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London Fashion Week Autumn/ Winter 2013: Top Hair Trends

London Fashion Week Autumn/ Winter 2013: Top Hair Trends The London Autumn/ Winter 2013 Fashion Week saw a lot of really great hair trends and styles. We had big, voluminous hair that harked back to the old glamour days of Hollywood; we had soft, natural, everyday looks that are just the right balance of practicality and style; and we had some fabulously elaborate, sleek styles that are just what you need for a special occasion.

I’ve put together a list of my 3 favourite hairdos from the London Fashion Week and tips on how you can achieve these looks!

1. L'Wren Scott

The hairdos at the L’Wren Scott London show were absolutely stunning! There was a lovely, retro feel to the big, wavy and unabashedly bushy hairstyles. If you’re looking to dramatically change your look one of these days, or you want to do something striking for a special day out, give this style a whirl!

Here’s How You Can Get It:

Begin by washing your hair and then adding a texture-enhancing product to it once you’re done. Let your hair dry naturally, but don’t let it get absolutely dry: we need it to be somewhat damp for the style to set.

When it’s just lightly damp, comb your hair and part right down the middle.  Separate your hair into two sections, one on each side.

To get this look, you need to add a very natural-looking crimp to your hair. Using a crimping iron can also get you good results, but to be really able to reproduce the exact look, you should do it the natural way: braiding!

Braid your hair in tiny braids and pin them onto the head. You should start braiding about an inch or two away from the middle parting so that the contrast between the smooth tops and the rest of the hair is heightened.

To get distinct, tight waves you can use the snake-braiding method. If you don’t know how to do that, just braid your hair the regular way in small braids and pin them all over your head so that they don’t come loose.

Add a hairnet to your hair to hold the braids in place and keep the style overnight if you can. If you can’t just spray on a very tiny amount of hairspray to hold the waves and wait until your hair is absolutely dry before proceeding.

For added hold, you can also always lightly run a blow dryer over the braids. This will help in fastening the waves.

Undo the braids carefully, while maintaining the middle part. You’ll have a lot of tight, tiny ringlets spiraling down right about now. Loosen them up a bit by running your fingers through your hair.

Now, take a rattail comb and pick up small sections of hair and start backcombing inwards, towards the scalp. Tease your hair in small strokes so that you don’t end up completely breaking the waves.

Work your way from the bottom to the top, moving from the tips to the tops of the curls, as you keep teasing. Keep arranging your hair while you tease so that you can get a shape that suits your face structure.

If you tease your hair properly, you’ll get a LOT of volume without loosing the waves. They’ll definitely get opened up but the overall effect will be distinctly wavy, crimped hair.

You can add pins at the tops, right where the smooth hair gives way to the crimped hair. This will help enhance the contrast and add a certain “widening effect” to the look.

Add a hairspray and you’re done!

2. Burberry Prorsum

The Burberry woman is always chic, always stylish and always effortlessly glamorous. This year’s Burberry Prorsum show was no different, and we once again saw how the brand takes simple, classic looks and adds an undeniably sophisticated touch to them.

The basic, shoulder-length bob is not a new look, if you really think about it, but with the right styling and products, even this simple style can look amazing! What’s more is it’s so easy to recreate and would look stunning regardless of the occasion.

Here’s How You Can Get It:

Dry your freshly washed hair with a diffuser. If you have very wavy or curly hair, use a natural bristle, round brush and a blow dryer on the cool setting to dry your hair. This look works best on medium length, straight hair.

It’s not a very fussy style, so don’t tire yourself out trying to blow-dry your hair poker straight. In fact, you should blow-dry it to give it some volume and natural lift.

Rotate your hairbrush and move from your roots to the tips to add some body to the hair while you dry and smoothen it out.  Don’t straighten the ends; let them fall naturally.

The Braun Satin Hair Senso Care styler would work really well on a style like this.

Take some styling mousse, rub it between your palms and then dab it onto the hair lightly. Rub some of the strands between your palms to add a little texture to the hair. This will keep it from looking to sleek or falling flat.

Part your hair slightly to one side: this is not a deep side part, more like an inch off your natural middle part to one side. We want a section of hair to fall over one eyebrow and frame the face.

Don’t make a very neat part; just flip your hair over to one side. You can even do it with your hands for a very natural look.

Use a thin comb and gently brush through and arrange your hair. Let it fall naturally over your shoulders. If you’ve got layers, this look will really help play them up.

Take a skeleton brush and add a bit of texture and messy grain to different sections.

Add some hairspray if you’re stepping out!

4. Moschino Cheap & Chic

The models at the Moschino Cheap & Chic sported darling messy buns. I absolutely love messy buns: they’re so easy to create, they’re very natural and don’t look too stiff, and with the right amount of texture and volume they can look really glam!

Here’s How You Can Get It:

This is a look you can do on freshly washed as well as second day hair.

Begin by combing your hair (and letting it dry if it’s just washed) to get any knots and tangles out.

Take a dime-sized amount of styling mousse in your palms and run your hands through your hair. The mousse will add a lot of body to the hair. Keep running your fingers through your hair and scrunching up random sections to add volume and character.

Take a drop or two of styling gel and “lift” the hair at the crown and rub it between your hands for added height. You can even backcomb it a tiny bit, to add a slight pouf at the front and centre.

If your hair is very smooth naturally, the previous steps will have helped in artfully messing it up a little bit!

Take a hair elastic and tie a ponytail. Don’t gather your hair very neatly at this step. In fact; the messier, the better. Don’t use a comb for this step, just run your fingers through your hair and gather it at the back.

Tug on some random sections on the top to loosen out a few strands and enhance the look.

Take a rattail comb and backcomb a few sections of the ponytail to give them a grainy look. You could also use a skeleton comb to do so.

Take your hair and make a loose, messy bun with it. Make the ponytail into a bun by drawing it through another elastic, but don’t pull it all the way through: let some of it hang out of the bun. You can even tug a few strands out to create naturally falling bits and to loosen the bun.

If you want a wider, messier bun, you can skip the previous step and pick up small sections of the ponytail and pin them using bobby pins around the base of the ponytail. This will let you create loops of different sizes and the final bun will be big, messy and super stylish!

You can skip the hairspray, unless you’re stepping out and want the style to last.


Play around with these three looks: you’ve got big crimped hair, a stylish layered bob and a fabulous messy bun to experiment with! Have fun, and keep it stylish!

New York Fashion Week Autumn/ Winter 2013: Top Hair Trends

New York Fashion Week Autumn/ Winter 2013: Top Hair Trends So the fashion weeks are on again! It’s arguably one of the most exciting times of the year for those of us in the fashion and styling industry! If you’re a lover of all things trendy, beautiful, and voguish yourself  you’re probably just as pumped up as I am!

New York was just as dazzling and sophisticated as ever! We saw a lot of different hair trends emerging on the runways. I can see that quite a few of them are going to be a hit off the catwalks too! I decided to put together a look of my top 5 favorite hair trends from the New York Fashion Week Autumn/ Winter 2013. We’ve got  quite a mix here: from funky ponytails for everyday wear to Red Carpet glam updos for the fanciest of occasions!

1. Rodarte

At the Rodarte show, the models wore their hair down, in messy waves that were accentuated with really interesting metal spiked headbands and side braids meeting in a bun at the back. Without an accessory, this is a great everyday look and also something stylish you can throw together when you can’t quite wear your hair plain but you don’t want to make a fuss over it either. If you do want to add some oomph to the look, a unique headband is just the thing you’re looking for!

Here’s How You Can Get It:

This is a look you can create on second day hair too, if you don’t have time to wash before you style your hair. If you are washing it, wait for it to dry out naturally or use a diffuser so that you don’t end up with super sleek hair.

If you’ve got naturally straight hair and you want to reproduce this look perfectly, braid your hair while it’s still damp into loose, one-inch braids and then allow it to dry. This will create some natural, beachy waves in your hair.

Part your hair down the middle. You don’t have to be particularly precise with the parting, just make sure it’s more or less straight. Leave an inch of hair loose at the front on both sides and use curling tongs to add a bit of curl to these front sections. Let them hang loose and frame your face.

Then, pick up a section of hair from right behind the curled sections on both sides. Braid these in regular braids towards the back of your head. You can pick up one or two-inch sections depending on how prominent you want the braids to be. The braids should basically go around your head like a halo and meet at the back.

Pin the two braids into place at the back using bobby pins. Insert the bobby pins at an angle into the braids and cross them over each other to get them nice and tight. You want the braids to stay up firmly at the back of your head.

Undo the parts of the braids that hang below the pinned section. Coil these parts around each other into a small layered bun at the back of your head and pin it into place over the braids. You can also simply loosen the braids and then coil them around each other for a more flower-like bun.

And that’s it! You’re done! Add a funky headband for some extra edginess.

2. Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera’s look was distinctly feminine, inspired by 1940s cinematic glamour. If you’re looking for a hairstyle that’s the perfect blend of allure, femininity and vintage-appeal, this rolled and tucked updo is perfect! Whether you’re wearing it with a long flowing skirt or a crisp, tailored suit, this is the kind of hairstyle that’s sure to get you noticed wherever you go!

Here’s How You Can Get It:

Begin with washing your hair and blow-drying it as straight as you can. If you’ve got particularly wavy or unruly hair, you should use a straightening iron to smoothen out your locks. Make sure you use a heat protectant spray before you do either though!

After your hair is dry and sleek, brush through it and part it down the middle. This look is a bit prim, and very ladylike, so be as precise with the parting as you can. Divide your hair into three parts: the two sides and the back. Comb through the three sections again to make sure your hair is really sleek.

Take one of the front sections and then start twisting it in on itself towards the back. You’re basically pinching the hair into twists along your hairline and moving towards the back of your head. Keep adding bobby pins to the rolled hair from the inside (not at the front) so that the twists stay in place.

Repeat this step with the other front section. Both the twisted sections will meet at the back. Cross them over each other and then pin them into place using bobby pins. If you have very heavy or thick hair and you feel the sections won’t stay pinned in place you can even tie them into a low ponytail.

Twist the section at the back/ the ponytail in on itself, moving upwards towards the nape of your neck. This is the last section and once it’s rolled up it should cover the spot where the other two sections meet and overlap. Pin this last rolled section into place with pins.

Use some hairspray to add a bit of support to the look. If you’ve used your bobby pins properly the look will hold up through the day!

3. Anna Sui

The pageboy bouffant seen at Anna Sui’s fashion show is a great way to have some fun with your hair and infuse a high dose of voluminous glamour into your look. This is a great look for when you want to do something unusual and striking but don’t want to spend hours perfecting a really tough style either!

Here’s How You Can Get It:

Your hair needs to be really sleek and straight for this look, so begin by washing and conditioning it, and follow it up with blow-drying it straight. Use a shine serum before you blow-dry your hair for extra smoothness and gloss.

Comb your hair towards the back and gather it up high at the back of your head. We don’t want any parting for this look.

Secure all your hair in a high ponytail. If you want to reproduce the exact look, leave a small section of hair free and once the ponytail is ready, wrap that section around the base of the ponytail to cover the elastic. Pin the wrapped section into place with a bobby pin such that the pin falls under the “hood” formed by the ponytail.

Now, you start teasing the ponytail. Lift small sections and backcomb them and keep layering them back on each other by letting them fall over one another. Backcombing is the key to getting all the volume for this pageboy-style bouffant. The more you backcomb, the more volume you’ll get.

Once you’re happy with the kind of volume you’ve achieved, take a comb and lightly brush the top of the voluminous ponytail to smoothen out the surface that’s visible. Don’t brush through it: you just want to give the visible section a sleek look.

Now, take the ends of the ponytail and pin them onto your head while fanning the ponytail out to form a big, bun-like bouffant across the back of your head. You can even roll a bit of the ends in while pinning if your hair’s too long and the bouffant ‘hangs’ lower than the nape of your neck.

Fanning out the ponytail can result in some gaps on the top. Rearrange your hair at the top to cover any sections in the bouffant’s façade. Once you’re happy with how it looks, use a stronghold hairspray to secure the style.

4. Michael Kors

I love the hairstyle we saw at Michael Kors’ fashion show! It’s always so much fun when someone finds a way to make an everyday ponytail look just a little bit interesting, just a little bit exciting. The super sleek, shiny tape-wrapped ponytail makes for such an easy yet funky hairstyle.

Here’s How You Can Get It:

You probably know how to make a really sleek, high ponytail but let’s just go through the motions for formality’s sake, shall we?

Start with freshly washed and blow-dried hair. Use a straightened if you want your locks to be poker straight. The models at the Michael Kors’ show were wearing a subtle, single wave in their ponytails. It’s a great trick to add some dimension and flow to a simple ponytail but you can go as straight or wavy as you like.

Gather your hair in a really high ponytail. When you’re doing so, keep brushing and combing through the hair at the crown so that you can get it to be really slick and lay very flat on your head. Use a shine serum or a gloss-boosting product to really make your hair look super healthy.

Once you’re happy with how your hair looks, secure it in a ponytail using a clear elastic band.

If you want to add some waves to your hair you can by using curling tongs or hot rollers. If not, skip this step.

Now, the whole appeal of this look is in how the ponytails have been jazzed up. It’s really very simple, but the effect is amazing! The bases of the ponytails were covered in black tape, which added a really funky, graphic look to an otherwise simple look.

You’re probably not very comfortable wrapping tape around your hair, and with good reason! I can only just imagine how tough it would be to get sticky tape off your hair! What you can do instead is using a thicker rubber band or hair scrunchie in the same color as your hair and layer the tape over it. Or if you want a really flattened out look for the tape, use a metal hair cone or a flat barrette and wind the tape over that.

Brush through your ponytail and that’s about it. You can tame any flyaways with a bit of hairspray sprayed onto a comb or even a drop of Argan oil. You don’t really need to add any hairspray to this look: if you’ve secured the ponytail properly, it should hold up okay through the day!

5. Jason Wu

Out of all my picks from the New York Fashion Week Autumn/ Winter 2013, the hairstyle from Jason Wu’s show is undoubtedly the most glamorous and most formal one. It’s a really sleek, sectioned and wrapped chignon with some metallic accents. It’s a fabulous look for a super glamorous evening.

Here’s How You Can Get It:

Now, admittedly this might be a tough one to pull off on your first attempt at home, but don’t lose heart! A little bit of practice is all you need for a look like this.

Your hair needs to be squeaky clean, super sleek and poker straight for this look. It’s one of those styles where straightening your hair really brings out multiple dimensions in the look.

Begin by combing your straightened hair till it is really shiny. Add a shine serum to make the hair glossy. Be careful though, you don’t want to go overboard and end up with sticky hair.

I’ll share a slightly simplified version of this look with you, so that even styling beginners can do this look at home without difficulty.

Part your hair down the middle and comb it into three regular sections, one on each side and then the rest at the back.

Pull the sections at the side to the front and use styling clips to secure them while you work on the section at the back. You don’t want any hair to get tangled or pulled back.

From the section at the back, start by gathering the hair from the very bottom and roll it into a small chignon and fix it at the nape of your neck with bobby pins or a clear elastic band. If you want to add more depth and style to the chignon you can actually braid tthe hair first and then roll it into a bun for a more elaborate look.

Once your chignon’s in place, start working on creating the layered look. This is the trickiest part of this style. This is where we style the two front sections such that they crisscross over the back of the head and over the chignon to create a structured, layered look.

Separate one inch of hair at the very front on both sides. These sections will be styled at the very end. You can simply pin them away from the rest of your hair for now.

Now, move to the rest of the front sections. Start by picking a wide section of hair from one of the sides and gently, carefully drawing it over the back of your head at an angle such that it goes around the chignon.

You have to pull these sections back diagonally, take them around and under the chignon and then loop them around the bun and fix them in with bobby pins.

Don’t disturb the middle-part while you pull the hair back. The section should lay flat against your hair and stretch back towards, under and around the chignon.

Now do the same thing with an equal-sized section from the other side at the front, only make sure you layer it over the first side.

Repeat the process until hair from both the front sections has been fixed around the chignon. At the end, the different layered sections will create a basket weave-like pattern at the back of your head.

The most important step is to create the crisscross pattern carefully, so if you’re having trouble looping each section around the chignon, simply tuck each section into the chignon or under its base and pin it in. whatever you’re comfortable with!

Now, come back to the two one inch-wide sections at the very front. Undo them and straighten to make sure they’re very sleek. Take one section and simply pull it down from behind your ear and around your hairline and pin it into place under the chignon. Repeat this step with the other side and pin that under the bun too. These two sections should create a U from the front to the back of your head and sort of encapsulate the whole style and frame it all.

To complete the look, take two metallic barrettes and pin them into the topmost crossed layer. This is an optional step for if you want to jazz up the look. For a more sophisticated and classy vibe, skip this step.

Add a stronghold hairspray to ensure your style will last.



Hi Everyone! Had an absolutely fabulous time at the Wella event in Turkey! It’s always such a pleasure to travel to gorgeous Istanbul and this latest Wella event was no different!

I was so excited to partner up with Wella to demonstrate the  hair trends for Spring-Summer 2013 using their latest styling & colouring product innovations and be able to have fantastic interviews with the local journalists & media. The crowd was a delight to work with, and so responsive! I can’t wait to be back in Turkey again!

Blonde Hair Trend

Blonde Hair Trend It’s hard to believe that January is half over! Time sure flies by when you’re as busy rushing about as I am, and I for one cannot wait for all the great trends and styles to come this spring and summer!

Over the years, we have seen a trend of sorts when it comes to hair color: people choose to go dark around autumn and winter, and light when spring rolls around. Which means, if you have wanted blonde locks for a while, now is the time to start preparing for it! Light hair looks great for the coming seasons because ‘summery’ tones are typically light and breezy. ! Think spun gold, champagne, silvery gold and even warm caramels!

But remember, you have to be completely sure light locks will suit you before you take that step towards your salon: some skin tones just aren’t meant for blonde hair and if it is a change you’re after, it’s better to go a shade or two lighter than your natural color than to go all the way!

If you’re naturally dark-haired or like your new dark color, by all means, keep rocking those tresses! But if you want to go blonde, there’s no time like summertime for it! Here’s my take on the blonde color trend:

If you’ve got a light to medium complex and you want to go blonde, but with a bit of color and fun, pick a strawberry blonde shade. The tinge of strawberry adds a fabulous depth to your overall color, and is an especially lovely hue for women with green or blue eyes. And if you’re looking to rock up some Southern Belle charm, this is the shade for you!

Caramel blonde is another option if you have a medium to fair skin tone because it’s the perfect mixture of light and dark blondes. The warm, creamy caramel hue is a great way to play to play up your natural skin tone and the golden-brown hue suits a lot of different features and styles. The best part about coloring your hair caramel blonde is that it does not need a lot of care and maintenance, and your normal shampoo and conditioning routine coupled with a few healthy hair habits will be enough!

If you have a fair complexion and the personality for it, platinum blonde hair can look stunning. The ‘iced blonde’ look has been made famous the world over by celebrities like the gorgeous Sienna Miller, and is a sure-fire way to turn heads wherever you go! Going platinum is not for the faint-hearted, because not only does the color look expensive, it is expensive.

A high quality color product and a reputable salon are the only way to go when you are making such a drastic change to your hair, and platinum blonde being one of the most exclusive yet sought-after shades in the world, is an expensive transition to make. Also, there is a fair amount of time and money invested in maintaining the color, because you will need to deep condition the hair twice a month and use quality products to enhance the lustre. But if you can manage these, go right ahead. It’s a truly unique blonde and will immediately transform your look and personality!

Let me know which blonde tone you prefer best! Remember, with the right stylist and the right product, you can breathe new life into your look!

Anne Hathaway For World Premier Of Les Misérables

Last night I worked once again with the stunning Anne Hathaway, this time it was for the World Premier of Les Misérables.

Anne wore a killer Givenchy Couture beaded dress. And I must admit she just looked jaw-droppingly beautiful!!!

The dress featured intricate rhinestone embellishments, with draped sleeves, and a skin-baring cutout back detail. With the light reflecting off her shimmery gown, Anne was literally shining.

We decided to be daring and go for "à la garçon": a French-inspired hairstyle and the very low side parting added a slight boyish touch and kept her look fresh and modern.

Just in case you got inspired by Anne’s hairstyle and decide to cut your hair shorter, I would recommend you’re careful and choose a color for your hair that really flatters your skin complexion since your face will be the center of attention from now on. Regardless of your age, this hairstyle works great for women who have round, long or square faces. It is very easy to take care of: you just need to wash it and you're ready to go.

Have fun!

Word Of The Day

"Artists are some of the most courageous people on the face of the earth. They deal with more rejection in one year than most people do in a lifetime. Every day, artists face the financially challenge of living a freelance lifestyle, the disrespect of people who think they should get 'real' jobs, and their own fear that they will never work again. Every day they have to ignore the possibility to which they have dedicated their lives is a pipe dream. With every passing year many of them watch as other people their age; achieve the predictable milestones of normal life - the car, the family, the house, the nest egg. But they stay true to their dream, in spite of sacrifices. Why? Because artists are willing to give their entire lives to a moment - to that line, that laugh, that gesture, or that interpretation that will stir the abundance's soul. Artists are beings that have tasted lives nectar in that crystal moment when they poured out their creative spirit and touched another heart. In that instant, they were as close to magic, God and perfection as anyone could ever be. And in their own hearts, they know that to dedicate oneself to that moment is worth a thousand lifetimes." - David Ackert

TeenVogue Tips For Creating Perfect Homecoming Hair

Had the honour, to particpate in the Interview for TeenVogue, how  to create the best Homecoming Hairstyles. Add Volume

Avoid doing a super straight look. You want to have a style with movement and you don't want to have to worry about your hair getting flat. If you want to wear your hair down, add a soft wave and pull the front back into a twist or add a funky headband."Stay away from a style that looks too forced or over-styled, like a slicked back chignon," advises celebrity hairstylist Sascha Breuer. "Don't use too much hairspray. The more you use, the more lacquered you'll look. This tends to date the hairdo. Looking effortless is key to keeping it chic and fresh."

Keep Your Look In Place

"Be sure to use product to prep your hair and a finishing spray to hold it. To prep, use a volumizing spray or mousse at the roots. This'll give the hair the volume and texture you need to style it, while eliminating any flyaways and adding a beautiful shine. If your hair feels at all loose before you leave for the night, add more pins where needed (store a few in your purse!) and spray it with a finishing spray.

Try On-Trend Hair Accessories

"Headbands and clips have become key pieces on the runways and red carpets," says Breuer. "Just make sure that it goes well with the style and color of your outfit!""Stones and beads are on trend this fall, if you're doing a simple hairstyle and makeup look, hair accessories are a great addition."

3 Ways To Wear Brigitte Bardot's Bombshell Hair for Huffington Post

Had the honor of being interviewed by the Huffington Post for an article about how to get the look of my favorite muse! Check it out!

When New York Fashion Week rolls around (admittedly it seems to occur more than twice a year), we look forward to seeing the trends we'll be clamoring for in department stores and salons. Designers, hairstylists and makeup artists may aspire to stir us with something au courant, however, they're inspiration tends to harken back to the past. And at the spring 2013 shows, Sixties sex symbol Brigitte Bardot was the standout muse.

Backstage at Erin Fetherston and Rachel Zoe, beauty teams transformed models into mini versions of the French model and actress -- blow drying, teasing and curling hair until they achieved Bardot's signature volume.  Things got a bit roughed up at Fetherston by adding a zipper headband, then taking a piece of hair from the front and tucking it into the open zipper. The interesting accessory instantly reminded us of the bodacious bouffants seen on the fall 2012 runways of Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta, where satin ribbons accentuated the sophisticated hairstyle.

But what about Bardot's hair makes it so popular nowadays? According to hairstylist Sascha Breuer, it's a way for you to show off the best of both worlds: volume and gorgeous hair. "It's very sexy and can be reinvented and adjusted to your texture," he adds.

Before you grab a handful of bobby pins and a rattail comb, keep in mind these tricks from Breuer on how to pump up the volume no matter your hair texture:

Straight: Enhance the volume at the top of your head, starting at the temple and tapering off at the back. Take the horse shoe size section of your head (temples to crown) and backcomb the roots.

Wavy: This is the ultimate Brigitte Bardot texture, but the best way to pull off this look is by creating volume at the back of your head.

Curly: Take small sections from the temple aread and twist, roll or braid these pieces backwards. Secure with an elastic holder or clip to create a gorgeous detail within your curls.

Breuer's final pro tip: Don't use too much hairspray. "The more hairspray, the more lacquered you will look. This tends to date the hairdo. Effortless is key to keep it chic and fresh."

From Russia With Love

So excited to be back in the buzzing city of Moscow!Had the chance to see the Kremlin and Red Square early this morning, which were built between the 14th and 17th centuries and are listed UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Saint Basil's Cathedral is the masterpiece of Russian architecture and is simply unbelievable. It is one of my favourite buildings in the world; it has a strangeness that astonishes by its unexpectedness, complexity and dazzling interweaving of the manifold details of its design.

I am here to help the team from P&G launch the new Wellaflex Hairspray and present the latest catwalk hair trends to the beauty and fashion editors of key glossies, Vogue, Cosmo, Glamour, Elle, as well as women’s lifestyle titles from Russia.  The event was a great opportunity for me to demonstrate that high fashion styles don't have to have to be complicated.  They can often be easily achieved at home when you follow a few simple rules and use the right products for your hair.

Over all a fab trip and a great gig! x


Middle Eastern women are famous for their beauty and stunning, strong, luxurious hair. It is my pleasure to be back in Dubai to help launch Braun's Hair Pride Movement.  The event today was a welcome opportunity for me to be able to demonstrate that great style doesn't have to mean compromising the health of your hair!  It is my belief that by changing our approach to styling and adopting healthier rituals and products, "bad hair days" can be a thing of the past. The Satin Hair 7 range of styling tools is designed with unique IONTEC technology to deliver safe and healthy heat styling. It was a great pleasure to work alongside the faces of the Hair Pride Movement to convey this message.   Huda Kattan, Diala Makki, and Aishwarya Ajit brought their unique perspectives on beauty, and it was wonderful getting to know them, as well as hear the feedback from the many women who attended the awesome event held last night.

Huda Kattan Check out Huda's fabulous blog for some awesome makeup tips and tricks!

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Vintage State Of Mind

Apologies for my lack of recent posts!  Those of you who follow me on Facebook and Twitter already know that I've been spending quite a bit of time recently in Miami, where I've shot a total of EIGHT editorials and two episodes of Russia's Next Top Model!  I'm super excited about these projects and looking forward to sharing as soon as they go to press! Meanwhile, while down in sunny Florida, I had the treat of staying at the legendary Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables.  Walking the grounds and lounging next to the pool, a surreal feeling came over me as though I had been transported back in time to an old Holllywood movie setting.  A bit of research helped explain why. The gorgeous structure dates back to 1926, and was declared a historic landmak in 1996.  "In its heyday, The Biltmore played host to royalty, both Europe's and Hollywood's. The hotel counted the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Ginger Rogers, Judy Garland, Bing Crosby, Al Capone and assorted Roosevelts and Vanderbilts as frequent guests. Franklin D.Roosevelt had a temporary White House office set up at the Hotel for when he vacationed on his fishing trips from Miami. There were many gala balls, aquatic shows by the grand pool and weddings were de rigueur as were world class golf tournaments. A product of the Jazz Age, big bands entertained wealthy, well-traveled visitors to this American Riviera resort." (Wikipedia) Often reputed to be haunted, the hotel served as a hospital during WWII and a VA hosptial until 1968.  It was restored to its origninal splendor as a hotel in 1987, and has remained ever since.

This beautiful, opulent environment got me thinking about all sorts of glamourous vintage hair styles, as you will probably notice in my upcoming posts!

Milan Fashion Week A/W 2012

Milan provided a lovely finish to round up Autumn/Winter 2012 Fashion Weeks, (though I doubt anyone will be waiting for the fall to try most of these styles at home!)

Blumarine  chose a classic blown out style, but the polished, soft finish and added volume at the roots gave it extra sex appeal. I also love the color on these models; a subtle ombre highlight brightens their natural shades without becoming high-maintenance.   A perfect example of hair that says "touch me!"

The wet-to-dry look made it's way from France to Italy and popped up at Missoni.  This time, the ends of the hair were rolled up into a faux bob.  You can create this look by applying a heavy gel or pomade to damp or dry roots, then loosely gather ends into a pony tail, but wrap the elastic towards the end of the tail and roll up and under, pinning into place at the nape of the neck.
Check out the retro bombshells at DSquared!  Looking for a similar effect? Start out with a strong volumizing mousse, and set hair into pin curls or rollers whilst blowdrying.  Then back comb your roots all over, (spray each section as you tease it with a ultra strong hold hairspray,  for extra support,) especially at the crown and front sections.  Smooth back with a flat paddle brush (look for a combination of nylon and boar bristles,) and add loads of hairspray.  Va va voom!

The pretty waves and softly pulled back front at Gucci is another easy style to try at home!  You can do this on nearly any hair texture to achieve a similar bohemian vibe.  Simply pull back the front sections and twist towards the back, securing in the center either with an elastic, barrette, or a few pins tucked into the rolls. (For extra control and to help keep the rolls in place, spray them with a flexible hold hair spray before twistin, I like the one from Wellaflex.)

Couldn't help but notice the short, blunt, slightly U-shaped fringes at Versace.  If this is a trend you would consider trying, take some time to consider your face shape to determine the width  and length of the fringe.  I recommend seeing a stylist for this one, as attempting an even cut with so little room for error can easily land you on the wrong side of the fine line separating "edgy" from "silly."
These delicate rolls lent a unique textural twist to the braided headband trend, and I LOVE IT! Fendi's modern goddesses get my vote for best hair in Milan!

Prada brought the drama!! I love the contrast of the models' natural hair, streaked with blonde through the lengths, and then shocked to life against brightly coloured, extra long extensions.  The sleek, flat ironed finish really allows all the shades to stand out and work their collective magic.

Paris Fashion Week A/W 2012

Paris Fashion Week gave us a wonderful mix of classic styles with modern updates.  Clean textures, subtle details, and bold colors made for another lovely season! Love the messy, funky vibe to the braided up-style at Alexis Mabille.  To try it on, create small pony tails and randomly twist and braid them towards the crown of your head.  Gather them all together with an elastic and secure with pins into a sweet little top knot.  For extra shine and control, rub some light wax or pomade onto your finger tips before braiding so that it can distribute through the plait without getting too heavy in one spot.

I'm always excited to see what will happen on the heads at Gareth Pugh, and this season was delighted by the subtle clear bands wrapped around the hair and face.  The shape is almost medieval, but the clear, shiny material lends a futuristic appeal.

Slicked back, wet hair made its debut last season at the S/S 2012 shows.  It's still here, and I'm still a fan.  Don't wait until the fall to try this trend; personally I recommend pulling out the hair gel and enjoying this fresh look all spring and summer!

It's amazing what a difference the placement of a parting can make! Simple hairstyles can make a statement when the parts are dramatic and the finishes are super clean, illustrated perfectly at Guy Laroche and Issey Miyake. 

 Valentino dropped an impeccable center split, and by twisting the sides back gave the look an elven flair.  Hairspray and pomade are your best friends to keep fly-aways at bay when wearing these styles.

Jean Paul Gaultier played up the model's roots with a shock of electric blue, and I can't get enough!  For tips on trying this look, refer to my post on temporary haircolour techniques!

Feathers in the hair is nothing new, but I couldn't help but applaud the texture and dimension created by layering black, brown, and dark blue at Ann Demeulemeester.  You can create a more wearable version of this look by buying tracks of shorter feathers at your local crafts store and twisting and pinning them into your hair.   Have fun playing with different shapes -- you will find them to be much more user-friendly then you may have imagined!

My favourite "faux-hawk" of the season award goes to Manish Arora!  Generously apply dry shampoo throughout your roots to give the hair a malleable texture, then sweep everything up into a high pony tail.  Twist forward and pin into place, leaving the end of the tail a bit loose  and pull a few pieces down for a gentle faux fringe.

Contrasting textures, an interesting shape, and that shock of blue (again!) all lead to Yohji Yamamoto being my top pick at Paris Fashion Week.  It's modern, cool, and perfectly executed.  J'adore!!







London Fashion Week - A/W 2012

London Fashion Week gave us some major variety this season! From pretty, wearable braids to looks that cold inspire your next Halloween costume, here are some of my favourite looks of the week! I love the direction this trend is headed!  Braids this season were generally messier and softer than what we've seen in the past. Textured, pulled out finishings provides a hipper look and makes re-creating them much easier.  Mark Fast topped his uneven braids with awesome wool caps, (huge fan of this look!)  and Mulberry showed them randomly pinned around the head in flattering shapes.


"Piled" hair was another popular look this season, as in hair was back-combed, loaded with dry shampoo or hairspray, and literally piled on top of the head and strategically twisted and pinned to created the modern, fresh up-styles seen at Vivienne Westwood and Jean Pierre Braganza.  If you like wearing your hair this way, I recommend investing in some high quality textured hairpins.  They cost a bit more than the drug store variety, but you will only need to use a few to hold your hair in place for hours.  Less pins will give you much better results and keep the loose, effortless vibe that gives this style it's edge.

The beautiful, voluminous waves at Issa looked fabulous with the 60's inspired pulled back top section.  Creating this retro style is easy!  After adding some waves to dry hair with medium sized tongs, back comb the top section of your the hair, spray with hairspray, and smooth back to the crown.  I would finish the look with a rectangular barrette or comb at the crown to keep the hair in place.  Brush out your waves with a paddle brush, (I love my Braun Satin Hairbrush for this technique,) to blend them together and give a soft, shiny finish.

We witnessed the emerging headband trend in NY, and are happy to see it continued in London with this chic, thick version topping the messy chignons at Clements Ribeiro.   A medium to thick sized black headband is such a simple way to give an instant update to your everyday hair, it definitely makes my short list of "must have" hair accessories.

A good ponytail is never out of style! This season, triangular partings at Craig Lawrence gave a fun, geometric update to the classic, while Jena Theo added a touch of volume at the top with the help of some dry shampoo.  I also like the idea of adding another dimension to the look by keeping the white powder visible at the roots.

At McQ by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, these giant bagel shaped rolls looked amazing coming down the runway. I love the proportion and the shine!

Love the "punk rock peacock" hair at Louise Gray!! The bold shapes and dramatic yellow blondes worked incredibly well with the eclectic collection.

There were so many different looks at Meadham Kirchhoff, I couldn't do it justice without showing more than one! Yellow, orange, white, black- so many colours and and equal variety of alien inspired shapes came forth in this creative, upbeat collection of hairstyles!!

New York Fashion week - Autum Winter 2012

A/W 2012 Fashion Week season is here already, kicking off as usual in NYC!  There were so many beautiful hair looks this week, it was quite difficult to decide which ones to feature.  Here's the final selection of my favourites, as well as some key tips and tricks to inspire you to try something new at home! Carolina Herrera

Oscar de la Renta

Nearly everyone who knows me is aware of my fondness for huge hair, so it's no surprise that these were my two favorite looks at NYFW.  The hair at Carolina Herrera was wonderfully full, and the clean, smooth finishing and thin black headbands flattening the front kept the look modern.  Also feeling the simple grosgrain ribbons as a sweet finishing touch. At Oscar de la Renta, the volume was concentrated more in the sides and amplified by tucking under the ends.  Another great use of a headband, although this time it was thicker and a bit more glamourous.  You can create a headband like this at home with a satin scarf, ribbon, (even a man's necktie would work,) and change it up by attaching different jeweled pins, brooches, or earrings to suit your mood and match your outfit!  I recommend securing your chosen accessory by either using a safety pin, a spot of hot glue, or a few stitches on the underside of the band to ensure it stays put and doesn't go missing.


At Rodarte, the soft texture of the hair and the loose wrapped braids blended together beautifully, forming a subtle halo shape.  Reserving the golden stars for the sides of the head, (rather than all the way around,) kept the look elegant and provided a lovely sparkly finish...  My instincts are telling me we haven't seen the last of these celestial adornments!

Badgley Mischka

The high impact curls at Badgley Mischka added just the right amount of drama and edge to compliment the collection.  A fun party look, you can do this at home by applying a volumizing mousse to damp hair, and blowdrying upside down for maximum root lift. Once dry, wrap small sections around a tiny curling tong and mist with hairspray before brushing out with a paddle brush to create an airy texture.  Backcomb if necessary to create the shape you desire, and if your hair is very long, you may chose to either pin up the bottom pieces or let them run wild!

Lela Rose

Awesome side rolls at Lela Rose...this look is huge this season! To get at home, prep dry hair with powder and backcomb throughout.  Then gently brush all the hair over to one side,  and create a line of bob pins along the top corner of your head where you want the roll to arrive.  Next, roll the lengths of your hair up to the top and tuck under- securing by pinning into the base you created with your initial line of pins.  Finish with a strong hairspray, such as Wellaflex, for flexible hold and added shine.

Marc Jacobs

I adore these little braided knots- a simple, clean style that stays in place whether you are wearing a hat, (as the models did at the Marc Jacobs show,) or not!

Zac Posen

Copying this punk-geisha top knot from Zac Posen may be easier than you think!  Pull hair into a tight, high pony tail, then wrap another elastic about three quarters of the way down.  Next, twist and roll the tail to create a bump, and pin the lower elastic to the base of the pony. Finish off by flat ironing the remainder of the tail upwards and add plenty of hairspray before and after applying the iron to hold the 'blades' of hair in place.

Derek Lam

I love a good beehive, especially the loose version featured at Derek Lam. Use plenty of hairspray and be generous with the back-combing to form the bump at the crown, whilst leaving the front a bit softer. Secure some of the hair into a pony at the nape, but leaving several pieces free from the front and the back will give it an undone wear-ability, and provide an instant update to the classic style.


To create this beautifully wind blown look seen at Preen, start by applying a generous amount of mousse to damp hair and blowdrying.  Work loads of hair powder into the roots for a light texture that will allow for easy molding.  Tease your hair from the nape to the crown, and twist into a messy knot, securing with a few hairpins. Finish by blowdrying the loose bits of hair whilst misting on hairspray to create a "whoosh" effect.   Add a comb or barrette of your choice, and voila!

Calvin Klein

No wigs or faux fringes here! Apparently, the six Calvin Klein models who wore these bold, geometric bobs had their hair actually cut backstage just before the show! This is super rare - as the girls are typically busy jetting from one show to the next, seldom do they agree to actually chop their hair into such a dramatic shape during fashion week!  The rest of the girls wore pony tails with a slick finish on the top and a more dry texture at the ends.

Jason Wu

I always try to think outside of the box, and what I appreciate about the ponies at Jason Wu is the unusual usage of black bondage tape as a hair elastic. Not only does it look cool and modern, but the thickness held the tails away from the body, allowing for much a much more dramatic "swing" effect as the models walked.

Jeremy Scott

We've come to expect crazy, creative, and cartoonish hair at Jeremy Scott, and this season did not disappoint! Fun as ever, the frizzy blonde wigs were cut into exaggerated shapes and painted with random patches of pink, blue, and yellow.


Screen Actor's Guild Awards Hairstyles

With awards season in full swing, the Screen Actor's Guild Awards has arrived right on time to provide a lovely dose of red carpet eye candy! Whilst there were plently of the usual braids and long waves, these looks stood out for me as refreshingly chic: Besides the fact that she wore a pant suit among a sea of gowns, the shine, volume, and simplicity of Rose Byrne's bob set her apart and was easily one of my favorite styles of the evening.

Amber Heard's pretty pastel blonde hair was beautifully swept back in this soft, well proportioned up-style. Adore this look on Ashlee Simpson- the deep side part and side swept fringe was polished, sleek, and sophisticated, yet ultimately quite sexy. This cornflower blue gown was the perfect compliment to Jessica Chastain's gorgeous ginger hair colour!  The classic and romantic style provided the perfect finish to her look.

Gently swept back..perfect sunkissed highlights...effortlessly cool... whilst she's lovely as ever, I'm NOT talking about Angelina here!  Knockout partner and career aside -  any man would envy Brad Pitt his awesome head of hair!

Welcome to Miami!

Bienvenidos a Miami!! What a great feeling to touch down in this city. Bring on the sunshine, warmth, vibrant culture, and colorful cuisine!! Especially after the big chill that I have enjoyed (not) in London , Hamburg & Berlin in the last few days!

Won't have much time to play at the beach, however, as I am here with a killer crew to shoot nine- yes NINE- editorials. Rocked up with 52kg of equipment, wigs, extensions, colour - THE WORKS!

Can't wait to share the outcome with you.

Stay warm, x