Best Hairstyles From The 2017 Grammy Awards

If you’re a fashion and style enthusiastic, life just does not get better than this weekend. Two major awards show in one evening? Dozens of celebrities lighting up the red carpets? Endless hairstyles and fashion statements to deconstruct and recreate? Yes, please!

I’ve got to say this: the 2017 Grammy Awards might just be my favorite event from the 2017 awards season because of the sheer number of unusual hairstyles we saw. The BAFTAs were marked by sophisticated hairstyles but the Grammys were all about quirky, spirited choices. Here are some hairstyles that caught my eye.


I love how Adele’s signature style –dramatic eyeliner, voluminous hairstyle, retro trends– was at the core of her look at the 2017 Grammys, but with a twist. Her usually French twist/ bouffant has been tweaked a bit so that it looks more piled than pleated.

You just can’t do retro-inspired hairstyles with big curls as a textural base and I love how Adele’s strands cascade down one side in the softest, most romantic manner ever. There’s so much body and movement but it all looks so soft. Pro tip? Adele’s stylist has revealed that to keep the hair looking natural, he eschewed the usual combs and picks and instead did the bulk of the work with his hands. So you take a glamorous formal updo but make it look a little lived-in.

The honey-blonde color is also perfect for spring and summer.

Andra Day

Another lady who gets her style inspiration from the golden past is singer Andra Day. Her aesthetic is so deeply rooted in vintage sensibilities that looking at her is sort of like falling back in time. And yet, she manages to belong very much in the here and now by adding unpredictable, and sometimes outrageous, touches to her retro-inspired style choices.

Last night, for example, she dotted her 60s-inspired voluminous waves with real flowers and ribbon accessories. The massive waves and tons of height/ volume at the crown are the sort of hairdo we’re used to seeing on Lana Del Ray. The hairdo is statement enough in itself but she’s decked it out and made it even more striking. Points for panache.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is a sassy, sexy and intelligent lady and her style is proof of her colorful, powerful personality. Her wet-look piece-y lob from last night is stunning.

Wet-look hairstyles can be tricky to pull off but Chrissy’s is just glossy enough to count but not so much so that it looks greasy. To recreate the texture at home add some mousse to partly-damp hair, style to create waves and then finish with a gloss-boosting hairspray.

As you can see, Chrissy’s sporting an electric combination of highlights and lowlights. Her hair looks like it’s constantly moving between light and shadows and there’s an almost dizzying, hypnotic quality to it if you stare at the lengths long enough.

Kat Graham

I am a big fan of minimalism, strong clean lines and classic shapes when it comes to hairstyling. Yes, experimentation is fun. Editorial concepts and artistic hairstyles and crazy colors all make my work so much fun but in my heart, I enjoy the classics more than anything else. Which is why the current revivalism of subtle, sophisticated styling has me overjoyed. And Kat Graham’s hair from yesterday is one of my top picks of the night.

The hair is divided into 2 segments: the front, which is further parted into two sides and the back, which boasts some volume at the crown and falls long, loose and straight down the back. There are distinct but understated lines and planes at play here so that the layperson actually feels instead of sees the depth of styling.

While Kat’s hair here was obviously intended to be the ideal foil to her statement glitter lip, in my opinion it’s the kind of hairstyle every woman can where everywhere she goes.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s voluminous, messy high ponytail is the glammed-up version of your everyday ponytail and it looks fantastic. The pink-tinged and coral-tipped ends set just the mood for spring. It’s fun, fresh, vibrant and actually pretty wearable, coming from Gaga/

Paris Jackson

Paris’ shaggy, voluminous haircut is sure to make its way to a ton of summer 2017 hairstyle inspiration boards. It ticks all the ‘beachy’ and ‘boho’ style boxes. There’s a tiny braid playing peek-a-boo on one side, and that particular detail helps create a contrast between the volume up top and on one side and an undercut-like effect where the braid is.

This look is all about the texture. You can create it in bobs, lobs and shag-cuts of any length and thickness. Begin by washing your hair and allowing it to air-dry for about 10 minutes. Then run a dollop of mousse through your hair. If you’ve got very fine hair, be sure to use a volumizing product. Then, using a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment flip your hair upside down and begin drying your hair. Keep scrunching with your fingers as you go along as well and really, really build up the volume. Once you’re done, part and style your hair anyway you like and be sure to add some hairspray.


This is the year of keeping things natural, and when it comes to hairstyling, nothing is as beautiful as celebrating natural hair texture. Solange’s gravity-defying curls are fierce and fabulous. I love the crazy height and shape that’s been achieved here, and that auburn-brunette hair color deserves a shoutout too. While the hairstyle is definitely quirky, it’s also really smart: notice how it plays off the unusual neckline of her outfit? Genius.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these hairstyles as much as I have. We’re getting closer to the 2017 Oscars and they’re sure to be fabulous. In the meantime, give these hair trends a go!










Best Hairstyles From The 2017 BAFTA Awards

Such a busy, busy weekend. And so much fun! The 70th British Academy Film Awards Red Carpet was a proper star-studded affair, and quite possibly the most glamorous run of this awards season so far. 

Anya Taylor-Joy                 

I can never resist a perfectly styled ponytail, and Anya Taylor-Joy’s center-parted, low-slung pony was one of the best of the night. A tiny bit of volume at the crown makes the ponytail more glamorous, while still keeping the look very fresh and fuss-free. Perfect for showing off a busy neckline and jewelry.

Bryce Dallas Howard

Bryce continues to be my go-to example of how to make red hair work all the time, and last night was no exception. You’d think that a topknot would have no place on a formal red carpet but this twisty bun is fab. For contrast, keep the crown base very smooth. A full, face-framing graduated fringe is a major style statement on its own, but keeping the rest of the hair up and away balances the look out.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

It’s not often that the royalty attend these events so it’s no wonder that all eyes were on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as they made their way on the 2017 BAFTAs Red Carpet. Kate Middleton’s style evolution is one of the best-documented in recent times and her signature look is widely accepted as the perfect balance of timelessness and trendiness.

Last night, she traded in her usual blowout for a massive bouffant-and-twisted-bun updo. It’s definitely a dramatic look for Catherine, and perfect for the event. She’s obviously someone who is used to living in the spotlight, but its no mean feat to be able to hold your own in a sea of people for whom looking stylish at all times is a part of their trade. Kate’s updos are usually more closely packed and of the braided variety so I do enjoy this somewhat unpredictable choice of hers. Also worth noting: bouffants can end up looking stiff and helmet-like but Kate’s looks soft to the touch and the few loose wispy strands help as well.

Emily Blunt

There was something unbelievably dreamy about Emily Blunt’s look last night: the twisted updo played off against the bold bodice of her gown and statement lip perfectly. Note how drawing the parting just slightly off-center creates this beautiful swooping shape at the hairline when you roll and tuck back the front. It’s a rather romantic hairstyle, and one I think will work perfectly for Spring Summer 2017 brides.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone’s BAFTA win for La La Land was one of last night’s big moments –and her style did justice to her moment. Emma rocked one of 2017’s biggest hair trends: ultra sleek, ultra long hair. If you look closely, you’ll see that her side parting runs at an angle along the natural curve of the head and not straight back, as is usual. Doing so really helps frame the face at the hairline, adds natural volume at the crown and it’s also a softer look than the standard side part. The hairstyle is sophisticated but minimalistic and the right fit for her metallic, bejeweled outfit.

Jessica Brown Findlay

The erstwhile Lady Sybil Crawley from Downton Abbey was the picture of modern style sensibilities last evening, sporting two of 2017’s hottest hair trends: buttery platinum blonde hair and a softly-messy bob. If the textured, tousled bobs aren’t your thing but you don’t want something super angular and sleek either, here’s how you walk the line between the two extremes. Keep the texture very soft, with just a hint of waviness from the mid-lengths on. Part the bob to one side to create volume at the crown. The ends are softer and more blunted than we’ve come to see in most bobs recently. To add some 90s drama and diffuse the starkness of the bleached bob, opt for darker roots.

Thandie Newton

Thandie Newton brought some major drama to the BAFTAs last evening. She was seen sporting 2017’s breakthrough hair trend: super long, super straight hair parted down the middle. A lot of my clients hesitate when it comes to coloring their hair dark because it can look harsh and tends to limit styling options given that the more intricate hairstyles like braids just don’t show up as well as they do in light hair. But when you color it right, dark hair is absolutely gorgeous. Thandie’s deep chocolate, woodsy brown base has a soft mahogany cast that lends warmer, auburn undertones to the strands. You can see her hair catching the light and reflecting an oxblood hue in places and the effect is delicious. And when you’ve got a powerful, sensual base like this even the most classic hairstyles come alive like never before.

Which of these looks did you enjoy the most? There were so many other hairstyles at the 2017 BAFTAs that I loved, including Viola Davis’ perfectly tousled, piece-y bob. Next up, we’re going to cover the best hairstyles from the 2017 Grammy Awards. Stay tuned. 

Hair Trends From Paris Men’s Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2017-2018

Paris is the city where mediocrity has no place. There are no averages, only extremes: in art, in love and of course, in fashion. It comes as no surprise then that it was at the Paris Men’s Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2017-2018 that we saw an increased emphasis on dramatic, romantic men’s hairstyles. While the Men’s Fashion Week trends from London and Milan were more about smart-casual men’s hairstyles and an attempt at revisiting classic men’s haircuts, Paris proved to be more flamboyant and sensitive.

Andrea Crews

If you’ve ever fancied growing your hair out –and just about every man has, at least once in his life– now’s the time to do it. Relaxed shoulder-length hair is going to be a solid men’s hair trend for Summer 2017. Wear the crown parted down the middle and slicked down till the ears, leaving the rest wavy. The vibe is very soulful, very Hozier.

Haider Ackermann

In sharp contrast to the previous hairstyle, we have the wet-look, combed-back hairstyle best associated with the silver screen Sicilian Mafioso-type. The models from the Haider Ackermann Men’s Autumn Winter 2017-2018 runway are proof that a sharp hairstyle and a sharp outfit really do maketh the man. If you’re looking for a hairstyle that is a powerful statement without being too fussy, this is it. The hairstyle is best paired with a clean-shaven face. It’s slick, sexy and sophisticated and if we were to define ‘men’s glamour’ in 2017, this look would be it.


Men’s cropped hairstyles, short haircuts and buzz cuts are also making a comeback this year. This look works on minimalism and a laidback charm. It’s about low-key, understated fashion where you’re comfortable without compromising on style. If the plain men’s short haircuts seem boring to you, take a cue from the Icosae Men’s Autumn Winter 2017-2018 show and ask your stylist to add a taper fade detail.

Louis Vuitton

One of my favorite 2017 men’s hair trends is the return of curly hairstyles and natural textures. Messy, curly mops are the ultimate cool guy hairstyle. There’s a devil-may-care feel about this particular look because it’s dismissive about all kinds of rules about curly/ natural hair not making for appropriate men’s formal hairstyles. The curly haired mop is fun, happy, confident and approachable. To add a touch of high fashion, wear the haircut like the models from the Louis Vuitton Men’s Autumn Winter 2017-2018 fashion show: with maximum volume at the top, slightly shorter sides and longish-ends that stop at the back of the neck.


Men’s hair trends in 2017 are embracing two ends of the style spectrum: on the one hand, we’re looking at classical revivalism and on the other, celebrating hairstyles with flair. The haircuts from the Rynshu Men’s Autumn Winter 2017-2018 show in Paris fall into the latter category. These tousled, side-parted chin-length bobs are a really unique men’s hair trend and a good one at that. Ask your stylist to cut your hair in two levels, one at the chin and the other around the nape of the neck for maximum drama. If you’re uncomfortable with a layered cut, you can always use a side part to create different angles and heights to play around with the look. If you’ve naturally straight hair and aren’t averse to a spot of styling, curling the ends brings that preppy-poet mood that’s dominating men’s hair trends right now.

Next up, we’ll take a look at the men’s hair trends New York Men’s Autumn Winter 2017-2018 Fashion Week.

Hair Trends From Milan Men’s Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2017-2018

We’ve seen what the London 2017 Men’s Fashion Week had to offer; it’s time to move onto Milan. Italy has long been the place where trends are born and return to for that extra bit of polishing. In other words, if it’s in Milan, it’s worth your time.

In the last couple of months I’ve done a bunch of trend mapping and style forecasting for men’s 2017 grooming trends and it was at Milan that I really saw them mature from possibilities into full-blown trends. The best part? All of these trends are super wearable, universal and fun.

Here are 3 men’s hair and grooming trends that were all the rage in Milan.

Diesel Black Gold


Kicking it off with one of 2017’s biggest men’s hair trends: full, side-parted bangs. The side parting is the secret to keeping this look from taking over your face; it frames the face, keeps the fringe from sitting too squarely (something that doesn’t quite work on men’s facial structures the same way it does on women’s) and that tiny sliver of forehead on one side works a bit like whitespace in balancing out an otherwise bold style choice.

The bangs are best balanced out by chin-length haircuts and smooth, straight texture. The finish here is soft, free flowing and naturally shiny. The goal is for hair to look healthy and hip but not particularly styled.

Dirk Bikkembergs

One of the 2017’s biggest hair trends across all demographics is the structural extremes trend. It’s interesting how the idea has shaped: industry stalwarts started out wanting to bring back the classics, keep it all simple and sophisticated, and in doing so realized that there are so many iterations of those qualities. You’ve got super-smooth cuts and finishes and you’ve got messier, tousled, more-stylized looks. And so, we’re now celebrating extremes and contrasts like never before: it’s a dialogue between bedhead and boardroom style and I’m here for it. The hairstyles on these models at the Dirk Bikkembergs Men’s Autumn Winter 2017/ 2018 show are proof that some very different men’s haircuts can work equally well within the same context (place, outfit, occasion) and make powerful impacts.

Yoshio Kubo / Moto Guo / Consistence

More proof that fringes/ bangs in men’s hairstyles are going to be one of the biggest breakthrough men’s trends of 2017.

While the full fringe from the Diesel Black Gold Men’s AW17 show is already an off-runway hit, I’d love to see more of this look from the Yoshio Kubo, Moto Guo, Consistence Men's Fall 2017 runway. It’s both creative and classic, and that’s the sort of winning formula that is really going to push men’s styling to greater heights this year.

I love the angular, tapered cut: it’s a really fun shape and the inverted ‘V’ at the hairline and the graduated length keep the look from getting too extreme. Smart, sexy styling for the win!

Traditionally, men have stayed away from haircuts with bangs because there’s this unspoken notion that these styles lend an air of frivolity to the wearer. I’ve also noticed that men who do have fringes either wear them in overtly casual hairstyles (shoulder length surfer-dude haircuts or uber-messy, curly mops) or style them away to hide them in comb-overs and slicked-back dos. However, all that is about to change this year and I definitely give my vote to trying out men’s haircuts with bangs.

If you’re feeling the hot-hot-hot trend of men’s fringes, I also recommend checking out photographs from the Etro Autumn Winter 2017 showcase: the spiky, piece-y, fanned-out fringes were another one of my favorite men’s hairstyles from Milan Men’s 2017.

So those are my picks for the best men’s hairstyles and grooming trends from Milan AW17-18. Which ones did you like? We’ll be diving into the Paris Men’s Fashion Week next, so be sure to come back soon. 

Best Hairstyles From The 2017 SAG Awards

Ok, so the 2017 SAG Awards Red Carpet was, hands down, my favorite so far from this awards season. The hairstyling was absolutely fantastic. We’ve got so much variety, so many interesting new looks and the most diverse range of style icons to gaze at. I’m talking a spectrum of ages, races and personalities, not to mention a thrilling range of textures, styles and detailing. Something that has me particularly chuffed is that we saw a lot of people ditch their trademark looks in favor of newer, bolder styles.

Janelle Monáe

Janelle’s style choices continue to woo audiences and stylists alike. Who would have thought that double Minnie Mouse buns could be worn again and again in formal settings and to such fabulous effect? Janelle’s hairstyle from last night is proof that you can have so much fun with your look if you just try. It’s such a quirky hairdo and I think it works beautifully on her, from the metallic headband and the silvery flower hair accessories to the curly texture. She looks fun, pretty and happy and it just doesn’t get better than that.

Maisie Richards

The young Game of Thrones star looked ravishing last evening with her deep chestnut locks and a vintage-inspired hairstyle. Old Hollywood hairdos like the classic Veronica Lake-inspired waves are always associated with medium-long hair but Maisie shows us just how well classic glam wears in short bobs and lobs too.

Millie Bobby Brown

Another young star making a big, big impression. It’s hard to talk of Millie Bobby Brown and do anything but gush about her performance in Stranger Things but can we just take a moment to appreciate how lovely she looks here? The super-voluminous, brushed-back bouffant-bob might sound like a hairstyle for a much older person but Millie wears it with such panache. Youthful makeup and an embellished headband keep the look age-appropriate but also interesting.

Natalia Dyer

More proof that you can wear retro-inspired hairstyles in short hair. Natalia’s shoulder-length cut lends itself beautifully to the gentle waves and deep side part of this hairstyle. She’s channeling that old world Fifties quality beautifully, without looking shellacked.

Sarah Paulson

Sarah Paulson debuted her new brunette locks last night and paved the way for a season of celebrity style transformations. We’re all so used to her trademark platinum bob that it’s almost like looking at a whole other person. She looks wonderful and that color is the perfect choice if you want something that’ll look right all through the year. The rich espresso base is warmed up with a honey cast and blonder highlights and it’s like staring into a mug of cinnamon-infused hot chocolate. Delish! 

Sophia Bush

Everyone’s talking about Sophia Bush’s pink eye shadow but it’s the relaxed, low ponytail that has me excited. It’s a breezy statement by itself, no doubt, but when you’re gunning to go strong with another aspect of your look, this is just the kind of hair you want- stylish but not too styled. The classic black ribbon is elegant, not twee, and Sophia is sporting 2017’s hottest hair texture: barely-there waves in a mostly smooth base.

Tracee Ellis Ross

I usually look for braids on red carpets because the other hairstyles usually tend to fall into one or two major categories –buns and classic formal down-dos– and you can always count on a braid to spice the mood up. But in a sea of fabulous hairstyles, each more inspired than the one before it, Trace Ellis Ross’ braid isn’t just a salve: it’s a showstopper in every sense of the word.

There’s so much to love about this particular braid. For starters, messy braids are the perfect choice for when you want to look glam but comfortable. Keeping the crown slick allows you to show off your makeup/jewelry while the natural, messy texture of the braid adds a dash of fierceness. Also, it’s a small detail but I do enjoy the use of the wiry cord to secure the braid: it’s an unexpected touch, gritty and unique, much like Tracee herself.

My other favorite looks of the night include Brie Larson’s textured updo, Nicole Kidman’s knotted bun and Taraji P. Henson’s kicky undercut-and-angled-bob.

Hair Trends From London Men’s Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2017-2018

It’s really heartening to see that the Men’s Fashion Weeks are drumming up as much enthusiasm and interest this year as their more mainstream variant. I’ve been saying it for a while now: men’s grooming and styling is really coming into its own and the Men’s Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2017-2018 shows have generated a buzz even I wasn’t expecting!

Let’s take a look at some of the best men’s grooming and styling trends to come out of London Men’s Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2017-2018.


Two of my favorite men’s style icons of all time –Elvis and James Dean– come together in this hairstyle, which is both timeless and trendy. The look is pared down by keeping the texture very soft and natural so it doesn’t look too heavily styled. While the quiff with its trademark billowy structure is right there, there’s a lot less product and stiffness so that the end result feels more modern. Think of it as blurring and diffusing some of the drama to make the look more wearable. In the same vein, instead of full-on sideburns, the face is clean-shaven but the hair at the temples is cut longer and styled into a low swoop, so you can pay homage to the King without veering into costume-territory.

E. Tautz

Big fan of the texture here. We just don’t see enough curls in men’s hairstyles, let alone tightly wound and deliberately styled like so. This men’s hairstyle evokes a quintessentially English sensibility. The look is elegant, deliberate and proud but you can also sense an undercurrent of emotion and frailty. Yes, a hairstyle can be all that and more! The English collegiate/ university lad look is a classic and a great way to infuse some poetic romanticism into everyday life.

Edward Crutchley

The Edward Crutchley show at London Men’s Fashion Week AW17 was possibly one of my favorites because of all the cool men’s hairstyles we saw. There are a bunch of different looks to choose from with a few common elements: volume, movement, swooping lines and accent details around the hairline. Again, even though the hair has been deliberately crafted, it still looks and feels soft to the touch. Men’s fringes might seem hard to style but if you’re adventurous, you can do something new everyday.

Oliver Spencer

This particular men’s hairstyle from the Oliver Spencer Men’s Autumn Winter 2017 show caught my eye because it’s a great example of how to pair a messy, longish men’s hairstyle with a beard. Getting the hairstyle-beard combo right is a crucial element of men’s styling and one that so many chaps continue to get wrong. If you’re tempted to play it safe by pairing a bold men’s hairstyle with a clean-shaven face, don't give up just yet! The trick is to balance the look out. A short-medium stubble might be unremarkable by itself but works beautifully with medium-length hairstyles, bedhead vibes and the scruffy, artsy mood that’s so on-trend right now.

Topman Design

The men’s hairstyles from the Topman Design AW 17 show get my vote because they go in an unusual direction where color is concerned: for some reason, most dialogue on men’s hair color trends continues to focus on darker, deeper brunette tones. I’ve talked about how platinum hair color for men is going to be major this year and it’s nice to see the industry make interesting choices like buttery blonde and pale gold hair color for men.

Quite a fun mix of men’s hair trends and grooming options, isn’t it? Next up we have the post on the Milan Men’s Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2017-2018 shows, so be sure to check back soon for more!


Best Hairstyles From The 2017 People’s Choice Awards

Another awards show, another set of great hairstyles to recreate! Styling at the People’s Choice Awards tends to be relatively more casual than the Golden Globes and the Oscars, so it’s a great place to pick up inspiration for ‘real’ life. So even though the 2017 People’s Choice Awards didn’t break any barriers where hairstyling is concerned, there is a lot here to learn from if you want to kick up your own personal style.

Here’s my pick of the best hairstyles from the 2017 People’s Choice Awards.

1. Jamie Chung

Rocking one of 2017’s hottest hair color trends, Jamie Chung was a vision on the red carpet. The soft, buttery blonde highlights and pale moonlight-hued lowlights make Jamie’s darker base really come alive. The ‘natural glam hair color trend’ is going to be one of the biggest hair trends in 2017 and the mood is very sophisticated, very luxe. The key to getting the trend right is in picking colors that feel natural against your skin tone and using a painting technique like balayage so that there are no harsh lines or artificial-seeming color placements.    

2. Lilly Singh

Another one of my predictions from the piece on 2017’s hottest hair trends showed up on the 2017 People’s Choice Awards Red Carpet yesterday: YouTube sensation Lilly Singh looked spectacular in ultra-long, super-straight hair parted down the middle. The look is very simple but very sophisticated. Hairstyles like these are sneakily bold because there just isn’t a lot going on for you to hide behind and that’s what makes them so major: they call for confidence, happiness and a genuine love for fashion.   

3. Priyanka Chopra

The Quantico star continues to make waves- quite literally here, with her hairstyle. Yet another of 2017’s major hair trends: barely-there waves in a smooth base. Beachy waves and boho/ mermaid waves are out this year and they’ve been replaced with straight hair softened up with a hint of texture and some volume to give it more life. Parting your hair on one side and flipping it over is an easy way to create a lot of volume and body without doing any extra styling. Use a flat iron to create soft ‘folds’ and then comb them through for these minimalistic waves.

4. Ruby Rose

Even though long hair is going to be the major look for 2017, Ruby Rose’s edgy pixie cut continues to make a strong case for short hair. If the usual delicate pixie haircuts and gamine crops aren’t your thing, go for something with a little more volume up top and asymmetrical edges for greater styling opportunities. The contrast between the slicked-down hair on one side and the cheek-kissing bangs on the other makes for a great look. Also worth noting is the stellar hair color Ruby has going right now: the balance of deep mahogany and chocolate base with the honeyed tips is delicious.

5. Yara Shahidi

The Black-ish star is always so fabulously turned out that one forgets just how young she is! Yara’s red carpet appearances have been a joy to study because she’s got this innate sense of style where every bit of her look comes together perfectly and you can just tell that it’s as authentic as it gets.

Her hairstyle from the 2017 People’s Choice Awards is one of my favorites of the night because it’s such a fresh take on a classic: the topknot is everyone go-to anytime/anywhere-hairstyle but we almost always see it in sleek, straight hair and Yara’s beautiful, naturally kinky curly hair breathes new life into the look. Slick topknots tend to look more worked-on, and thus more formal which is why Yara’s look is perfect for when you’re feeling a friskier, flirtier and more energetic vibe. Also: the curly bangs parted to a side are a total stroke of genius. They add so much vibrancy to the look and work beautifully with the classic makeup.

So there you have it: a number of great looks that would work perfectly for a variety of occasions and moods. Try some and check back at the end of the month for the best hairstyles from the 2017 SAG Awards.

Best Hair Trends From 2017 Spring Summer Men’s Fashion Week

Since we’ll be looking at the best women’s hairstyles and hair trends from the ongoing Spring Summer 2017 shows, it’s only fair to show a little love to the hair trends to come out of the Men’s Spring Summer 2017 Fashion Week events earlier in the year. After all, boys wanna have fun too!

Here are my top picks of the best hairstyles from the Men’s Fashion Week. Enjoy!

Trend #1: The Italian

Let’s be honest: there’s something about slicked-back crowns and dark hair that immediately makes you think of all the famous Italian film and TV characters. Fancy a bit of the Goodfellas vibe while staying on the right side of the law? Just buy yourself a tub of wet-look styling cream, mousse or paste and get working. Keep the sides brushed back and slicked tight to the head while adding more volume and height at t he crown. Lift and comb back to create movement. Work with your fingers and really get in there to shape the style like you want.

Trend #2: The Platinum

I did a post sometime back about how the men’s platinum hair trend is one of the biggest developments in fashion of late and I’m glad to see it echoed here at the Diesel Black Gold Men’s Spring Summer 2017 show. Platinum is always powerful, but it’s even more unexpected on men than it is on women. If your personal style statement tends to follow the ‘shock and awe’ motto, you know what you need to do next.

Trend #3: The Thinker

Want a soulful look that doesn’t make you look too styled? The latest men’s hair trend is the brow-skimming bangs. Guaranteed to draw attention to your peepers and make people wonder what’s going on behind them. Wear in short hair for an interesting contrast between lengths. The haircut has a distinct boy-philosopher-next-door vibe. Seen here on male models from the Helen Anthony show during Men’s Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017.

Trend #4: The Beach Preppy

Think that the Ivy League and surfer dude sensibilities are on two ends of the style spectrum? Not anymore! With the Marni Men’s Spring Summer 2017, we’re learning that you can rock a tweed blazer and hang ten and still come out on top. Take your cues from the Marni Men’s Spring Summer 2017 runway and rock a medium-length cut. We want lots of body and movement, so no slicking down or styling away. Add a dollop of mousse to 80% dry hair and run your fingers through your hair and scrunch to boost graininess. Finger-brush the front away towards the back, lifting and pinching at the crown to create a wave. For more formal occasions, wear to a smoother finish, parted to a side.

Trend #5: The Musician

Care for something wilder, freer and more artsy? Let Missoni guide you to greatness. Curls are the biggest hair trend of 2016 and the great thing about this texture is that it works beautifully for all genders, age groups, and ethnicities- what have you. Curls are beautiful, bold and soulful and there’s something refreshingly unapologetic about a head full of free-falling curls in a world that’s all too polished, smoothened down and straightened out. You can choose from a variety of curly hairstyles for men but if you’re feeling adventurous, might I suggest this chin-length shaggy do with bangs?

You’ll notice that most of these men’s hair trends are rooted in very classic style sensibilities and have essentially just been updated with more modern textures and setting. Men’s hair trends tend to experience less frequent and more restrained changes as compared to women’s hair trends, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a whole lot of fun with them. 

Best Hairstyles From The 2017 Golden Globes

The 74th Golden Globe Awards were everything I was hoping for in terms of styling and hair trends. As the first major event of the 2017 awards season, the Golden Globes are a sign of things to come and judging from last evening, I’m sure we’ve got a lot of goodness to look forward to.

Here is my pick of the best hairstyles from the 2017 Golden Globes. Prepare to get pinning!

Brie Larson

Old Hollywood hair is a Red Carpet constant. And I’m not complaining: is there really anything as enchanting as voluminous side-swept waves? I think not. Last night, it was Brie Larson who wore the hairstyle to perfection.

To put a modern spin onto an old classic, Brie’s makeup artist used a slightly deeper red lip and smokier eyes than the traditional pairing goes and I think they worked beautifully with the hair.

You just can’t go wrong with these Veronica Lake-esque waves for formal events and this is a sure sign that the classic hairstyles revival trend is going to be major for 2017.

Janelle Monae

Janelle is one of those people whose personal sense of style is really that: unique to the individual, truly stylish and always inspired. She’s made a brand out of her style choices and every time she steps out, she makes a fabulous statement. She’s been playing with hair accessories a lot of late and I’m loving this most recent addition to that perfect portfolio.

I’ve been talking about how vintage and retro-inspired hairstyles are going to be a dominant trend in 2017 and Janelle’s beehive is proof of the same. These old school hairstyles make for strong style statements as of themselves, but if you do want to give it a bit of a modern twist, there’s always room to get creative. For instance, Janelle’s big, bold beehive was trimmed out with small pearl accents. The choice of accessory is a stroke of genius because while the end result is so quirky, it also doesn’t get more classic than pearls.

Kerry Washington & Priyanka Chopra

Kerry Washington and Priyanka Chopra had more in common than just their berry lips and gold gowns at the Golden Globes: both women were seen rocking one of 2017’s biggest hair trends to be- soft, sophisticated hair color. In a recent interview I talked about how the ‘natural glam hair color trend’ is going to be one of the breakthrough hair trends of 2017 and I’m so excited to see it start on the Red Carpet already. The artful placement of highlights and lowlights is a fantastic way to look polished and glamorous without looking overdone. And as we can see, the look translates beautifully from real life to Red Carpet.

Lily Collins

Lily Collins has this particular style which is the rather unusual marriage of ‘Victorian romantic’ and ‘glam goth’. It’s such an unexpected way to go and I think I’ve broken it down here: the use of pinks and berry tones in her makeup against the delicate, detailed hairdos and gowns that she obviously favors. We’ve got romantic but vampy colors working with romantic and vintage-y cuts and structures.

For the Globes’ Lily wore her hair in a textured updo with braided accents. Soft curls and updos are the perfect compliment to a formal gown but Lily’s stylist kicked it up a notch by adding a fishtail braid around the base of ‘do. It’s fascinating how the intricacy of the braid plays off of the detailing on the gown. The undone curls that form the bun as well as the soft wispy strands flowing free really soften the look. I think this is the perfect bridal hairstyle for spring-summer 2017.

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell was absolutely resplendent last night (when is she not?) but what’s really great about her Golden Globes hairstyle is that it’s poised to become one of 2017’s biggest hair trends. Poker-straight, extra-long hair parted down the middle is going to be the haircut/ hairstyle of 2017. Think of it as 2017’s response to the textured lob. Campbell and Cher have been rocking the look for years but it’s never been as hot as it’s going to be this year. For a hairstyle that’s ostensibly simple, it’s as powerful as style can get. Time to start growing those bobs out or investing in hair extensions!

Natalie Portman

Another retro-inspired hairstyle that turned a lot of heads was Natalie Portman’s half-up half-down hairdo with the bouffant accent. Portman’s portrayal of Jackie O earned her a nomination this year and her 60s statement hair guaranteed a place on most ‘best styled’ lists coming out today. It’s a great hairstyle for when you want to keep your hair away from the face and show off an outfit and accessories. Old school, ultra formal hairstyles are making a comeback this year and fashion is going to be a lot more deliberate this season.

Ruth Negga

Another vintage-y hairdo came our way in the form of funky finger waves on Ruth Negga. While 2017 is going to be the year that long hair dominates the style narrative, Ruth’s look is solid inspiration for those of you who aren’t ready to give up on your pixies and cropped haircuts just yet. This is how you keep your hair short while maximizing the romantic, feminine energy that’s so trendy this year.

For more hair inspiration from the 2017 Golden Globes be sure to check out other divas like Tracee Ellis Ross, Olivia Culpo, Emma Stone and Naomi Harris.

2017 Trend Forecast: What’s Going To Be Hot For Hair This Year

2017 Trend Forecast: What’s Hot For Hair This Year

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you’ve had a great start to 2017 and are ready to get down to business: today we’re going to be taking a look at what you can expect from 2017 hair trends.

#1 The Mood

If I can sum up everything hair-related that’s coming your way in 2017 in one word, I’d go with ‘classic’. 2017 is going to be the year that marks the revival of all the best in hairstyling: old school understated elegance and sophisticated glamour. No frills and cheap thrills here: 2017 hair trends are all about timeless beauty and trends that aren’t ‘trends’ so much so as fashion fundamentals.

#2 The Cuts

We’ve seen a lot of pixies, angled bobs and asymmetrical cuts over the past few seasons and while I enjoy them as much as the next person, I’m thrilled to see an upsurge of interest in the more traditional, elegant haircuts and styles. We’re talking longer lengths –shoulder length and beyond–, cleaner lines and unfussy cuts. It’s all about creating and celebrating natural shapes and volumes so I expect to see a lot of ‘soft U’ cuts and even lengths in the coming months.

#3 The Colors

Hair color trends in 2017 are going to shift back towards the ‘normal tones’ of the color spectrum. I’m talking various shades of the natural hues: brunettes, blondes, reds and ebony. I’m particularly excited to see how the celebrities deploy the ‘natural glam hair color trend’ in the coming weeks during the 2017 awards season. Going darker or lighter than your usual base is a great way to experiment with hair color without doing anything too crazy.

Another way to play around with the softer hair colors is to add lowlights and highlights to your base. It’s a great technique for adding movement to dark bases and striking a balance between deep and light hair colors. If you want to start out small, ask your colorist to place streaks around the face only. The natural glam hair color trend is classy and low-maintenance, and style just doesn’t get better than that.

As far as techniques go, I’ll be playing around with a lot of hand-painted balayage-like techniques in soft V-shapes for diffused dimensionality.

#4 The Textures

We saw a lot of really amped up, played up textures last year and in keeping with the overall mood, expect the total opposite in 2017. The dominant hairstyle for 2017 is super straight, super sleek hair with a strong middle part. Think Cher and Morticia Adams but with softer makeup to balance out the drama.

If you do want to experiment with a softer wavier texture, know this: ringlets, curls and beachy waves belong in 2016. Relaxed texture for 2017 is all about barely-there flat waves. Use a flat iron to introduce the most minimalistic kinks in your hair, keeping the ‘waves’ far apart and loose. Keep the ends straight to keep up with this year’s hottest hair texture.

The one exception to this rule is going to be volume. 2017 is going to be the year of classic, vintage-y hair trends and nothing defines the golden years of Hollywood quite like massive volume. And now, we’re seeing a combination of the two major trends of the year –straight, sleek texture and dramatic volume– pop up, like with Natalie Portman’s glorious Jackie O-inspired half-up half-down hairstyle at the 2017 Golden Globe awards.

#5 The Return of Glam

The last few seasons have been all about unconventional and/or laidback styling. The mood has veered between confrontational and carefree: from messy textures and lived-in looks to crazy colors and radical cuts. In 2017, the spirit of hairstyling is going to return to a place of genteel sensibilities, deliberate styling and a sense of formality. We’re talking intentional glamour over accidental attractiveness. Think Old Hollywood hairstyles like retro waves, French twists and bouffants. There’s a lot to be said for funky and quirky cuts and colors being balanced with understated makeup and accessories for special occasions but we’re now returning to a place where formal hairstyles will be given their due.

#6 The Men

The biggest 2017 men’s grooming trend is going to be a movement of sorts; call it an awakening if you will: I see a definite interest in active, conscious decision-making regarding choosing hairstyle and beard combos. For the most part, most guys have always had a signature look or a particular hairstyle/ facial hair look that they always sport. Even when they choose to experiment with one element, the other usually goes unnoticed. Except your standard beard/haircut might not fall into placed with a cool new look.

This year I expect men to pay more attention to different aspects of grooming that work well together and are great style statements as of themselves as well as in totality. I’ll be crafting a beard-hairstyle cheat sheet soon just for you guys!

#7 The End of Extremes

The primary driving force behind 2017 hair trends is a return to the basics, but basic doesn’t mean boring, far from it! It’s stylish, luxurious and bold. The classics don’t have to leap out and grab you by the eyeballs: they are the conversation. 2017 is going to be the year that the extreme hair color trends craze finally fizzles out a little bit. I’m sure we’ll see the pop of unusual color every now and then but the real statement this year is going to be polished, mature colors with an emphasis on healthy, shiny and thick hair.

In a nutshell, the vibe this year is a lot more grown-up, a lot more powerful. 

Glam On The Go: 3 Easy Day-to-Night Hairstyles

I love practical fashion. Two words that you don’t see together very often. But I love it when a particular hair trend or style can be tweaked, adapted and upgraded because that really justifies the amount of time, effort and money you invest into it. At the end of the day, we’re all looking for great value –no matter what’s at stake. So, when it comes to laboring over fabulous hairstyles, most folks tend to take the easy route because there’s this idea that looking good doesn’t come easy and making a whole lot of effort for a couple of hours just doesn’t make sense on a daily basis.

But what if I told you there was a way to shoot down both those concerns? Yep. Now you can choose hairstyles that are not only super easy and stylish, but also versatile. Changing your look within minutes when your plans change has never been easier. Here are my 3 favorite day-to-night hairstyles for women on the go.

1. French Twist To Flirty Updo

Everyone knows that the classic French twist is the ultimate workplace/ formal hairstyle. Nothing says ‘competent and classy’ quite like the French twist, but is that really the vibe you want when you’re heading out for drinks and dancing after work? Most women end up undoing the French twist for a more casual look but if you want to keep things neat and manageable so that you can focus on the fun, what are your options?

Here’s how you can make the French twist club-cool in moments.

Pull a few tendrils loose at the front. French twists are typically styled in sleek, straight hair for extra polish, so you want to add some texture now. Head to the bathroom and dampen your hands and pat the loose tendrils so they’re wet. Take small sections and wrap them around your index finger and hold. Gently remove your finger and allow the curled section to fall naturally and air dry. Spray on some hairspray for hold if you’ve got any. Wear on both sides to frame the face or  you can also loosen and curl more hair and then pull over to a side to create a deep part and thick, curly faux-bangs.

If you also have short bangs, let them fall naturally and style the curled tendrils on either side to create a single fringe with different elements that work together.

For some added oomph, slide the thin end of a rattail comb under the hair at the crown and very, very gentle lift upwards. This creates some elevation at the crown and gives that beehive-effect, while also slightly mussing up the look for a more fun-appropriate style.

Voila! Instant flirty accents done in minute.

2. Top Knot To Bombshell Waves

This is without a doubt the easiest item on this list. Everyone loves the good old topknot or messy bun. Everyone dons one on the regular. Here’s how you make it fab.

Start in freshly washed hair and allow it to dry naturally till it’s about 50% dry. Then rub some texturizing spray or cream throughout the lengths and scrunch it up with your hands. Next, take a styling mousse or crème (something with a holding property) and comb it through the entire length. Now, gather your hair and twist and roll upwards into the knot and secure it into place. Spritz on some light-hold hairspray to help the texture set.

When you’re ready to transition into your ‘fun’ hairstyle, just undo the topknot and say hello to gorgeous wavy hair. You can rock the beachy waves or take it a step further still if you like. Scrunch the roots a bit and maybe tease them for a little height. Run your fingers through your hair to loosen the beachy waves into bigger curls. Create a side part and flip your hair over onto one side. Old Hollywood waves have never been easier!

3. Typical To Tiered

When you’re heading out in the morning, style your hair as you normally do. Ponytails, chignons, classic buns- it all works. I recommend leaving your hair loose because 1) it’ll allow for a relaxed texture so you won’t have to do much about it later and 2) it’ll make for a sharp contrast with your evening hair.

For the evening hairstyle, begin by brushing your hair out and making sure it’s completely free of any knots and tangles. Brushing properly will also redistribute natural oils and leave a glossy finish. If you want, you can use a hair serum to smoothen your strands out. Really smoothen down the crown and then take a rattail comb (or grab that pencil on your desk) and divide your hair into three horizontal sections and secure with elastic bands. This makes three ponytails.

Take the topmost ponytail, remove the band from the second ponytail and incorporate the hair into the upper ponytail. Secure with a tie- this should lay flush along the horizontal line at the start of the third section. Now, take this new ponytail, gather the hair from the third section and repeat the previous steps, adding the final band at the nape of your neck.

You’ll have a three-tiered ponytail that looks a whole lot more complicated than it really is. Add some hairspray to keep everything in place (a flawless finish and smooth crown help play up the interesting lines, angles and curves of the hairstyle) and you’re good to go. If you’ve got bangs you can leave them loose at the front or make a mini pouf or pompadour at the hairline for an even edgier, punk-chic look.

The best part about all these day-to-night hairstyles is that they’re honestly effortless. If you’re going out with the same crowd, you don’t have to worry about looking boring and if you’re meeting new people, it's always a great mood booster to smarten yourself up first. Work is work and play is play and now you can flow from one to the other seamlessly!


Styling The Men’s Widow’s Peak

The widow’s peak is one of the most interesting and least discussed style elements in popular narrative. Don’t get me wrong: I see and receive a lot of queries regarding ‘managing’ the widow’s peak but sadly, most people seem to view it as something of a liability. Admittedly, it’s a very strong feature so most people do have a hard time finding hairstyles and haircuts that work with a widow’s peak. But with the right styling techniques and choosing haircuts that compliment your features, the widow’s peak can make for a potent style statement.

Contrary to what most people believe, there’s a lot you can do with the widow’s peak. The only thing holding you back from experimenting with new men’s hair trends is your own inhibition.

Let’s get started.

Flaunt It Or Hide It?

Let’s get this one out of the way first: do you want to show off your widow’s peak or do you want to hide it? A lot of men don’t feel comfortable with the feature, especially in the case of exaggerated widow’s peaks on round faces or if the peak is created/ accentuated by balding and thinning hair. So, the first point on the itinerary is to decide what you want to do with your widow’s peak.

Hairstyles That Hide The Male Widow’s Peak

If you do feel like you’d like to disguise your widow’s peak, here are a couple of things you can do:

·      Shave your head. Nothing sexier than a bold, bald look worn with confidence. It really doesn’t get more macho than that. Bear in mind, though, that you’ll have to shave regularly to maintain the look because you want an even pate to keep the widow’s peak completely invisible.

·      Pair your bald head with a short stubble to create another focal point on the face and to balance out the look.

·      Men’s hairstyles with long bangs can be styled to cover the widow’s peak by pulling the fringe downed over the forehead. Brow-skimming bangs can look incredibly youthful and edgy. Side-swept, angled fringes work best because they flow naturally with your hairline. Keep the parting natural and don’t go overboard with placement: you don’t want it to be obvious that you’re trying to hide something.

Hairstyles That Compliment The Male Widow’s Peak

Now, if playing up the widow’s peak is more your thing, here are some men’s hairstyles that are both hot right now and eternally trendy:

·      For a bit of that rocker vibe, grow your hair to a medium length and then snip away the sides, leaving about 2-3 inches at the crown. Style the longer hair up into spikes. Use a wet-look styling gel to really amp up the bad-boy mood. The look might not work so well in a conservative workplace but it is a great conversation starter and does wonders to both emphasize the widow’s peak and yet draw attention away from receding hairlines.  

·      If you want a more formal hairstyle, the side-parted men’s comb-over is an old favorite. When it comes to classic men’s fashions, the comb-over just can’t be beat. The trick to making it work is to keep every element of the look polished and understated. Unruly hair simply won’t work for a comb-over. Keep some height at the crown where the hair sweeps over to the side because the volume will help balance out the sharp angles of your hairline and soften the impact.

·      Want a widow’s peak-enhancing hairstyle that’s strikes a balance between the two previous looks: both funky and sophisticated? The pompadour is where it’s at. Nothing celebrates the widow’s peak better than the men’s pompadour. Draw attention up and away from the feature, while still clearly allowing your V-shape hairline to shine through. Keep the sides short and slicked back and maximize volume, texture and movement at the front and top. The pompadour will involve active styling on your part but the results are well worth the effort.

·      Men’s long hairstyles that work well with the widow’s peak might seem trickier to come by, but all it takes is a bit of élan. Chin-length or shoulder-skimming men’s haircuts are funky and help frame the face while also subtly diffusing sharp angles and edges. And if you want to give the look an extra shot of machismo, a bold stubble or beard à la Keanu Reeves is the perfect accent.

·      For a sporty, fuss-free hairstyle that accentuates the widow’s peak, opt for a buzz cut. The close-cropped, buzzed look really plays up the hairline and is great for guys who want short hair that is both a cut and a style in itself.

The key to making your widow’s peak work is to have an honest conversation with your stylist/ barber. If you think the feature is a weakness, tell your stylist that straight up. If you want a haircut that emphasizes your widow’s peak, ask for recommendations. For what it’s worth, I think the widow’s peak can look unbelievably cool and definitely recommend playing it up.

Best Hair Looks From The 2017 Critics’ Choice Awards

The 2017 awards season is now officially open. I’m quite pleased that the 2017 Critics’ Choice Awards were organized a little earlier than usual: all the goodness is spread out and we’ve got some great hair inspiration in time for the holiday season.

Auli'I Cravalho


Audrey Hepburn was right when she said, “Happy girls are the prettiest”: Disney’s Moana Auli’I Cravalho made for one of the sweetest, most refreshing style statements on the Red Carpet in a long time. With a big plumeria flower tucked behind one ear and her hair in loose, flowing waves, Auli'I makes a fabulous case for age-appropriate fashion that’s youthful, chic and fun. Her look is totally on-brand for the movie without being too thematic and I just love how cheerful and stylish the whole thing is. Beautifully done.

Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae’s one of those rare style icons who’s got a signature style going and yet manage to keep it electric all the time. It’s not easy looking the same and also different every time and working almost singularly with a monochromatic palette makes it even more challenging. But clearly, Janelle’s way ahead of the rest of us mere mortals. Which is probably why she’s making space buns look like a totally smart style choice! Loving the pairing of this wacky hairstyle with a natural, crimped texture.

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco’s hairstyles in the past have usually elicited a mixed reaction –something a recent episode of The Big Bang Theory poked fun at– but I’m sure everyone’s going to love this floaty, romantic half-up-half-down hairdo from the 2017 Critic’s Choice Awards. The soft, flowy texture is relaxed enough for a romantic date while the mini bouffant packs on the drama.

To create the volume at the crown, just start teasing small inch-wide sections and layering them atop each other; build your way up to a size you like and feel comfortable with before you pin it into place. If you’re not keen on backcombing, there’s always the option of using a volumizing hair insert. Be sure to leave some face-framing strands loose at the front to complete the look.

Lily Collins

Most actresses went with more natural makeup, pastel tones and maybe a pop of color here or there for the 2017 Critics’ Choice Awards. Lily Collins, however, brought the glam and how. If ‘vampire wow’ falls within your personal aesthetic, Lily’s blood berry makeup and delicate looped Victorian-esque updo are just the things for this holiday season. The knotted bun updo pairs beautifully with the high neck and lace bodice of her dress, tying in with a distinctly vintage vibe. I always recommend pairing middle parts with loose, face-framing strands at the front to soften up the impact when you’re going for a more feminine, romantic mood.

Sarah Hyland

Bobby pins as a style accessory? Functional and fun? Yes please. The entire ‘90s laidback chic’ vibe is strong in Sarah’s entire look, right from the regular run-of-the-mill black bobby pins to her choker necklace, but we know a lot of glam went into this grunge. Especially when you take a look at the gently wavy, side-parted retro-inspired lob that she’s sporting. The look is just the right amount of casual and Red Carpet. However, if you want to do it up more, use bobby pins in a funkier color or a more ornate texture.

Sarah Paulson

Sarah Paulson’s blonde bob continues to create global #hairenvy. Honestly, if we were giving out awards for ‘most famous bob’ or ‘best textured bob,’ I’ve no doubt at all that the American Horror Story and The People v. O.J. Simpson superstar would win hands-down. Much like her 2017 Critics’ Choice Award, the honor would be well earned. If you think dark roots in blonde hair is a rookie styling move, you’ve obviously not seen Paulson’s couture take on the trend. The secret is in dyeing your brows to match your roots and tie the look together. This marriage of the tousled asymmetrical bob and rocker pixie vibe is seriously one of the best looks to come out of these last few seasons.

Tracee Ellis Ross

Nothing new to see here: just Tracee Ellis Ross continuing to be a total badass. Cornrows with a faux-hawk row up top? Bold, sexy and so-Ross. Her style is always so interesting –on the show Blackish and off of it– and you can always sense that it’s really true to who she is as a person as well. I love how she’s making cornrows work perfectly for the Red Carpet by paring them with minimal makeup and elegant jewelry. For me, Ross’ hairstyle defies all the usual norms about what constitutes a formal hairstyle and age-barriers in fashion and that’s why she’s truly a force to be reckoned with. If you don’t already follow her every move, now’s your cue to do so.

Things are looking good: the 2017 awards season is off to a promising start. Fingers crossed about the coming weeks.

Breaking Hair Trend: Androgynous Beauty And The Politics Of Art

We tend to categorize hair trends by three categories- cut, color and style. And it’s easy to see why: approaching the latest hair trends through these parameters makes it easy to understand, codify, learn and create these looks for ourselves. But often, hair trends are about more than these structural markers: they are entire moods and movements in themselves. And like all the best art forms, hair trends can be heartbreakingly beautiful and shockingly political.

Those who criticize fashion for being frivolous fail to see that it is about more than just what you see in the mirror: in fact, it’s usually about holding up a mirror to society, inviting deeper reflection and inspiring change. Fashion has always been about challenging the status quo, and if you can have a little fun along the way, why not?

One of the biggest breakout hair trends of 2016 has been the rise of androgynous hair trends at a global level. 2016 has been the year of breaking down gendered barriers and social constructs and building a new society and reality marked by love, self-acceptance and non-binary discourse. And for once, the question of whether art reflects life or inspires it doesn’t matter, because when you’ve got a shot at changing the world just by changing your hair, why won’t you take it?

Androgynous hair is all about breaking traditional notions about beauty and forcing us to reimagine ‘normal’. Whoever said girls can’t rock buzz cuts? Or that platinum blonde hair is too fey for a man? It’s important to recognize that the quietest forms of expression sometimes carry the loudest messages. And the beautiful thing about the androgynous beauty movement is that it’s been around the block for a while. There was a time when the idea of women wearing anything but dresses or men wearing floral prints and ‘feminine’ colors was enough to give anyone pause. And yet, today, these choices seem completely regular. Back when Coco Chanel pushed for trousers for women and David Bowie proudly slashed on some electric eye shadow, society at-large was stunned. And yet, after surprise gave way to shock, and shock to acceptance, we learned that ‘different’ doesn't equate to ‘dangerous’. And in 2016, we’re still learning that lesson and it’s heartening to see how every generation has its own way of expressing beauty, empathy, self-confidence and love.

Androgynous hairstyles have steadily been gaining popularity over the last couple of months, but you know a hair trend has hit the big time when it’s all over the Fashion Week runways. And Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017 turned out one gender-fluid look after the other! I think we’re only just getting started with the androgynous look, so if you’d like to get your pick in early for next season, stay tuned.

If the words ‘androgynous hair’ immediately bring up a picture of pixie haircuts to your mind, you’re in for a treat. While the gamine pixie is the face of the androgynous movement, Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017 showed us that there is more than one way to express yourself- and isn’t that just what this trend is about? We saw braided crowns, messy shags, bowl cuts, choppy layers, cropped curls, buzzed sides and slick textures. We saw a world of cuts, colors, lengths, dimensions and finishes- all working to remind us that there’s no single route to beauty.

If you’re in the mood for some striking for the winter or you’re looking to reinvent/ rediscover yourself in the new year, here are some greats ways in which you can try the androgynous hair trend:

·      Ask your stylist for bangs. A full, blunt fringe is hard to maintain but it does have a certain sensual quality to it. If you’re new to bangs, opt for a wispier fringe and use a hairstyling product to mold it into soft, messy spikes over the forehead.

·      Experiment with hair color. There are two ways to play with the androgynous look through hair dyes: either by picking a gender-neutral hair color like silvery grey/ charcoal/ forest green or by opting for one that is traditionally not associated with your gender. Pastel hair colors and rainbow hair are also a great way to play with androgynous beauty.

·      Slick finishes are a key element of androgynous style. Use wet-look hairstyling products to get the right texture. You can either wear your locks in slicked down hairstyles or combine a slick, glassy finish with messier, roughed-up arrangements.

·      Pompadours work beautifully with all lengths, face shapes and personalities. Pompadours in short hair can be held in place with stronghold styling products and hairspray. Pompadours in long hair just need to be pinned into place and make the perfect accent to loose hair, ponytails, buns and updos!

·      Remember Audrey Hepburn’s barely-there fringe from Breakfast At Tiffany’s? It’s one of 2016’s biggest hair trends. And it’s got the same charm as the Twiggy pixie.

·      If you’re not ready for an all-new hairstyle just yet, give your current look a mini-makeover by buzzing down the sides. Buzzed sides work well with most haircuts as long as you’ve got the confidence to carry them off. If you’re keeping the rest of your look as-is, they also add a touch of dichotomy to the look, which is always great.

At the heart of it, androgynous hair is about freedom: the freedom to be, to change, to express yourself and to offer no explanations. Don’t overthink it, don’t over-style it. Just be.

New Trend Alert: Orange Hair Color!

This just in: there’s a new hair color trend in town and it’s taking the world by storm. Hot off the runways of the Spring Summer 2017 Fashion Week I give you: the orange hair color trend!

It’s bold, it’s sexy and it’s startling. Everything you need in a new hair trend. And it’s checking two super-essential boxes:

·      The orange hair color trend is in keeping with all the crazy, rule-breaking hair color trends we’ve seen and loved over the last few seasons.

·      It’s a universally flattering shade and you’re sure to be able to find the perfect orange hair color for just about every skin tone.

And the timing really could not be more perfect: what’s more Fall-appropriate than the color of fire, pumpkins and autumn leaves? And what’s more is, orange hair color has all the makings of a perfect transition color: the perfect balance of light and dark, vibrant and moody, playful yet impactful and so on. If you’re ready to leave summer behind but don’t want to go down the brunette route and are also tired of red hair being everyone’s go-to color for the season, this trend could not come at a better time.

Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017 turned up some fabulous hair trends and while you might have enough on your Pinterest board to keep you busy for months, we simply can’t ignore the fact that orange hair is happening now. We saw flame-colored tresses at several different shows, from the Ashley Williams and the PPQ Spring Summer 2017 showcases in London to the Max Mara runway in Milan. If the imagery of glowing embers, burning stars and sunsets isn’t enough to convince you, just take a look at the photos from the most prestigious of global fashion events and let your heart do the decision-making.

Now, as is the case with all hair color trends, there are different variants to pick and choose from. You can play around with light, pigment and layering to arrive at an orange that’s just right for you. But just in case you’re having a hard time picking one version, here are my favorites:

·      An unapologetic, fiery wash of pure, true orange. If you’re looking to make a major statement, wear it shot with streaks of a darker burnt-orange/ crimson hue and deeper brunette roots.

·      A softer, more pastel orange with blonde undertones. Think the color of pale carrots cast over a buttery blonde base. This might seem like the easier of the two shades at first sight but truth be told, it’s as much of a look as its louder cousin: it is ORANGE, after all!

When I first saw the darker orange hair in the first few days of Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017, I figured we’d found ourselves the perfect fall-to-winter 2016 shade. But, with the sheerer, pastel version we’ve also got the perfect bright hair color for spring-to-summer 2017.

Write to me and let me know what you think of this latest hair color trend? Is it too outré for you? Or are you sold- and ready to orange a visit with your colorist right away?


Top Hair Trends From Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017

And we’re finally done with the Spring Summer 2017 Fashion Weeks.  What an exhilarating experience it has been!  We’ve seen some great twists on classic hairstyles, some fresh new hairdos for the coming seasons and the genesis of some really solid hair trends that are bound to define the period for years to come. Wrapping up all this excitement is today’s post on the best hairstyles from Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017.

My list of the best hairstyles from the Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017 is all about strong, statement style choices. If you’re looking for your edgy hairstyles fix, you’ve come to the right place. Paris proved to be an interesting experience in terms of just how many gritty, bold hair trends we witnessed on the runways. There’s a time and mood for classic hairstyles and then there’s this.

Acne Studios

We’re leading today’s pack with another blunt bob. Now, you might wonder, just how many bobs can a person lust after? The answer is thus: all of them! Curly, straight, angular, blunt, tipped with blunt bangs or side fringes- it’s all welcome here! Blunt bobs are the short haircut for winter 2016-spring 2017. They’re sassy, sexy and so easy to maintain.

Whenever I’m discussed short hairstyles in general and bobs in particular, I like to point out just how easy it is play with textures with this length. And it’s true: you can wear bobs straight, slick, wavy, curly, gritty- you name it. It’s honestly like waking up and choosing to be a new person every day. While experimenting with textures in long hair can be just as rewarding, let’s be honest: it’s quite tiring and time-consuming. But a blunt bob can go from a poker-straight power hairdo to a flirty, tousled look in no time at all.

I’m particularly fond of this particular blunt bob because it’s the perfect marriage of strong lines to seductive curves. The ends and bangs look like you could cut yourself running your hand through the hair, while the soft crown lends a subtle femininity to the wearer. And that burnished copper color? What’s not to love!

Andrew Gn

Braided accents are a genius way to make any hairstyle pop. Placing cornrows at the side, above the ears, is a neat way to embellish everyday hairstyles like ponytails and buns. Of course, the swooping pompadour at the front adds a whole lot of oomph to the look as well.

If you don’t know how to braid cornrows, you can create ‘faux rows’ by:

·      Making tiny Dutch braids.

·      Taking teeny tiny sections of hair and twisting them in on themselves, thus making coiled rows that look like braids.

There are two things you must do to make these braided accents look good:

·      Make sure the braids lay flush with each other. Symmetry helps make more of an impact in this look.

·      Make sure the braids are equidistant. Be sure to put a little gap between each row because that really throws the style in relief and makes it pop.

To create the swooping pompadour, use your bangs or hair from the front. Add styling mousse and lift and position the pompadour by hand. Shape the pouf according to your face and you can keep it smooth or pinch sections together or make it piece-y. Wear with a low, loose ponytail or a chignon.

Christian Dior

More braids! I really love this look from the Christian Dior Spring Summer 2017 show at Paris. It’s such a refreshing take on the high bun. First, there’s the bun itself: at first glance, it looks like a polished variant of your everyday topknot, but at closer inspection you see it’s actually a looped bun.

The braided rows down the back are such a stroke of genius because they add so much pizzazz to a hairstyle we see all the time. You want to create the Dutch braids from the bottom-up and blend the ends (and hair ties) into the topknot.

Issey Miyake

There’s so much to love about this unique hairdo from the Issey Miyake show, from the looped ponytails to the mix of textures. Crimped hair is coming back in a big way with 90s revivalism but if you’re not ready to go all-out just yet, working it into small sections in a sleek base is a great way to experiment.

As for the hairdo itself, begin by creating three ponytails at the back of your head: two at the same level on the sides and the third higher up and to the center. Fold the upper ponytail and pin it onto your head, close to the neck, to create a loop. Then draw each of the lower ponytails through the loop carefully. They will fall at different heights, since one will lie atop the other. Push pins into the base of each section and wherever they meet the head for extra support. Unless you have long, thick hair, you’ll probably need some hair extensions for this look.

Manish Arora

Very few designers do ‘wacky wonderful’ quite as effectively as Manish Arora does. The Indian designer’s shows are always an explosion of color, texture and shapes and this year was no different. I saw a ton of pink hair and blue hair on the runway but this particular hairstyle really caught my eye because it’s wearable and striking at the same time. Mix cropped hair with long bangs and more length up top lets you create all sorts of interesting shapes and structures. The voluminous, side-swept quiff is sexy, strong and graceful and I’d love to see more of it on women everywhere. 

Paco Rabanne

Rose gold hair has been one of the biggest hair trends of 2016 and it shows no signs of slowing down yet. If you’re hesitant about an overall wash of pink hair, here’s an interesting take on the look: a small section of unusual hair color placed between more natural roots and ends. Pink sits most organically in blonde hair tones because it blends in better with lighter colors but you could always choose an accent color that suits your base and work with that. By keeping the roots and front natural as well as the mid-lengths and ends, you leave yourself room to play up or dial down the pastel tones as you wish. It looks absolutely delicious when worn loose and you can soften the impact by pulling your hair up into a voluminous topknot and bringing the ‘normal’ hair color front and center.

Yohji Yamamoto

Something about the placement of the white pigment in black hair really caught my eye at the Yohji Yamamoto Spring Summer 2017 show in Paris. The ebony and ivory hair color trend isn’t entirely unheard of, but it’s the first we've seen it in a long while. If you like playing with contrasts and the idea of duality in fashion appeals to you, you could experiment with a little hair color chalk before booking an appointment with your colorist. From a small patch to a full streak, here’s your chance to pay homage to the terrifying-but-glam Cruella de Vil.    

It’s hard to believe that Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017 is already over, but I can’t wait to see how these looks translate into street style trends.


Top Hair Trends From Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017

Milan Spring Summer 2017 may have just earned its spot as my favorite Fashion Week so far! The styling was absolutely phenomenal. There was just so much beauty to take in and it’s evident that a lot of thought went into picking every aspect of each look: the hair, the makeup, the clothes, the accessories; truly, the entire experience was beyond inspirational. Which is why you’ll see that my list of the best hair trends from Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017 is longer than all the others so far!

Bottega Veneta

The Bottega Veneta Spring Summer 2017 show in Milan was possibly the most talked-about event in the series. For starters, Lauren Hutton walking the ramp with her iconic purse from the film American Gigolo brought up all sorts of film and fashion nostalgia.

And then there was the styling: the perfect balance of bold and romantic. As seen on Gigi Hadid here, the models’ hair was parted to a side, combed down and tucked behind the ears, the slick texture working with the high side part to create the aura of the woman of today: formidable and fashionable. But what really kicks it up are the almost-hidden bejeweled hair barrettes that were only visible from the side. The duality of the hairstyle is what makes it so amazing: from the front you see a clean, sharp style that’s got just a hint of severity to it and then suddenly, there’s a bit of beautiful bijoux peeking out at you. Placement is key here: your barrette must be positioned behind the ear and at an angle such that it compliments the lines of your jaw and cheekbone. For max impact, pick an antique, jewel-encrusted hair accessory.

Daizy Shely

I had to throw in a great everyday hairstyle that’s versatile enough for the workplace and a fun date and this wet-look, slick shoulder-length hair cut is perfect for it. Since wet-look hairstyles have an undeniably edgy vibe to them, soften the look out with wispy side-swept bangs. Flipping the ends out also adds a subtle hint of femininity, drawing attention to the curve of the neck. As for choosing a side part that compliments your face, here’s a neat trick: position the part above the highest point of your brow and you’ll never go wrong with it.

Dolce & Gabbana

Every year when the Fashion Weeks roll around, there’s a sense of anticipation and excitement about what each city and its events will bring. You know you’re going to see some great things, and some that don’t really resonate with you. There always some surprises. But if there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that the Dolce & Gabbana Fashion Week runway will always, always be fabulous.

The Dolce & Gabbana Spring Summer 2017 show included a lot of really beautiful hairstyles but the winning factor were the headpieces: they’re tremendous. In fact, the brand has a history with creating stupendous headgear and using hair accessories to dazzling effect. From crowns and tiaras fit for queens at the Spring 2015 showcase to the vibrant headscarves we saw during the Spring 2016 Fashion Week, Dolce & Gabbana have the hair accessories game down to a perfect art form. And this year is no different.

Now, you might not be able to wear a super blinged-out bejeweled headband (it feels almost reductionist to even call it that) on a daily basis, but if you’re looking to serve up some royal realness at a glam event or to make a costume pop, D&G Spring 2017 is rife with inspiration.

The trick to making statement hair accessories work is in doing two things right:

·      Make sure your hair accessory fits into/on your hairstyle and doesn’t fight with it. You don’t want to fidget endlessly or have sit awkwardly.

·      Play with makeup but remember, too many statements spoil a look. The D&G models usually carry the latest makeup trends, from oxblood lips to gold-rimmed eyes, but the overall effect is always sophisticated.


Schoolgirl ponytails might not be the most radical new hairstyle on the block, but thanks to Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn they’re H-O-T. And the Fendi Spring Summer 2017 runway is all the proof you need that pigtails can be pretty badass. Hairstylist Sam McKnight shared that the inspiration for the look was based on Karl Lagerfeld’s vision: Vanellope von Schweetz from the animation film Wreck-It Ralph. But to match the hair to the line’s more mature tone, the hairstyle was upgraded to an edgier, artsier version with high side parts, bold hair color and funky hair accessories. In fact, the crown was trimmed with the same decorative studs used on the bags from the Fendi SS17 line.


Some designer houses and brands favor a minimalistic aesthetic; others believe in going all-out. No prizes for guessing which category Gucci falls under. Just when you think there’s no way for the brand to go bigger, they do. It’s no mean feat, taking the whole ‘OTT’ concept and making it look great while still staying true to the core idea. Theatrical can be sexy and fashionable guys: Gucci is proof!

Now, the hairstyles from the Gucci Spring Summer 2017 are better placed for a theme party or a vintage-inspired look than daily wear, but that’s what makes them so fabulous: they’re simply not trying to fit in or be wearable! From the 50’s-inspired victory rolls to the Victorian-esqu braided beehive buns, the hair trends from Gucci SS17 are all about freedom. Can’t pick a particular moment in time or specific mood to work with? No problem. Use ‘em all! In fact, as Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele puts it, the essence of the brand’s styling choices is in “non-linear and unpredictable connections”.


It’s no secret that I have a soft spot for braids, and they just don’t get any better than braided updos! What we’re seeing here from the Leitmotiv Spring Summer 2017 show in Milan is the classic French braid- finished off with a bun. If you know how to make a French braid, this look is going to be very easy to pull off.

Create a French braid till the nape of your neck and then stop; here’s where it gets exciting: instead of continuing into a regular three-strand braid, roll your hair into a bun and secure it into place. You can go for a classic chignon or a messy knot or even a pulled-through half-bun-half-ponytail. If you want to recreate this slightly messy, sexy vibe, braid your hair loosely and don’t worry about flyaway. Tug on the loops of the braid gently once you’re done to fluff it up a bit.

You’ll notice that some of the models’ hair showed different textures: crimped sections weaving in and out of sleek, straight strands. These little details go a long way towards making a hairstyle look runway-ready. The real focus of this look is the backside of the hairstyle, but you can style the hair anyway you want at the front and sides: brushed back, finished with some loose face-framing locks and even decorated with hair accessories. At the end of the day, you can always put your own spin on the idea and make the look your own.


Ultra-short bangs continue to be one of 2016’s biggest hair trends and are poised to run hot in 2017 as well. We saw the Audrey Hepburn-inspired hair trend feature in several shows during London Spring Summer 2017 Fashion Week and here’s another way to wear the look in current times: with a soft, romantic updo like a side bun. Choppy, uneven bangs can make the trend look more modern and have a more organic feel to them as compared to blunt, straight-cut fringes. The deconstructed hairnet makes for an interesting hair accessory, but you’re probably going to want something a little more glam for a night out!


Cropped haircuts and bubblegum hair color are two major hair trends that can also be difficult to pull off. But the No.21 Spring Summer 2017 Milan show is making ‘punk pretty’ a real thing and how. I love the color: a blend of soft blondes and rose gold tipped with a punchy pink. The thing with experimenting with hair color trends in really short hair is that it’s a major statement without being too much of a look. The impact is powerful, but contained.


Ultra-short haircuts are all the rage right now and these blunt bobs are what’s hot for 2016-2017. As I’ve said before, short haircuts really open up the face and draw attention to the features and lend an air of confidence to the wearer. If you want a no-frills hairstyle that makes a big statement, take your cues from the Prada Spring Summer 2017 fashion show. These ear-length bobs are so sleek and precise they look like they’ve been created with a laser cutter.


Bored with your bangs? Want an easy route to recreating the 40s-inspired rockabilly hairstyles? Stylist Paul Hanlon’s work for the Rochas Spring Summer 2017 runway has earned its place in your 2017 trend look-book.

Firstly, pairing a softly textured lob with faux rockabilly bangs is pure genius. Working with extremes (short vs. long, old vs. new) is a great way to experiment with strong trends without feeling overwhelmed. Secondly, Hanlon takes all the work out of rockabilly hairstyles with this neat trick; all you have to do is curl your hair in the wrong direction et voila: you’ve got faux mini victory rolls with no effort at all!

I can’t wait to recreate the hair trends from Milan Fashion Week; which ones will you be trying?

Top Hair Trends From London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017


With the London Spring Summer 2017 Fashion Week behind us, it’s time to take a look at the major hair trends to come out of the LFW SS17 shows. It’s been such a great month for hair –for styling all around, really– what with the Fashion Weeks and the Emmys and TIFF 2017. Not only have we seen the return of some old favorites, but we’ve also been witness to some very exciting new hair trends as well, which I can’t wait to share with you.

Here’s my pick of the best hairstyles from London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017.

Bora Aksu

Need some inspiration for a kickass formal updo? How about this braided updo from the Bora Aksu show at London Fashion Week SS17? Most people are usually surprised to learn that the most complicated looking updos are usually an assembly of several simpler parts. Take, for instance, this braided bun: it isn’t a singular, intricately braided piece but, in fact, several skinny braids artfully arranged and pinned to resemble a bun. There’s still a lot of work involved, but what matters is that it’s easier than you expect it to be. Dividing the crown into 3 segments (two sides and one center) as seen in the photo makes styling easier.

Emilia Wickstead

I can never resist a good braid, especially a style that’s visible from the front. Front-to-back Dutch braids are a great way to look fashionable, keep hair away from the face and glam up any number of classic hairstyles: ponytails, buns, chignons etc.

The models from the Emilia Wickstead London SS17 show, however, wore their braids in loose hair, and it makes for a pretty, elfin look. Moving the hair away from the face is a great way to make your features pop, while still keeping things interesting with braids. Leaving it loose at the back adds a touch of softness and balances out the starkness of the braids.

If you’re worried about the braids coming undone, take a clear elastic and secure the braid in place, then continue braiding below the elastic band to add a few more loops and keep up the impression of free-flowing braid. This way, even if the last few loops open up, they won’t travel up beyond the elastic bands. You can also take a small strand of hair and weave it in and out of the elastic band to cover all traces of it.

Emilio de la Morena

Short bangs are one of 2016’s biggest hair trends, and they featured prominently in the London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017 shows. Clearly, short bangs are going to be a major 2017 hair trend as well. The short choppy fringe was seen on models at the Emilio de la Morena show as well as the runway for Mary Katrantzou.

Ask your stylist to pick a length and shape that flatters your face type, since there’s really no way to disguise ultra short bangs and you will have to wait for them to grow out if you don’t like the look. Ask your stylists to balance out the super short front with tapered longer sides as these can help frame the face and soften the impact.

Very short bangs work best with small, heart-shaped faces and also somewhat longer, inverted-triangle shapes. You might want to avoid the style if you’ve got a round face because the blunt edges may clash with the soft curves of your face. Short bangs aren’t easy to work, but they are incredibly modish by virtue of the fact that they’re a pretty unusual styling choice. And if you’re feeling brave, what better way to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn than to wear this flirty, feminine look.

Molly Goddard

The models from the Molly Goddard show at London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017 caught my eye immediately when they walked out. The bubble braid is such a cute look for a variety of casual events, and can be dressed up for a dressier look. And they’re SO easy to create.

Bubble braids are typically worn at the back, as an alternative to the standard ponytail. The inspiration, of course, is Princess Jasmine from Aladdin. You can wear the bubble braid at the back, or at the front as seen on the runway.

Begin by creating a ponytail wherever you want your braid to start. Then add an elastic band or hair tie at a small distance from the base. Gently tug on the section ensconced between the two bands to fluff it up and create the ‘bubble’. Repeat these steps all the way down the length of the ponytail, leaving a few inches free at the bottom. You can choose the length of each section on the basis of your overall length and the number of ‘bubbles’ you want to create. Just remember to secure the elastic bands tightly so that they stay put.

The best way to play up the bubble braid is to keep texture really smooth and sleek. You want a glass-like surface so that the ‘bubbles’ look like beautiful orbs just dangling there merrily. If you do want the look to feel slightly grittier, pairing a small quiff or pompadour and a bubble braid at the back is an excellent choice. For a more formal look, weave a pretty ribbon or a string of craft crystals around the braid or use decorative hair ties.

Sharon Wauchob

Short, boyish crops are all the rage in women’s hair trends right now and I love this look we saw at the Sharon Wauchob show in London. A short crop works beautifully in light hair and a long, full fringe is a great accent to add to the feathery, airy mood of the look. Parting the hair slightly to a side mimics the feel of side-swept bangs, even when you do have a full fringe as is seen here. I love how the ends have been flipped out slightly and the little extra outward-wave close to the ear really adds to the impression of fluidity and motion. A thin round-barrel brush and a hairdryer are all you need to create these ‘flips’.

Super short crops such as this one can actually play up your femininity, contrary to what common notion dictates. In fact, a full luscious fringe and the right accessories can balance the gamine appeal of the crop with a more glamorous aesthetic.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these hair trends from the London Spring Summer 2017 Fashion Week as much as I have. For your curly hair fix from the London Fashion Week, check out the hair trends from the Ashley Williams show as well as the Topshop Unique event. We’ll be coming back for more from Milan in a few!

Best Hairstyles From The 2016 Emmy Awards

We saw so many amazing hair and beauty choices at the 2016 Emmy Awards- what a night! It’s always fun to review celebrities’ Red Carpet choices –even when you know that they’ve been put together by a team of styling professionals– but nothing is as exhilarating as an event where everyone looks phenomenal. We saw such a variety of hairstyles last night and I can’t wait to share my top picks.

Alia Shawkat


How stunning is Alia Shawkat’s cropped, curly hairdo? LOVE! It’s a look we haven’t seen anytime recently- at least not in a manner so arresting. I absolutely love how she’s combined the curly hair trend and the short hair trend to create a hairstyle that’s super refreshing, youthful and unbelievably fun. There’s something almost boyish about that riot of curls but at the same time, there’s a sense of flirtiness to it- much like Twiggy’s androgynous haircut from way back when. 10/10!

Constance Zimmer

If you want a short statement hairstyle, might I suggest the blunt bob with –you guessed it– ultra-blunt bangs? It’s a great hairstyle for drawing focus to the eyes and works well with all kinds of outfits. The haircut is pretty low maintenance, though you will have to blow-dry the bangs straight for max impact. The rest of the bob can be worn curly (for a punchy contrast) or smooth, for a more mod look.

Kerry Washington

It’s not everyday that a hairstyle can go toe-to-toe with a baby bump and still make it to the conversation in the same sentence. And yet, just about every report on Kerry’s appearance at the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards talked about her beautiful bump and went onto gush about her stupendous hairdo. If you’ve got naturally curly hair, step away from that straightening iron this minute: curly texture is major right now. Being stylish has never been easier: simply wash and wear! Just remember to use conditioning masks to boost moisture and prevent frizziness. And if you need to use a blow dryer, remember to keep it at a medium setting so that you don’t accidentally end up smothering out the curls.

Sarah Paulson

This list would be incomplete without Sarah’s beautiful pixie haircut. The side-swept bangs and soft volume at the hairline make a great foil to an otherwise edgy haircut. Interspersing darker strands with pale blonde tones in such short hair adds to the dark drama of the look, but you can soften it up every now and then by changing how you style the look. And as you can clearly see here, the pixie haircut works fabulously with accessories, whether they’re statement earrings or a golden statuette. 


Taraji P. Henson

I read somewhere that Taraji’s Emmys hairstyle makes curls “Taraji P. Henson-level fierce” and I’ve got to agree: she’s doing wonders for a hair texture/ hairstyle that’s anyway a hot favorite. The wet-look finish, high side parting and laidback texture make bedhead look Red Carpet-ready. And when the wearer’s bringing their best Cookie Lyon-game, you can expect some serious oomph.

What were your favorite hairstyles from the 2016 Emmy Awards?


Best Hairstyles From The Toronto International Film Festival 2016

September sure makes for a fashion-packed month, doesn’t it? What with the Spring Summer 2017 Fashion Weeks, the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival and the Emmys on Sunday, we’ve got our hands –and our Pinterest boards- full with styling inspiration.

I love the Toronto International Film Festival because the celebs turn out looks that are Red Carpet-appropriate, but also a lot more fun as compared to what we see at the more formal events such as the Oscars. I like to think of it as the ‘business casual of the film world’.

Lots of great ideas for formal events, dates and even dressy looks for the workplace. Let’s get to it! 

Emma Stone

Headbands can make for tricky hair accessories because they do tend to run a bit twee, but take a cue out of Emma Stone’s look from the premiere for La La Land and wear them right and you just might have a Red Carpet-worthy look on your hands. The trick to making headbands work for adult women is:

·      Either to work with an overall theme, like Emma here does with a vintage-style dress and a modern cat eye.

·      Or to really play down the rest of the look, which makes more sense for ‘regular’ style off the Red Carpet.

If you do go with the first option, don’t put very strong, statement-y pieces together. You don’t want to look like you’re in costume, even if you are playing to a theme.

Haley Bennett

If you want to go all-out, nothing like a braided updo. Haley Bennett’s braids are one of the most talked-about hairstyles from TIFF 2016 and it’s easy to see why. Here are the basics of recreating the look at home:

·      Draw your bangs out to the front and secure out of the way. If you don’t have bangs, you can keep a few strands loose to frame the face or just work without them.

·      Create a middle parting.

·      Starting high on one side, create a French braid at the hairline, moving from the part down the side of your head, to the nape of the neck.  When you reach the neck, continue onto a regular three-strand braid and secure with an elastic band.

·      Repeat this step on the other side.

·      Now, pick one of the braids, curve upwards and start arranging it onto your head, pinning as you go along.

·      Do the same with the other braid as well and create a large halo of braids on your head.

·      This technique works best on medium-long hair.

If you have VERY long hair or want a super dramatic updo like Haley here and are using extensions, do the first two steps and then:

·      Separate 2-3 inches of hair at the front on either side and pin the rest back.

·      Style the front sections into French braids. Continue into regular 3-strand braids once you reach the ears/ neck and secure with elastic bands. Keep them out of the way for now.

·      Undo the pinned-away hair and divide into 2 horizontal layers. Divide each layer into sections. If you want thick, chunky braids, divide this hair into 2 sections. If you want thinner, more intricate braids, go for 3-4 sections.

·      Braid each of these sections. You’ll end up with 2-4 braids ‘sprouting’ out of your crown!

·      Start laying them flat on the head, arranging into a desired shape and pinning as you go along.

·      Take the two French braids from the front and use them to ‘border’ the braided center. Pin in place.

·      Add extra bobby pins for good measure.

Finish the look by loosening and arranging the bangs.

Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts attended the TIFF events in support of Live Schreiber’s The Bleeder. As always, when Naomi hits the Red Carpet, you can be assured of some fantastic styling. If you’ve shied away from bobs and lobs till now because they seem intimidating, take heart in Naomi’s curly, messy cut. If the ultra-polished, asymmetrical, angular bobs seem like a lot of work, why not opt for the relaxed, boho bob instead?

Parker Posey

In town for the Mascots premiere, Parker Posey’s layered long-pixie is sheer perfection. Brow-skimming, side-swept bangs are a great way to rock this particular haircut if you’ve got a long face and tend to shy away from short hairstyles. Create a soft side part and brush hair over to the other side to add volume and height at the crown. The haircut can work beautifully with business suits and double up for a 70s hippie vibe with the right accessories!

Taraji P. Henson

Taraji attended a photo call for the film Hidden Figures at Toronto and these new lightened locks have got everyone talking. The angular lob continues to make for a powerful style statement and works beautifully in straightened as well as curly hair. The buttery-platinum tones are a great example of how light colors can work for women with deeper skin tones; use dark roots to transition to the paler colors for a more balanced impact. Also, ask your stylist to work with several shades to create a tonal, multi-dimensional effect that doesn’t fall flat.

Watch this space for my favorite hairstyles from the 2016 Emmy Awards.