foundation and loose volume that this style needs.

2.     Once your hair is completely dry, divide it into smaller sub sections and and create soft wave on each section individually, starting from the back.  Feed each strand through the straightener, gently bending the hair in ward & out wards  using the rounded edge of the straightener to create  “ S - Waves “ whilst working from the roots to the tips of each strand  working each section in a different direction to create a natural looking resultI would recommend using a straightening Iron that lets you adjust the temperature to the needs of your hair and work on a low / medium heat setting.

3.     Work your way in horizontal sections until all hair is waved.

4.     Apply a small drop of a light hair oil or shine serum into your hands and run your fingers gently through your hair to break up the waves, leaving a few loose strands around the face to create a slightly messy texture so it has a “lived in,” unforced  feeling.

5.     Once you are happy with your shape & texture, mist with a flexible hairspray to ensure that your style will last.

Karolina Kurkova Czech Elle Special Edition

I am so happy to be able to share my latest pictures of  KK for this issue of Czech Elle with you.

KK guest edited this issue, and we had a lot of fun collaborating and transforming her into four different looks.

Two days in Miami, and two stories! 

The dream team :

 Photography : @branislavsimoncik

 Styling : @kralicek

Make Up : @steffiwillmann

Hair :  #hairbysaschabreuer  @swartists

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How To Choose The Right Styling Tool For Your Style (How To Get The Right Texture For Your Hair (2)

Texture defines every single aspect of a hairstyle, from what it will look like to how long it will hold. The right texture can take the simplest hairstyle and make it look runway worthy. On the flipside, you could spend hours putting together an intricate hairstyle only to find that it looks boring and woefully limp because the texture was off. In my last post from the texturising series I discussed the various products you can use to achieve different textures and finishes. In this post we are going to take a look at the various hairstyling tools you can use to create all sorts of fabulous hair textures and styles.

Hair Dryers

Hair dryers are a staple, must-have item in your dresser. Whether you like sporting a different style every day or you’re just a wash-and-dry kinda girl you simply cannot do without a hairdryer. At its most basic a hairdryer will help you dry your hair and keep it from getting unruly, tangled and damaged. For smooth, manageable everyday texture, nothing beats a hairdryer. And if you are little bit more adventurous than that and you want to achieve all sorts of hairstyles and play around with different looks, a hairdryer will guarantee that you have a great base to start with.

Contrary to popular belief, you can get smooth AND curly hair textures with a blow dryer. Use an attachment with a concentrated airflow nozzle for when you want smooth, sleek hair and a diffuser attachment for curlier styles.

Brushes & Combs

Brushes and combs form the very basic units of hairstyling. Without these you cannot hope to get anywhere with your hair. From achieving a problem-free, smooth base to start working with to detangling your backcombed hair at the end of a long day, brushes and combs are the building blocks of your texturising and styling arsenal. They help you take care of your hair, target styling and texture problems and ensure that your hair stays strong and healthy.

One of the most basic and most glamorous ways to wear your hair is to blow-dry it well. With a round-barrelled vented brush and a hairdryer you can get all kinds of blowouts: sleek, flipped-in, flipped-out, you name it! If you’re using a texturising product and you don’t want to get your hands dirty use a flat, padded brush with nylon bristles. These brushes will help detangle your hair and make sure all your hair is properly coated with texturising product without any clumps weighing it down. If you’re going after a curly/ wavy texture and you want to be able to brush it but you want to keep the bounce and the curls I recommend using a wide-toothed comb. These combs will do the needful by going through any knots and by adding a nice polished finish to the final look but they won’t break up the curls.

Always use combs and brushes that have rounded tips because this minimises damage and keeps your hair from breaking and catching.

Specialised Combs

Specialised combs will help you achieve very precise textures and effects. For instance, a rattail comb can be used for teasing or backcombing your hair for when you want a lot of volume and height. A dressing comb can be used to gently smoothen any flyaways after you’ve finished your hairstyle. Fork combs are great for lifting curls and waves and for rearranging them or making them slightly messy for a rougher, more lived-in or grungy texture. Specialised combs can be used to create and perfect texture, volume, height and finishes.

Flat Irons

Flat irons are some of the most popular texturising and styling tools in the market. That’s because they are so easy to use and sleek, straight hair is one of the simplest and yet most stylish hair textures to wear. Apart from being a great look in itself, making sure that your hair is sleek and straight is the first step to hairstyling. Indeed, a lot of hairstyles (think updos, twists and buns) look much better in straight hair than they do in any other texture. If you are buying a straightening iron look for one with 3-inch wide plates. These are neither too thin nor too thick and should work well with most hair lengths and densities.

I prefer working with ceramic flat irons because they get the job done but they significantly reduce the damage done to your hair with heat styling.

Hot Rollers

If the phrase ‘hot rollers’ immediately conjures up a mental image of Mad Men-esque style and retro fabulousness and you like the idea, hot rollers are just the things for you. Sometimes old is gold, and once you try these babies on for size you will know why!

Hot rollers are fantastic when you want curls and you want them to last. There is no end to the texture options you can play around with but you have to admit nothing screams ‘old fashioned glamour’ quite like curls do.  Did you know that there are different kinds of hot rollers to choose from? If it is tight, springy ringlets that you want then I recommend choosing velveteen hot rollers. For some good, old va-va-volume pick Velcro rollers and add some great lift and texture to your hair. Also, hot rollers come in a variety of barrel sizes, just like curling irons and this decides the size of the curls.

If you’re investing in a quality brand I recommend picking one of those sets that include a variety of small, medium, large and extra-large hot rollers and holding clips.

Curling Irons

If you don’t have a lot of time on hand and you can’t put hot rollers in and sit around or leave foam rollers in your hair overnight, a curling iron can be a godsend. Curling irons are a great way to get quick curls anytime, anywhere. Curling irons are easy to work with, they give you results fast and you can carry them around with you, which makes them a really neat texturising tool to travel with.

When you are buying a curling iron I recommend looking for one that offers you at least three heat settings because this will give you a wider number of styling and texturising options to work with.

Begin with a standard 1-inch barrel if this is your first curling iron. This will give you regular-sized curls. However, you will find that over time you are going to want to add at least two more to your collection: a ½-inch barrel for smaller ringlets and a 1½-inch barrel for flowing, loose waves.

Crimpers and Wave Makers

Crimpers and wave makers are very popular in salons and with professional hairstylists but they are yet to achieve the status of flat irons with most at-home users. If you already have some experience with other texturising tools or you are perfectionist and can tell (and don’t like) the difference between loosened curls and actual waves or ringlets and actual crimps, you might want to look into these texturising tools. They’re great for people who experiment regularly and want spot-on textures for different hairstyles.

Hooded Dryers

Hooded dryers are great for boosting texture and health in natural as well as relaxed African American hair. Do you remember the big hooded dryers you’d see in salons and parlours as a kid? They are still used in vintage-inspired salons and street-corner beauty parlours all over the world. The smaller counter-top version of these bonnet dryers, as they are otherwise known, is a great addition to your at-home styling and texturising paraphernalia. One of the greatest advantages is that it leaves your hands free, so you can relax or do something else while the machine works its magic.

Foam Rollers

If you want long-lasting curls and you aren’t too keen about the idea of exposing your hair to too much heat styling regularly, foam rollers are a fantastic option. I personally love them for a number of reasons. To begin with, you get to style your hair without heat and it is a good thing to give your hair a rest. This is especially important if you style your hair very frequently. Secondly, foam rollers give you really long-lasting curls and you don’t have to worry about your hair going limp through the day. And finally, they are very easy to use and they are pretty comfortable. Since they’re made of foam they’re soft and bendable which means you don’t have to worry about your head hurting or the rollers jutting out uncomfortably.

All you have to do is take sections of your hair and hold each bendable roller at the end and then start rolling it upwards, towards the roots. Stop at the point you want the curls to begin (this could be halfway down or way up at the roots) and just turn the ends of the roller down, shaping it into a U. Repeat this step with all your hair. Add a soft hairnet or tie a scarf around your head for convenience. Go to sleep and wake up next morning to beautiful curls.

The only downside that I can think of (and it really isn’t a disadvantage considering how great this technique works) is the fact that you’ll have to keep your hair in the rollers all night, so it might not work for you if you’re short on time.

Fasteners & Aids

This last section is devoted to certain tools that are instrumental to styling and texturising, even though they don’t contribute to the texture itself. They help in making the process easier or holding a look together. For instance, without sectioning clips and pins you cannot hope to texturise and style your hair properly. These tools are absolutely essential for keeping hair out of the way for easy styling and making sure you don’t overwork individual sections. The same holds true for elastic bands. Bobby pins and clamp clips can be used for dividing hair while you are adding texturising products or using tools to style your hair and they also go one step further and help hold intricate patterns and styles together through the day.

That covers most of the texturising tools you can use to style and shape your hair. The great thing about this list is you probably already have some (or most) of these items at home so you don’t have to feel bad about spending money on a lot of new styling tools and gadgets. Just remember to invest in quality items so that they last long and you can look forward to great results every time.


How To get The Right Texture For Your Hair (1)

One of the most crucial elements of any hairstyle is the hair texture. Because texturising is such an important part of styling hair, whether you are a professional hair stylist or an at-home fashionista, I’ve decided to do a little series on getting hair texture right. When we talk about hair texture, and achieving the right kind of texture when you are styling your hair, there are two levels of consideration: the first is the kind of products you use in your hair to get the texture right, and the second refers to the tools used to enhance the texture and style the hair. In this post we discuss styling and texturising products and the different purposes they serve.

Before we really get into it, it is important to understand just why we use products when styling hair. If you’re tempted to skimp on products or you are worried about adding the wrong thing to your hair, understanding how and why they work will help you make the right choices. Texturising and styling products serve a number of purposes: they can help you achieve as much or as little volume a look calls for, they can lend support and control to a look and hold it together through the day, and they can help you enhance your natural texture or create a new one altogether. Whether you want your hair to look glossy or guarantee that it stays frizz-free all through the day, the right products can take a look from ‘what?’ to ‘wow!’ in no time at all.

Hair Gel

The first product on our list is the ever-popular hair gel. Hair gel is best suited for when you want highly defined curls or waves in your hair. It can also be really effective for hairstyles that need a high hold quotient, like spikes.

The strengths of this kind of texturising product lay in the high degree of control and hold it offers while styling. If you’re considering a hairstyle that needs support and structure and you don’t want to have to worry about it going limp as the day progresses, hair gel can be the ideal solution. The problem with hair gel is in its own texture and composition: it’s a heavy product, which makes it ill suited for fine hair and also difficult to spread properly through the hair. As a result, it gives the best results in short to medium-length hair and should be avoided by those with long hair.

Hair gel can be used in dry, wet and damp hair. Most hair gels create sheen in the hair because they work by smoothening the cuticle. If you’re planning a wet-look hairstyle, a hair gel can be the perfect product to get the right texture.

Pomade/ Wax

If piecy, sharply defined texture is what you are after take a gander at hair wax or hair pomade. This sort of product is great for highly specialised and targeted texturising because it really allows you to get in there and get your hands dirty. It lets style each individual section or strand as you want to. That kind of manoeuvrability isn’t easy to come by when you’re styling hair. Hair wax/ pomade is perfect for a highly personalised take on hair styling and texturising: you can look forward to spectacular results, whether you want a carefully crafted Mohawk or you’re twisting your hair into faux cornrows.

Now, I must admit that despite all the popularity surrounding the product, hair wax or pomade can take some getting used to. There are both upsides and downsides to the choice and I advise experimenting and practicing a couple of times before you really commit to this kind of product. The good news is that it can help create a wonderful, piecy texture and if you’re going for a slightly messy or edgy look the results can be unparalleled. You can keep messing around with product all day long and recreating the look and reworking it as and when you want. However, the downside is that if you don’t have enough styling practice or you don’t buy the right kind/ brand of pomade or wax the overall effect could be that of scraggly, weighed-down hair.

Ideally, wax or pomade should be used on dry hair, or at most, on slightly damp hair. Apart from the texturising power, the product also gives you a range of finishes to choose from: wet-look, dry, natural, matte and so on.


Did you know that the most popular and widely used hair styling and texturising product after hairspray is hair mousse? Yep! It’s a universal favourite, and it’s obvious why. This foam-like substance is absolute magic when it comes to creating loads of natural volume and unbeatable texture in hair. What makes mousse so popular is the fact that it is oh-so-easy to use. It spreads like a dream through your hair, coating every strand without weighing hair down and this makes it the ideal texturising product for those with long hair. You can enjoy a natural finish and soft, shiny hair because it smoothens the cuticle and adds hold to a style without making your hair rigid or heavy.

Mousse is often the perfect companion to styling/ texturising tools. You can use it to create a soft, pliable base (your hair) that can be perfectly shaped into ringlets, curls, waves or even poker-straight hair. And if it is just a bit of natural, effortless glamour you are going for, spray some mousse into your hair and scrunch it around with your fingers and voila! You have the unbelievably sexy, just-out-of-bed touseled hair that everyone envies all the supermodels for.

Hair mousse should only be used on damp hair. Whether it is an overnight hairstyle such as braiding your hair to style it into tight spirals or a more immediate look, mousse works best in hair that is about 80-90% dry. You can use a clean spray bottle to spritz some water all over your hair or you can even hold your hands out under running water and then pat them all over your hair before you work the mousse in.


Most people understand hair serums as a finishing product and not so much a texturising product. It’s true, serums are usually used as a final touch to most hairstyles (or conversely, right at the beginning to set a smooth stage) but remember the finish of your hair is also a part of its overall texture. Serums are highly concentrated, transparent, oil-like substances that add a tremendous amount of shine and gloss to your hair by smoothing the cuticle. You can start out with the most brittle, woebegone-looking hair and end up with unbelievably glossy hair in mere moments. If you’ve got too much volume or body (and yes, there can be such a thing as too much volume!) hair serums can really help you tame your hair. The ingredients list of any hair serum will reveal a staggeringly high amount of silicones, which is why they pack such a punch. Hair serum is ideally meant for wet or damp hair but if you are using it on dry hair (to get tangles out or to boost shine) make sure you use it very sparingly or you could end up looking like you’re carrying around your own personalised oil spill atop your head.

The good thing about hair serum is that even a little goes a long way, so those seemingly-expensive-but-teensy bottles will actually last you a really long time. Hair serums work well with a variety of other texturising products like hair crèmes or mousses. You can use serums to create a fine, fuss-free base and other products for styling and support. On the flipside, hair serums might not be the best option for those with very fine hair because these viscous liquids tend to be heavy and they can leave thin hair looking limp.

Put very simple, the primary purpose of hair serum is to fight frizz and combat any static electricity, dryness and flyaways. If you want sleek, shiny hair that’s completely under your control, this is the way to go.

Spray Gel

If the thick consistency of hair gels is not your thing, you might want to look into spray gels. These are essentially the same product, but without the thickening agent in the hair gels. This makes spray gels much easier to work with because you do not have to worry about the product spreading unevenly through your hair. Spray gels are meant to be used in either wet or damp hair. They help texturise hair in two ways: by boosting shine and by lending structure and support to the style.

The spray system makes it really easy to ensure that you’ve got all your hair covered. You can work in small sections and target every one of them. Because of this reason, spray gels are especially suited for those portions/ styling moments when it is just hard-to-reach a particular section of hair. So, the next time you are worrying about not being able to add enough volume and lift to the roots or you have a nagging suspicion that your curls are only partly covered by product, get your spray gel out and spritz away.

Crème/ Lotion

Hair crèmes/ lotions are more likely to figure on the lesser-known end of the styling spectrum, but you’d be surprised to find that you can achieve some fabulous textures with these. Crèmes and lotions are ideal for controlling common hair texture problems like static, flyaways and frizz. This is a styling and texturising product that also works to condition your hair, and thus leaves it considerably smoother and straighter. You can also use hair crèmes/ lotions to define your curls.

Hair crèmes and lotions are really great for a natural, beautiful texture that is also soft to the touch. This variety of texturising product actually makes the hair easier to work with and more manageable: in fact, if you’ve always lived with hair that seems to fight your every command, a quality hair crème could be your saviour. These products also offer a really good hold and can keep the texture in place for a really long time. The only major drawback is given the thick, cream-like consistency these products might be too heavy for thin hair.

Hair crèmes/ lotions can be used in all kinds of hair: dry, damp and wet. Since they’re creamy, it might take a little bit of time and effort to be able to evenly spread and work the product into your hair. If you aren’t used to hair crèmes just yet, I advise working in small sections and with coin-sized amounts to begin with. This way you can add more product as you go along and not worry about ending up with too much in your hair or wasting product.


And finally, we’re at the best known and most used of products: the hairspray. The hairspray is without a doubt the most loved hair styling product: it’s one of those items you are sure to find in everyone’s bathroom/ styling cabinet. When you’re going for va-va-volume and you need something to help defy gravity and keep your look together through the day, a hairspray is your best friend.

For a rather simple product, it does a bunch of neat things. First and foremost, hairspray keeps hairstyles from falling flat. It will keep a style together for much longer than it would naturally. Other than this, a hairspray can also affect the texture and finish of your hair: from natural-look products to shine-boosting and gloss-enhancing varieties, there are a number of different finishes you can choose from. You can also choose between a number of different strengths: from touchable, flexible varieties and medium-hold products to super-strong finishes for that helmet head, there’s no dearth of options.

Hairspray should be used on dry hair, once your style is complete. You can also spray a little bit on throughout the day to make sure your style stays in place and looks good.

That covers most texturising and styling products available in the markets. If you are new to hair styling, pick one or two that you feel comfortable with and then work your way up to the rest. If you’re an old hand, take a look to see if you’ve missed something in your collection. I hope this post was informative. Watch this space for my next post in the series on various texturising tools!


Shailene Woodley For NYLON Magazine| April 2015

Out today!

So excited to share the Nylon Magazine cover & story featuring the stunning and talented actress Shailene Woodley.  The images where shot by Hilary Walsh of Atelier Management for the Nylon Magazine beauty issue.


Photography by :Hilary Walsh

Styling by : J Errico, 

Makeup by : Gloria Noto 

Manicuring by  : NettieDavis.

Hair by : Sascha Breuer   @shailenewoodleyofficial  #shailenewoodley #hairbysaschabreuer   @shailenewoodleyofficial  #shailenewoodley #hairbysaschabreuer @shailenewoodleyofficial  #shailenewoodley #hairbysaschabreuer @shailenewoodleyofficial  #shailenewoodley #hairbysaschabreuer

@shailenewoodleyofficial  #shailenewoodley #hairbysaschabreuer

@shailenewoodleyofficial  #shailenewoodley #hairbysaschabreuer


@shailenewoodleyofficial - Shailene Woodley / talent

@hilarybwalsh - Hilary Walsh / photog @ateliermgmt

@j_errico - J. Errico / stylist

@glorianoto - Gloria Noto / makeup

@sascha_breuer / hair  @swartists

 @setdaze @nettiescrub #fashion #nylon

The Best Hairstyles From The Oscars 2015

The night we’ve all been waiting for has finally come and gone, and what a night it was! The Academy Awards are one of the most awaited events each year, and with good reason! It’s the very best in talent and performance and creativity and, not to forget, styling. The styling at the SAG awards and the Grammys was fabulous, and I know that all of us were waiting to see whether the stunning streak would continue on to the Academy Awards. And with the 2015 Oscars Red Carpet photos just coming in it’s easy to see that we weren’t disappointed. The gowns, the makeup and the hair were all exquisite and I’ve honestly had the hardest time limiting my favourites!

So, let’s get on with it. Here is my take on the best hairstyles from the 2015 Oscars.

Anna Kendrick

#AnnaKendrick #Oscars2015
#AnnaKendrick #Oscars2015

In her apricot-pink gown with the jewel-encrusted neck and fabulous makeup, Anna Kendrick was absolute perfection at the Oscars. The actress has already made it to so many of the ‘Best Dressed’ lists in a short time and it’s easy to see why. I love the elegant formal updo. There are so many iterations to it: you could wear it in a classic French twist or as a bouffant or even a high bun. For me, the best part about the style is the piecy front: it adds a bit of punch to an otherwise totally formal hairdo.

To really frame your face, make sure you add some volume and lift at the roots at the front. A tiny, slightly off-centre part like Anna’s can help you decide which way you want to style your hair. You could add the height by backcombing just an inch of hair at the roots or simply adding some dry shampoo/ volumising mousse while blow-drying.

Dakota Johnson

#DakotaJohnson #Oscars2015
#DakotaJohnson #Oscars2015

Dakota Johnson is one of this season’s most talked-about actresses. Whether you’ve enjoyed Fifty Shades Of Grey or not, there’s no denying Dakota’s pretty, glamorous-girl-next-door appeal. Since Dakota’s been seen promoting the movie in a mostly monochrome palette these past few months, the stunning red gown with the embellished shoulder made for a really attractive departure from trend.

Dakota’s 2015 Oscar hairdo was simple: a sleek ponytail with bangs and some volume at the crown, but it looked rather fantastic nonetheless. As anyone with experience with the same will tell you, executing the perfect perky-but-sophisticated ponytail is a science in itself!

And one-shoulder gowns and outfits can be rather tricky to work with in terms of styling the hair such that it looks fabulous but doesn’t mess around with the overall look. So, the formal ponytail can sometimes be your best bet indeed.

Julianne Moore

#JulianneMoore #Oscars2015
#JulianneMoore #Oscars2015

Y’all probably knew this one was coming, didn’t you? Julianne Moore’s win for the Best Actress was so well-deserved, and she’s been absolutely on-point with her styling this awards season so we all knew that the Oscars would be no different.

The deep part, the side swept front and the low bun make for a timeless formal hairdo. It’s always fun to see celebrities play around with styles and be unafraid to try something daring, but with a big night like this one and an almost-certain win, you can see why Julianne chose to go elegant instead of edgy.

If you’re ever in doubt about whether a hairstyle is occasion-appropriate or not, or you are confused between a couple of options, remember: trends will come and go but the chignon will last forever!

Lupita Nyong’o

#LupitaNyong'o #Oscars2015
#LupitaNyong'o #Oscars2015

Last year, the awards season was all about Lupita. And it is heartening to see that 2014’s biggest breakthrough star and style icon is still bringing it to the Red Carpet. Ms. Nyong’o is, without the shadow of a doubt, one of the most beautiful, graceful and strong women to have graced the industry in all time. And last night’s Oscar appearance just goes to show that she’s here to stay.

The jaw-droppingly beautiful, pearl-encrusted Calvin Klein Collection gown has got everyone oohing and aahing and Lupita proves once again that she knows a thing or two about fashion!

I personally adore her hairdo from last evening because it plays up the pearls while still being very pretty in its own right. Her stylist’s created a ‘tiny Afro’ to emphasize the rounded structure of the pearls. No strong lines or stiff angles with this one: the hair’s all about letting the gown and Lupita’s natural beauty take centre stage.

If you have short hair and you want to recreate the look, all you need to do is apply some styling mousse in freshly washed and semi-dried hair and then use a rattail comb to create tiny ringlets all over your head. For ease of styling, start from the nape of the neck and move up and forward. You will need a hooded dryer for best results, since your hair will still be somewhat damp at this stage. Let the dryer work its magic for about twenty minutes (or until you’re satisfied) and then use a little bit of hairspray and you’re all done!

Sunrise Coigney & Mark Ruffalo 

#markruffalo #SunriseCoigney #Oscars2015
#markruffalo #SunriseCoigney #Oscars2015

I’ve got to admit, I have a little bit of a stake in this one; seeing the praise pour in for Sunrise’s hairstyle makes me happy: I got the chance to work with her and her husband Mark Ruffalo for the evening and it was an absolute blast. Not only are they the sweetest couple to talk to, but also an absolute delight to style.

We went with an angular structure, with a side-swept quiff with tonnes of volume at the front and the rest of the hair swept back over the crown, creating an undercut at the sides. I really loved the strong lines of the hairdo because it was a great way to play up the geometrical cut of her gown.

I used Wella Ocean Spritz and blow-dried the hair with a round brush. If you’ve got very fine or naturally straight hair, blow-drying will be enough. For those with thicker locks, I recommend using a straightening iron for a great finish. I used one with ceramic plates to really amp up the smoothness. Then I applied some Wella Matte Styling Paste to emphasize the texture and create the angles and finished off with a hair spray for a ‘do that would last all evening.

I went with this particular style because it’s edgy and yet sophisticated enough for such a formal occasion.

Zoe Saldana

#ZoeSaldana #Oscars2015
#ZoeSaldana #Oscars2015

Since we saw a lot of straight, sleek and short hair at the 2015 Oscars, I was glad to see Zoe Saldana bring some wavy wonder to the Red Carpet. The updo looks really intricate and complex, but you’ll be surprised to learn just how easy it is to pull off. It’s a great look for wavy-haired girls who’re tired of having to pull out the straightening iron for formal updos. If your hair is, however, naturally straight I recommend using a one-inch barrel curling iron to add waves and texture to your hair first.

Once that’s done, you can either sweep your hair back over the crown or create an inch-deep middle part if you like. Then, simply pick and twist random strands of hair and keep pulling/ arranging them backwards. You can pin all of these at the nape of your neck with bobby pins. For the bun portion of the updo, you’ve got a couple of options to choose from. You could gather all of your hair into a messy, wavy bun and pin that in place. Or, for a more detailed look you can keep twisting bigger sections and pinning them at the base to create a bun as you go along.

The singular, one-piece bun is obviously easier to throw together, so if you prefer that, just remember to keep it messy. Keep a few tendrils loose at the front to frame your face. Make sure these are nicely curled to keep in sync with the rest of the laidback, boho updo vibe. Don’t forget to add hairspray for hold.

I hope you enjoyed the 2015 Academy Awards as much as I did. Many congratulations to the winners of the night. It’s been a truly great year for the movies. Let me know which styles you liked best.

Shailene Woodley For The Hollywood Film Awards 2014

I had the pleasure of working with the super talented Shailene Woodley for the Hollywood Film Awards 2014. Shailene is such a delight to be around and I’m sure everyone is always saying this about Hollywood stars and celebrities but boy, that girl is one cool person. I styled Shailene’s hair using natural beeswax, slicking it back and away from the face with the subtlest hint of volume on top and a glossy & shiny texture. I wanted to really open up her face and let her features do all the talking, whilst complimenting her casual, effortless style.

Personally, I love it when women rock short hair with glam outfits and I think the starfish-patterned Valentino gown with its nude palette and subtle shimmers was a stroke of genius with her short low key hair. I hope this will help to inspire you to take a cue from Shailene’s look and have some fun with your short to mid length hair!

Watching her win the Breakout Actress Award for her role in this year’s hit The Fault In Our Stars was an absolute thrill. It’s a truly well deserved honour and if Shailene’s portrayal of Hazel Grace Lancaster, a teenager living with cancer, isn’t enough to make you tear up and immediately revaluate your life, I don’t know what will. What took my breath away is that Shailene seems to embody the same deep appreciation for life and all its little moments off-screen as well.

I’m sure you’ve read and heard all about how she likes to keep things simple and natural and is very low-key about style and glamour and makeup but you really only appreciate the full effect of it in her presence. The young actress is all about minimal goodness and emphasising natural beauty. Shailene really believes that we all have something intrinsically beautiful - naturally. She embraces this and is grateful for it. What an inspiration!

Shailene turned 23 yesterday, and what a fabulous way to start the celebration of her day. I’m sure we’re going to be seeing so many great things from this unbelievably gifted young lady. Happy birthday to a real phenomenon!

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Vogue Turkey Hair Beauty Special Out Today

 So excited to share the result from my shoot in Istanbul for Vogue Turkey with the beautiful Burcu Esmersoy and the rest of the wonderful team. Can't wait to be back in the vibrant city for more! #vogueturkiye #hairby #saschabreuer #vogueturkiye #hairby #saschabreuer #vogueturkiye #hairby #saschabreuer #vogueturkiye #hairby #saschabreuer Thank you #BRAUN #braunsensocare for bringing me to Turkey for this beautiful shoot.  @emreguven @vogueturkiye @monrevebijoux  @songulgoksel @ahuterzi @nazbileydi @gulumerzincan#braunsensocare #sac@gulumerzincan#makyaj @emreguven #fotograf@nazbileydi #modaeditoru

Best Hair Seen At New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015

It is that time of the year again! Fashion Week is on in full swing, and boy is it as good as ever. The New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 was a riot of cuts, colours, textures and fashion and beauty trends. I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the best hairstyles we saw on the runways this time around. Here is my pick of the best hairstyles and hair trends from the New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015. Hope you like them! Badgley Mischka #BadgleyMischka #NYFW #SS2015

New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015

Every year we see a mix of haircuts, styles, colours and accessories that end up defining trends for months to come. Some are wearable, while others not so much: but they are always fun. The hair colour at the Badgley Mischka SS 2015 was one of the first to catch my eye. It’s an interesting gradient from a regular colour to pastel, almost fey-like shades. We’re talking from brown to ice blue!

Now, I understand this is not a look that most will go for and granted, it isn’t the sort of hair trend that you can sport for very long but it is an interesting mix of a number of colour trends we have seen in the past. We’re combining solid, natural colours with the pastel hair trend; we are working with a gradient and creating a rather unique mishmash of highlights and solids. If you don’t want to get your hair coloured and try this on a semi-permanent basis but still want to have some fun, I suggest using clip-in extensions. You can purchase pastel/ rainbow-coloured extensions or you could get hair extensions in very light shades and then colour them according to your own tastes.

Calvin Klein

#CalvinKlein #NYFW #SS2015


You can never, ever go wrong with a high knot in slick hair. It’s just one of those hairstyles that have a timeless appeal and no matter how many times you see it on the runways or on celebrities or even walking down the street, it is going to catch your eye. High buns and knots are always attractive but there is something just so edgy and exciting about such a classic, traditionally feminine hairstyle in slicked-back, wet-look hair.

Prepping your hair properly is the secret to getting this look right. You need to get the hair on the crown to lay really flat against the head while you secure it into a high ponytail. You can use a few drops of Argan oil or a shine-boosting serum while you comb and press your hair down flat and arrange it into a high ponytail. Once you are happy with the way it looks shape the ponytail into a high bun/ knot around its base. You can make a regular bun or layer it a bit by twisting it in on itself or looping it around the ponytail and then drawing hair in through the loop. Playing with different techniques will help you achieve different looks/ dimensions or you could always stick to a classic high bun. You don’t have to worry about tucking the ends in, let them stick out: the pointy ends add a graphic, architectural structure to the look.

Carolina Herrera

#CarolinaHerrera #NYFW #SS2015


The hairstyles at the Carolina Herrera Spring Summer 2015 also featured a bun accent, but with a twist. In the past two years buns have really made a comeback as a major hair trend, and this new look from the Carolina Herrera show is one I’m hoping people will pick up off the runway too. Instead of a topknot or a ballerina bun or even the twisted/ braided buns we have all come to love, what we have here now is cylindrical bun that lays horizontal on the head. Instead of sitting atop the head or at the nape of the neck, this bun forms a perpendicular line with the head and the unique cylindrical form is really eye-catching. If you love styling your hair into high buns but you are tired of all the usual styles, this is a new one you can try.

Getting this bun right may take some practice. Once you’ve slicked your hair down, secure it into a high ponytail at the point you want to create your bun. Then slowly, starting at the ends, keep rolling your ponytail in on itself creating a nice cylindrical shape as you go. Once you’ve reached the bottom- in this case it’s actually the base/ start of the ponytail- gently hold it to your crown and use some bobby pins to secure the rolled hair in place. You can hide the pins inside the hollow rolled section. Just be sure to use at least two pins from either end (a total of four pins at least) and make an ‘X’ shape to add a really firm hold to the style.

Donna Karan

#DonnaKaran #NYFW #SS2015

Braids are another hair trend that never really go out of style. This past year we’ve mostly seen braids being used as accents in hair so the look from the Donna Karan Spring Summer 2015 show was a welcome take on the technique. The front and top were kept very simple and clean- you can wear your hair brushed back or parted down the middle, depending on what suits you best. This is a style that works best on long hair because you’re basically going to be braiding your hair down the back. At first glance this style might remind you of the traditional schoolgirl braids but upon closer inspection you can see that there’s something just a little bit different about the braids. This style is what is known as the 3D box braiding technique. It creates stacked loops in the braid. Where normal braids/ plaits lay flat, the 3D box braid will seem to jump out at you, no matter what angle you’re looking at it from! The braiding technique is quite easy, with a little bit of practice.

Marc Jacobs

#MarcJacobs #NYFW #SS2015

I love the shaggy, graduated bowl cut that we saw on some of the models at the Marc Jacobs New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 show. The thick, slightly uneven bangs at the front and the angled cut make for a fun, carefree look. While this is admittedly not a hairstyle that a lot of people can sport on a regular basis, I think it’s perfect for students and young people who want a look that is fun and frisky but does not require a lot of maintenance and styling. As with any time you are planning to go in for a drastically different haircut, I advise finding a reputed hairstylist and spending some time discussing the look with them before you take the plunge.

Naeem Khan

#NaeemKhan #NYFW #SS2015


The models’ hair at the Naeem Khan show wasn’t a unique style so much as a glorious example of what happy, healthy hair can look like! The models’ hair was styled into glossy, large waves and the hair was parted slightly off-centre at the front. This is another one of those hairstyles that can work wonders with just about any outfit or for any occasion. I’m personally loving the dark chestnut locks on the models- it is such a great colour for Autumn/ Winter. You can easily achieve this look at home with large curlers or even a big-barrelled curling wand. Once you have your curls in place just remember to run your fingers through them to break them up a little bit. Use a shine-boosting serum to give your hair that extra kick.

Vera Wang

#VeraWang #NYFW #SS2015


The styling for the Vera Wang show is not particularly eye-catching or noticeable at first: you only see lose waves in regular-looking hair. However, when you look closer you can see small, skinny braids in the hair and I really loved the idea. It is like finding a little surprise that you aren’t looking for: so it makes it a quirky, fun addition to an otherwise normal, everyday hairstyle. Braid accents are always a nice way to perk up a simple style and these are so easy to pull off. It should not take you more than a couple of minutes. You can add a single braided accent like the models at the Vera Wang New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 show or you can add multiple braids for a more noticeable style. Skinny braids as accents can work in all kinds of hair, whether you are wearing it wavy and relaxed or poker straight or even in a ponytail.

I hope you enjoyed these looks as much as I enjoyed reviewing them. Write to me and let me know which ones you liked best and which you can’t wait to try come spring!

Keira Knightley At Laggies Premiere At The Toronto International Film Festival 2014

Hi everyone! I had a fantastic time working with Keira Knightley for her appearance for the Laggies premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival 2014. We went for a sophisticated, low ponytail. If you have been following the festival- and I’m hoping you have because we have seen such a fantastic lot of styling on this year- you probably already know about Ms. Knightley’s run-in with the rather inclement weather. What I love about all the photos from the event is that you can really see her personality shining through: despite the crazy winds she was smiling and having such a good time on the Red Carpet. I’ve never seen anyone look so graceful and well styled when they are, quite literally, being blown away! Keira has such a lovely, warm personality and working with her was an absolute joy.

If you enjoyed the look and would like to give it a whirl, read the following steps to learn how to recreate it at home.


#KeiraKnightley #Laggies #premier #hairby #saschabreuer

#KeiraKnightley #hairby #saschabreuer


#KeiraKnightley #hairby #saschabreuer


  1. Spray your damp hair with a volumizing spray and rough-dry it. If you're working with day-old hair, spritz it with some salt spray and scrunch as you blast hair with a blow-dryer for a minute to bulk up the texture.
  2. Once the hair is completely dry, back-comb the roots of your hair from the crown area all the way down at the back of your head down to the hairline and just gently smooth the outer surface with a brush ( I love the Braun satin hair brush for this as it smoothens out any static frizz )
  3. Create a low sitting side parting.
  4. Spray with a light-hold hair spray, such as Wellaflex for flexible but firm hold.
  5. Using your fingers, gently rake hair straight back and gather it loosely at the bottom of your nape, near your hairline. Secure with an anti snap elastic. Brushing it back can look rigid and can make hair more susceptible to parting on its own later. Loosen a few pieces from the front and sides for a relaxed, undone vibe.
  6. Wrap individual sections of the tail around the barrel of a two-inch curling iron without using the clamp. Hold it for just a few seconds to give hair a bend.
  7. With your fingers, rough up any sections that need a little roughing up to make the style feel easy and relaxed. Mist with that same flexible hold hair spray.
  8.  Give the ponytail a finished look by tying a one-inch strip of velvet ribbon around the elastic.

Fashion Germany

Everyone has heard of Claudia Schiffer, Karl Lagerfeld, Jill Sander and Heidi Klum, but what do all these fantastic people have in common? Apart from the fact that they’re some of the best-known names in the international fashion industry, Yes! They’re all German! I have some very exciting news to share with you. Some time back I was asked to contribute to a fashion book and it’s finally out today. Contributing to this book has been an incredibly rewarding experience.

The book chronicles the role Germany has played in the fashion and style industry over the years, and is truly one-of-a-kind. I think Fashion Germany is a invaluable resource if, like me, you are interested in learning more about how all these incredibly talented and phenomenal people have contributed to the global fashion industry. It helps you to chart their evolution through the years and see how Germany has become a key player in the international fashion arena. Fashion Germany is an insider’s look into how the fashion industry and this glorious country have become inextricably linked.

We all associate New York, Paris, London and Milan with fashion, but now, Germany too is a part of this succession! I would like to thank Martina Rink for asking me to be a part of this project. I hope you have the chance to grab yourselves a copy, and let me know what you think.


Generosity Of Eye (A Film About Transforming Art Into Education)

I am honoured to have been involved in the making of a wonderful documentary about the charitable work of William Louis-Dreyfus called Generosity of Eye (A Film About Transforming Art into Education). A longtime collector and patron of the arts, William Louis-Dreyfus's commitment to arts education is an inspiration. The full documentary telling the extraordinary story of his donation to the Harlem Children's Zone can be viewed here: 

Transforming Art into Education A Huffington Post article by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on the film and Louis-Dreyfus's collection can be read here:

To learn more about the Harlem Children's Zone, please click here:

Ruth Wilson looked sensational at the Met Ball

New York City’s Met Ball has been called “the Oscars of the fashion world,” and with good reason. The legendary American designer Charles James was honoured at the Met Gala’s 2014 with the theme White Tie & Decorations.

It was one of the most formal & stylish evenings I have seen in a long time. Due to the high octane fashion nature of the ball, the beautiful stars attending wore elegant, one-of-a-kind dresses naturally, I was there getting Ruth Wilson ready for her appearance at the event.

Ruth just looked sensational, sailing up the legendary red Met staircase wearing a stunning gown by Erdem.

I wanted to create a modern version of a hairstyle that is elegant, polished & iconic such as the classic Chignon and my inspiration was a cross between Downton Abbey and Haute Couture.

Apply some Wella Professional Perfect setting blow dry lotion as it emphasises the hold & shine.


Blow-dry the hairline around your forehead and lower neck in a backwards and upwards direction, towards the center of your head.

Once the hair is completely dry straighten the mid length & ends with a straightener such as the Braun SensoCare Styler to ensure your chignon bun will have a uber-sleek and shiny quality

Create a low side parting to your preferred side, for a touch of retro glamour.

Use a brush to gather all hair into a low sitting ponytail the nape of your neck and secure into a ponytail using a bungee elastic. I really like the Braun Satin-Hair Brush for this as smoothens down cuticles, tames  frizz and fly-aways.

Coil the ponytail around itself into a figure of eight and secure the ends with some grips.

Finish by adding more shine with a glossy serum such as the Wella Professional Oil Reflections and some Wella Hairspray for hold.


Breaking Free in Berlin with Jessica Alba

I’m thrilled to be here in Berlin styling Jessica Alba to unveil Braun’s exciting new Break Free campaign.  After a hectic few weeks of Fashion Week shows in Paris, Milan and London, plus some big-name award shows including the Oscars, I’ll be drawing inspiration from the newest of the new and the best of 2014, playing around with some of the fun and funky styles I’ve loved over the last few months. With her hair up or down, structured and formal or swingy and fun, Jessica’s own style brilliantly shows off the theme of Braun’s campaign – encouraging women to “Break Free” from the fear of judgment and self-doubt by sharing positive messages of support with one another.

I’ll be hosting media events with reps from fashion and hair publications around the world, sharing hair care and styling advice that they can take back to their readers.  Stay tuned to your favourite style mag so you can see the looks and read the tips, no matter where in the world you may be!

#Breakfree #Braun